2 quilting stars create the ultimate resource for machine-quilting ideas (+ giveaway!)

What’s better than a groundbreaking book about machine quilting, packed with techniques and patterns from a quilting superstar?

How about a groundbreaking book about machine quilting written by TWO quilting superstars?
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Christa Watson (left), author of the best-seller
Machine Quilting with Style, and Angela Walters (right), author of multiple books on machine quilting, at QuiltCon, February 2016.

That book has finally arrived—and it’s like owning two books in one!

Two truly talented machine quilters have come together, each to share her unique experience and expertise with you, in The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.

Want ideas, techniques, and advice for long-arm quilting? Angela’s got you covered.
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Need handholding guidance for machine quilting on your home sewing machine? Christa’s your go-to girl!
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Want to learn more about machine quilting on both kinds of machines? The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting will double your know-how, your progress, and your fun.

The layout of the book makes it easy to compare each author’s approach to 10 different step-by-step quilt patterns. Open the book to any pattern and you’ll find Angela’s visual tips and advice for long-armers on one side (in teal); see Christa’s visual tips and advice on the facing page (in orange). Both sets of advice are for the same quilt pattern, so you’ll see all the dramatic differences quilting can make.
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machine quilting ideas

Each author shares not only how to machine quilt on her choice of machine, but when, where, and why certain designs and motifs are better suited to long-arm or sit-down machines. And once you can answer those questions, a whole new world of machine-quilting freedom will open up to you.

Take a look at what quilters are already saying about The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting at ShopMartingale.com:

The Ultimate Guide to Machine QuiltingFrom Katy: Five-stars “This is an amazing resource for quilters of all machine shapes and sizes . . . an invaluable number of tips and tricks for more awkward areas that you could encounter in any quilt.”

From Melissa: Five-stars “It really feels like you are sitting alongside Angela and Christa and getting to pick their brains on every little quilting decision they make . . . I know I will learn new little tidbits each time I pick it up. Fantastic!!!!”
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Example of two approaches to the Directionally Challenged quilt from the book: Angela’s on the left, Christa’s on the right.

From Holly: Five-stars “The use of various simply pieced project quilts to demonstrate techniques and provide practice is something that I was glad to see . . . the ability to piece the same top and then try to imitate the techniques is a definite plus for me.”

From Jackie: Five-stars “The book switches back and forth between the two authors in such a way that you feel as though you are part of a conversation between Angela and Christa. So grab a chair, a cup of coffee, and join the conversation. You’ll be glad you did.”
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Quatrefoil Appliqué
quilt: Angela’s quilting on the left, Christa’s on the right.

Tools-of-the-trade reveals. Quilt-sandwich prep. Ergonomics. And much more. From Angela’s geometric, continuous-curve, and ribbon-candy motifs to Christa’s switchbacks, chains, and zigzags, you’ll learn how to add graphic punch that will complement any quilt you choose to create. Make The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting a part of your quilt library—it will provide you with inspiration, ideas, and machine-quilting knowledge to grow with for years to come!

Where are you on the machine-quilting continuum: just getting started, been practicing for a while, or already a pro? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting eBook! We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

Can’t wait to dive into Angela’s and Christa’s machine-quilting worlds? We feel you! Buy the book now and download the eBook instantly for free. Or buy the eBook only and save $8.00.

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