1. FREE PATTERN DAY! A huggable, tuggable quilt for baby 👶

    From Sew Sweet Baby QuiltsDid you know that September 9 is the most common birthday in the U.S., and that September is the busiest month for births overall? Perhaps that’s why we often find ourselves making baby quilts during the summer months!

    The author of Sew Sweet Baby Quilts, Kristin Roylance, has a specialty—creating adorable baby quilts with huggable, tuggable details. You might not believe you can get the cute quilts from her book finished and wrapped in time for the baby shower. But Kristin’s speed-it-up plans make it possible!

    With animated, tactile motifs such as buzzing bees and floating fish, you won’t be able to resist sewing Kristin’s darling quilts for nap time, play time, snuggle time—anytime! And today we’re sharing a bonus quilt pattern from Kristin featuring frilly flowers. Download the pattern for FREE right now, compliments of Kristin and Martingale!

    He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not free baby-quilt pattern

    Fun cotton prints, fluffy chenille fabric, dimensional petals, and bouncy rickrack combine in a cute baby quilt that’ll make mom, dad, and their new little one say, “Oh, baby!”

    Appliqued flower baby quilt

    Kristin’s even included a tip for how she creates perfect circles for the flower centers:

    Kristin says, “My favorite method for preparing appliqué circles is to use cardboard to make a template—recycled cereal boxes work great! Cut a cardboard circle the size of the appliqué. Trace the cardboard template outline onto the wrong side of the fabric. Cut out the fabric circle approximately ¼" beyond the drawn line. Hand or machine baste ⅛" from the edge of the fabric circle. Center the cardboard circle on the wrong side of the fabric circle, and then pull the basting stitches to neatly gather the fabric around the cardboard. Press the gathered edges, and then pop out the cardboard circle.

    In Sew Sweet Baby Quilts you’ll find more whimsical motifs to celebrate Baby, including:

    Peek-a-Hoo quilt
    This adorable owl

    Strawberry Patch quilt
    A scrappy strawberry patch

    On the Road Again quilt
    A strippy quilt with roads for racing

    See more from Sew Sweet Baby Quilts >>>

    Sew Sweet Baby QuiltsHow many baby quilts have you made over the years?

    • I’m a newbie—no baby quilts yet!
    • I’ve made a few cute baby quilts.
    • I’ve lost count!

    Tell us in the comments!

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  2. 51 little quilts in one BIG book (+ giveaway!)

    Colossal creativity abounds in this BIG book of little quilts!

    The Big Book of LIttle Quilts

    This 13th addition to Martingale’s “Big Book” series offers a whopping 51 patterns for petite quilts, all 40″ or smaller. At just 55 cents per pattern, The Big Book of Little Quilts contains more than a little inspiration—and a whole lot of savings!

    Quilts categorized into four sections—Fresh Takes, Retro Faves, Appliqué, and Holiday—mean there’s something special for every quilter. Then there are the designers! Take a little quilting break with:

    Natalie Barnes • Lisa Bongean • Betsy Chutchian • Country Threads • Erin Cox
    Kim Diehl • Amy Ellis • Kathy Flowers • Kate Henderson • Carol Hopkins
    Sheryl Johnson • Connie Kauffman • Robin Kingsley • Cindy Lammon
    Jo Morton • Carrie Nelson • Gail Pan • Camille Roskelley • Kathy Schmitz
    Laurie Simpson • Pat Sloan • Amy Smart • Kathleen Tracy • Christa Watson

    What a roster of talent! Here are just a few of our favorites from the book:

    Mini Charm Star quilt
    Mini Charm Star by Pat Sloan

    Bayside quilt
    Bayside by Betsy Chutchian

    Tea Time quilt
    Teatime by Laurie Simpson

    Tilly's Basket Sampler quilt
    Tilly’s Basket Sampler by Carol Hopkins

    Dixie quilt
    Dixie by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene of Country Threads

    Five pretty, petite quilts. And there are still 46 more to choose from!

    The quilts in this stellar collection—240 quilt-packed pages—are easy to start and finish, to give and display, and to enjoy while sewing an afternoon away. And we’ve got a copy to give away today!

    To enter your name in the random drawing to win a copy of The Big Book of Little Quilts, tell us in the comments:

    The Big Book of Little QuiltsWhat do you like most about little quilts?

    • So simple
    • So speedy
    • So sweet!

    We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re inspired to start one of the little quilts you’ve seen here today, you can order The Big Book of Little Quilts at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook for free.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Jean, who says:

    “I think they fit all three choices. I would love to try some to decorate my home.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Jean—congratulations!

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  3. Before it’s on your pants 👖 How to de-lint a Jelly Roll f-a-s-t (video)

    Jelly RollsIf you’ve ever unfurled a Moda Jelly Roll, you know how fun the experience can be: colors flying, prints sparkling, creativity churning. And you may have also noticed another part of the experience: lint sticking. To your cutting mat, your shirt, your pants, the cat. Sometimes quilting can be a messy business!

    Because we love our Jelly Rolls, we carry on with our lint-laden quilting. But guess what? You don’t have to anymore! Sunday Best Quilts coauthor Corey Yoder—who’s also a contributor to Moda All-Stars: On a Roll—has a trick for de-linting Jelly Rolls that only takes a few seconds. Get ready for an “aha!” moment in the short video below:

    Reading this post in email? Click here to view the video online.

    💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡 Are the light bulbs going off for you too? What a clever tip—now we can all roll, roll, roll along lint-free!

    After you de-lint your Jelly Rolls you’ll be ready to create all kinds of strippy quilts like these!

    A putty-colored fabric frame makes these BIG Jelly Roll blocks pop:

    Apricot Jelly quilt
    Apricot Jelly by Corey Yoder

    Make a string-style quilt with squares of foundation paper:

    Trifle quilt
    Trifle by Janet Clare

    Are they Shoofly blocks or Snowball blocks? You’ll enjoy the strippy surprise:

    Parfait quilt
    Parfait by Sherri McConnell

    Here’s another perfect roost for your Jelly Rolls 🐣

    Rule the Roost quilt
    Rule the Roost by Anne Sutton

    Find the patterns for all of these Jelly Roll quilts and more in Moda All-Stars: On a Roll.

    See more from Moda All-Stars: On a Roll >>>

    Moda All-Stars: On a RollWhen do you typically unfurl your Jelly Rolls?

    • As soon as I get home from the quilt shop—I can’t wait to find out what’s inside!
    • Only when I’m ready to make a project.
    • I haven’t unfurled a Jelly Roll yet—they’re just too pretty to open!

    Tell us your Jelly Roll story in the comments!

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  4. Got LOTS of small quilts? Try these quick-to-create decorating hacks

    From Jo's Little Favorites IIEver wondered how to display small quilts . . . when you’ve got what seems like a million of them? We get it—small quilts are addictive to make! They’re easy to start, fast to finish, and oh-so cute when they’re done.

    We imagine that Kim Diehl has a mountain of mini-quilts; her best-selling book Simple Whatnots is packed with them. In the book, Kim shares a fun idea for corralling small quilts into an inviting display, inspiring quilters to think outside the box. Her clever idea for how to display small quilts? Group them together!

    How to display small quiltsKim says, Little quilts can make a big impact when displayed in your home, but I’ve found that it can take an extra ounce of creativity to make them shine without becoming lost among larger items. One of my favorite ways to display these little beauties is to roll them up and tuck them into large glass canisters or wide-mouthed jars, making sure that I stagger the heights. The result looks a bit like a quilt bouquet, and it’s a sure-fire attention getter. Super simple, super cute!”

    Here are a few more mighty ideas for displaying little quilts!

    Got an empty birdcage or other see-through decorative container? Pile little quilts high inside:

    How to display small quilts
    Simple Whatnots by Kim Diehl

    A simple wire basket works just as well:

    From Moda All-Stars: Mini-Charm Quilts
    From Moda All-Stars: Mini-Charm Quilts

    Could you spare a chair to display your small treasures?

    From Jo's Little Favorites III
    Jo’s Little Favorites III by Jo Morton

    An artfully arranged wicker basket featuring quilts plus speckles of rolled-up fabrics and greenery makes a lovely presentation:

    From A Cottage Garden
    A Cottage Garden by Kathy Cardiff

    A vintage-style wooden box nestles small quilts just so . . . and don’t forget another small quilt as a backdrop!

    From Simple Whatnots
    Simple Whatnots by Kim Diehl

    Got a free wall? Create a collage of mini-quilts interspersed with a few of your favorite things:

    From Moda All-Stars: Mini Marvels
    Moda All-Stars: Mini Marvels

    One quilt is big and a few are small—roll and drape to display them all!

    From the Civil War Sewing Circle
    The Civil War Sewing Circle by Kathleen Tracy

    Where do you tuck small quilts in your homein expected or unexpected places? Share your ideas in the comments!

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  5. NEW: Patchwork packed with outdoor fun + a sew-along starting soon (+ giveaway!)

    Let’s go on a picnic—and return inspired to quilt!

    Patchwork Picnic

    Sew cute critters, fancy flowers, birds and bugs, trees and turtles, and other odes to the out-of-doors with Patchwork Picnic. Inside the book you’ll be treated to 30 adorable quilt blocks, each in two sizes: 6″ and 12″ square. The secret to making these charming designs? An easy stitch-and-flip technique that skips foundation piecing and templates.

    From Patchwork Picnic

    A fun sampler quilt featuring all 30 blocks provides the block patterns for six companion projects, such as a table runner, tote, and pouches. Simply choose your favorite blocks and plug them into the patterns. With handy cutting charts and a lettering system for keeping your pieces organized, sewing will seem like a picnic!

    Here’s author Gracey Larson—the creative force behind Burlap and Blossom Patterns and Riley Blake’s newest fabric designer!—to tell you more about Patchwork Picnic and her exciting online sew-along, beginning August 2.

    Gracey LarsonI love adventure! Traveling, exploring, and drinking in new experiences give me so much joy. But you don’t need to go far to experience it; adventure can be as close as your own backyard. This is what I wanted to capture in my new book, Patchwork Picnic.

    Adventure can be found when we slow down and notice the little things; butterfly wings fluttering, birds singing, lightning bugs dancing, or frogs croaking. Outside—it’s where you’ll often find me spending time gathering inspiration and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. With Patchwork Picnic, we can bring the outdoors indoors . . . right into our sewing rooms!

    Songbird Table Runner
    Songbird Table Runner

    When coming up with block ideas for the book and designing the projects containing them, I took time to enjoy the process and play with ideas. That is what I encourage you to do as you create these blocks. Pick a few favorite blocks to start with and go! I think the grasshopper, bear, and campsite blocks are my favorites:

    Quilt blocks from Patchwork Picnic
    Grasshopper, Bear, and Campsite blocks from
    Patchwork Picnic

    The sampler quilt brought me right back to when I started quilting. Samplers are some of my absolute favorite quilt designs because they tell a story. Kind of like a quilted photo album, scrapbook, sketchbook, and map all rolled into one!

    Patchwork Picnic sampler quilt
    Sampler quilt from
    Patchwork Picnic

    I can’t wait to see what you create as you stitch through Patchwork Picnic! If you’d like to sew-along with the Instagram quilting community, we’ll be sewing one block per week starting Friday, August 2.

    Follow the hashtag #patchworkpicnicsal to see everyone’s progress!

    Go have an adventure; then come home and quilt all about it!

    Patchwork PicnicThanks for taking us on an adventure through your new book, Gracey!

    We have a copy of Patchwork Picnic to give away today! To throw your hat in the ring, tell us in the comments:

    Where’s your favorite place to picnic?

    • Take me to the beach, stat!
    • I’ll be at the local park.
    • Summer concert series!
    • No need to go far—the backyard is picnic perfection.

    We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to start a patchwork picnic of your own right now, you can purchase Patchwork Picnic at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook version for free.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Debra, who says:

    “We have over 4 acres with woods, a pasture and a small creek. Lots of great picnic places in my own backyard!”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Debra—congratulations!

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  6. 10 handmade Christmas gifts to sew now (before the hectic holiday arrives)

    Baking, shopping, decorating, party planning—party-going! There’s so much fun to be had during the holidays, but the closer you get to December 25, the more hectic the pace becomes. So why not start your giftmaking and decorating prep right now?

    July’s the perfect time to start a sewing plan for the days leading up to Christmas (believe it or not, there are only 165 days left!). Today we’ve rounded up 10 projects to make that are easy, fun, and as festive as can be. So crank up the Christmas music, head to your holiday stash, and sew like you’re one of Santa’s elves!

    These fuzzy wool ornaments are so warm and welcoming—we love the idea of hanging them from antique bottles:

    Penny Rug Ornaments
    Penny Rug Ornaments from
    Christmas at Buttermilk Basin

    See more from Christmas at Buttermilk Basin >>>

    A stack of Jo Morton’s patchwork coasters would make a great gift—or serve as decorations with a practical purpose:

    Christmastide Coasters
    Christmastide Coasters from
    Moda All-Stars: Merry Makers

    See more from Moda All-Stars: Merry Makers >>>

    Grab your stash of greens and create a forest full of holiday cheer—author Susan Ache is hosting a quilt-along for her Tree Farming quilt right now (get the details and join the fun here):

    Tree Farming quilt
    Tree Farming from
    Countdown to Christmas

    See more from Countdown to Christmas >>>

    Prefer a season-extending theme for your holiday home? Blues and whites will take you through Christmas and beyond:

    Nordic Winter Dreams Quilt and Wall Hanging
    Nordic Winter Dreams Quilt and Wall Hanging from
    Pat Sloan’s Celebrate the Seasons

    See more from Pat Sloan’s Celebrate the Seasons >>>

    Jan Patek’s “turnabout quilts” do double duty—drape them this way and that to see both sides:

    Holly Tree Lane quilt
    Holly Tree Lane from
    Tabletop Turnabouts

    See more from Tabletop Turnabouts >>>

    This cozy snowman stitchery will be cherished by any gift receiver on your list (get Kathy Schmitz’s smart tip for flawless satin-stitched circles here):

    Baby, It's Cold Outside stitchery
    Baby, It’s Cold Outside! from
    Stitches from the Yuletide

    See more from Stitches from the Yuletide >>>

    Kim Diehl created these gorgeous patchwork stockings straight from her scrap basket:

    Scrap-Basket Stockings
    Scrap-Basket Stockings from
    Simple Christmas Tidings

    See more from Simple Christmas Tidings >>>

    Who wouldn’t love this little Christmas wish?

    A Merry Little Christmas Wall Hanging
    A Merry Little Christmas Wall Hanging from
    Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery

    See more from Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery >>>

    Looking for a long-term project that’ll shoot to heirloom status? Celebrate the season with Jan Patek’s folk-art sampler quilt, chock-full of winter’s charms:

    Sleigh Bells sampler quilt
    Sleigh Bells sampler quilt
    from Sleigh Bells

    See more from Sleigh Bells >>>

    Or start a new Christmas tradition of setting out milk and cookies for Santa on this adorable runner:

    Santa Collector table runner
    Santa Collector from
    Just Be Claus

    See more from Just Be Claus >>>

    Your Christmas style: classic, modern, country . . . a merry mix of all three? Tell us in the comments!

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  7. Stitchery, stitcheroo – new Lynette Anderson designs will charm you (+ big giveaway!)

    A wonderfully whimsical world awaits your creativity, courtesy of world-renowned Australian designer Lynette Anderson!

    Lynette's Best-Loved Stitcheries

    Lynette’s created a magical place in her first book with Martingale, Lynette’s Best-Loved Stitcheries. It’s a place where the flowers are always blooming, the bees are always buzzing, and the charms of a country cottage are just a few stitches away.

    From Lynette's Best-Loved Stitcheries

    Create small quilts, pillows, and pouches, plus a journal cover, pencil case, sewing caddy, and framed stitcheries. Zoom in for Lynette’s enchanting details: tiny prairie points, mini appliquéd hearts, and petite embroidered flowers delight at every turn.

    Details from Lynette's Best-Loved Stitcheries

    You’ll learn Lynette’s favorite techniques for transferring embroidery designs and for using her Apliquick method of turned-edge appliqué. Lynette’s hand-painted watercolors (right) round out this dreamy book, chock-full of ways to enjoy every stitch you take.


    Lynette’s love affair with textiles began at a young age. She grew up in a small village in Dorset, England, where her grandmothers taught her to embroider and knit. Patchwork caught her attention in 1981 after the birth of her first son. She moved with her family to Australia in 1990 and released her first patterns in 1995.

    Sunshine and Flowers Pillow
    Sunshine and Flowers Pillow

    Since then, Lynette has produced hundreds of patterns. One of her greatest passions is teaching, and Lynette enjoys traveling the world to share her designs with her students.

    One-Stitch-at-a-Time Sewing Caddy
    One-Stitch-at-a-Time Sewing Caddy

    To celebrate the release of Lynette’s Best-Loved Stitcheries, our friends at Lecien Fabrics generously sent us a big box of goodies to give away to one lucky winner!

    Inside are a Sushi Roll from Lynette’s latest line of fabric, One Stitch at a Time; a collection of 30 skeins of embroidery floss; and eight spools of #40/staple Egyptian cotton thread. WOW! Who will win? It could be you!

    To enter your name into the random drawing for all these goodies, courtesy of Lecien Fabrics, plus a copy of Lynette’s Best-Loved Stitcheries, tell us in the comments:

    Springtime Scissors HolderWhich kind of sewing would you most enjoy doing with Lynette’s new book in hand?

    • I prefer patchwork.
    • I’m all about appliqué!
    • I’d be eager to start with embroidery.

    We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck to all—and if you’re ready to treat yourself by spending some time in Lynette’s whimsical world, order Lynette’s Best-Loved Stitcheries at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the book instantly for free.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Ruth, who says:

    “I would love to have this delightful book! I would start right off with the embroidery, as it makes a great take-along on our summer camping trips! What could be better and more relaxing? Then when the ‘stay inside’ weather hits this winter, I can do the patchwork!”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Ruth—congratulations!

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  8. How to choose fabric for a scrap quilt (the easy way) 👍

    From Vintage LegaciesqYou’ve seen them—glorious scrap quilts with tens, or maybe even hundreds, of different fabrics. Each piece seems like it floated effortlessly into place. But if you’ve ever made a scrap quilt, you know that choosing where each fabric goes isn’t quite as easy as it looks!

    Leave it to a pro to offer some sound advice. That’s exactly what Vintage Legacies author Carol Hopkins gave to us when we recently met up with her. Her trick? Think pairs, twosomes, and couples when it comes to mixing your fabrics. She shares her clever trick in the video below. Don’t miss her extra tip at the end of the video—we guarantee it’ll hit the “bullseye” for blocks that tend to stand out in a crowd!

    Reading this post in email? Click here to watch the video.

    Look closely and you’ll see Carol’s approach to scrap quilting in action in her gorgeous quilts from Vintage Legacies:

    Nellie Jane quilt
    Nellie Jane

    Faded Roses quilt
    Faded Roses

    Give and Take quilt
    Give and Take

    See 11 more quilts from Vintage Legacies >>>

    Vintage LegaciesIn Vintage Legacies, you’ll find Civil Warinspired patterns that pay tribute to Southern belles, men’s work shirts from the era, the First Lady of the United States Mary Todd Lincoln, and more. Interesting tidbits about nineteenth-century life round out this stunning collection, all fit for heirloom status. See all the quilts here!

    How do you typically choose fabrics for the scrap quilts you make?

    • My approach is a lot like Carol’s—matching light and dark pairs.
    • I do things a little like Carol and then throw in some surprises.
    • I like the box-of-chocolates approach. You never know what you’re going to get!

    Share your scrap-quilt strategies in the comments!

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  9. 5 patriotic quilts you can make TODAY. . . and enjoy all summer long 🇺🇸

    Wishing you had a patriotic quilt to display for the 4th of July? Start sorting your red, white, and blue fabrics—we’ve rounded up five quilts that you just might be able to finish today! Even if you start it now just for fun and finish it later, the little quilts below are perfect for popping the patriotic spirit into spaces around your home. Which quilt is your favorite?

    Leo's Star quilt
    Leo’s Star from
    Oh Glory! Author Kathy Flowers made this small quilt as a tribute to her father. This quilt is so simple we’re thinking we could make it today and share it with family and friends at the 4th of July picnic tomorrow!

    Anthem quilt
    Anthem from
    Simple Whatnots. Four little blocks, four little cornerstones, and a touch of teal makes this sweet tribute reminiscent of an antique.

    American Crossroads quilt
    American Crossroads from
    A Prairie Journey. Super small (16½" × 16½") and super scrappy, this fun “anything-goes” quilt will bring a little splash of Independence Day to your home all summer long.

    Ruby Rooster quilt
    Ruby Rooster from
    Quirky Little Quilts. Author Sheryl Johnson was inspired to make this quilt from a reproduction of an 1857 antique quilt. Scraps are the special sauce here!

    Stars of Freedom quilt
    Stars of Freedom from
    Oh Glory! You can piece this little beauty by taking your own sweet time with English paper piecing, or you can sew it by machine. Up your quilting game by learning how to sew Y-seams!

    What’s your favorite 4th of July tradition?

    • Fireworks!
    • Picnic!
    • Sewing! (Always my favorite way to celebrate!)

    Tell us in the comments!

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  10. Wish List Day! Bouquets, bowls, a sequel, and a sketchbook (+ giveaway!)

    Autumn Bouquet Returning to Temecula Bowl Me Over Sue Spargo's Creative Sketchbook and Journal

    Welcome to Wish List Day at Stitch This! We’re SEW excited to introduce you to new Martingale books coming your way in August. Keep track of your favorites by using the “Notify Me” and “Wish List” options at ShopMartingale.com. Browse the latest batch of Martingale books below; then enter to win your favorite book of the month at the end of this post!

    Subscribe to our blog and you’ll always be first to see new Martingale books, plus special sales, freebies, tutorials, and more.

    Autumn BouquetAutumn Bouquet
    Patchwork and Appliqué Quilts from Reproduction Prints
    Sharon Keightley

    This collection of dreamy quilts bursts with fabrics from the scrap basket! Classic patchwork provides a backdrop for pretty flowers and twining vines, all made easy with machine appliqué. Learn two ways to prepare appliqués, plus tips and tricks for setting up your machine.

    From Autumn Bouquet

    See more from Autumn Bouquet >>>

    Returning to TemeculaTemecula Quilt Co.
    Returning to Temecula
    Scrappy Quilts with a Nod to the Past
    Sheryl Johnson

    Sheryl Johnson, owner of Temecula Quilt Co. and author of Quirky Little Quilts (remember her fun quilt-along?), returns with her interpretations of authentic quilts from yesteryear, sharing patterns for 14 little quilts that capture the make-do spirit of quilters from the past.

    From Returning to Temecula

    See more from Returning to Temecula >>>

    Bowl Me OverBowl Me Over
    A Bounty of Tiny Pillows to Enjoy Every Day
    Debbie Busby

    Stitch ’em up, pile ’em high, and enjoy! These sweet pincushion-sized pillows are irresistibly fun to stitch. Thirty petite bowl fillers are a snap to make with Debbie Busby’s easy wool-appliqué techniques, embroidery stitches, and finishing steps.

    From Bowl Me Over

    See more from Bowl Me Over >>>

    Sue Spargo's Creative Sketchbook and JournalCreative Sketchbook and Journal
    Sue Spargo

    World-renowned textile artist Sue Spargo will inspire you to write, sketch, draw, and dream in this gorgeous journal. Among more than 150 close-up, color-drenched photos of Sue’s incredible stitcheries is a mix of lined pages, graphed pages, and blank pages that offer plenty of space for getting in touch with your creative side. Patterns not included.

    Sue Spargo's Creative Sketchbook and Journal

    See more from Sue’s Creative Sketchbook and Journal >>>

    Which new book would make your August amazing? Tell us in the comments and you could win it when it’s released! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Karen, who says:

    “How do you choose just one! I think Returning to Temecula would be my first choice, then Bowl Me Over. They are all great. Thank you.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Karen—congratulations!

    By the way . . . July’s new releases are available TODAY!

    Lynette's Best-Loved Stitcheries Patchwork Picnic The Big Book of Little Quilts 2020 That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar

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