The happiest amigurumi you’ll ever see (+ giveaway)

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From Happy-gurumi

Have you heard the latest buzz? No, it’s not the bees taking up residence in your garden. It’s the happiest collection of amigurumi toys ever!

But there’s something unique about these crochet designs: many of them have puppet-style mouths. Vanessa Chan, author of Happy-gurumi, started incorporating open mouths for her crocheted softies after studying animation in college. Vanessa is here to tell us more about her process and inspiration—welcome, Vanessa!

Vanessa ChanHello everyone! I’m really excited for the release of my first book, Happy-gurumi! I often get asked about how I came up with the designs for the book and how I started doing puppet-style mouths. I started crocheting in college, where I studied stop-motion animation. I naturally gravitated toward combining crochet with my puppets and started working on the open-style mouth for some of my puppets. I liked the happy mouth so much that I started adding it to my amigurumi and kept going from there. For the future, I’m working on developing new styles of mouths and details inspired by my stop-motion puppets.

One of Vanessa's working prototypes
One of Vanessa’s working prototypes

For my designs, I keep a running list of potential amigurumi ideas, and I used that list as a starting point when picking projects for the book. When thinking of new designs, I’ll ask my friends and family about their favorite animals or what they’d like to see next. I also try to make a fun, goofy version of everyday things such as a daisy or root beer float.

Crocheted Root-Beer Float

Crocheted Present

I hope you crochet these designs yourself! Remember not to be discouraged if your softie doesn’t look exactly like the one in the picture. Even when I follow my own patterns, each amigurumi turns out a bit different, but they all have their own personality!

Would you like to win a copy of Happy-gurumi?

Because Vanessa’s characters are bursting with personality and ready to speak, we helped her caption all the photos in the book. Check out some of the silly puns in Happy-gurumi:

Crocheted Sunshine

Crocheted Elephant

Think you can come up with even funnier captions? Head on over to our Facebook page to enter the Happy-gurumi caption contest! You could win a copy of Happy-gurumi. We’ll choose three winners; we can’t wait to read your submissions!

Visit the gallery to see all 20 projects (and enjoy the captions) in Happy-gurumi.

Happy-gurumiCrocheted amigurumi: silly animals or goofy objects? Tell us your pick in the comments! Don’t forget to enter the Happy-gurumi contest on Facebook for your chance to win a copy of Happy-gurumi.
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