The 6 best places to knit in public tomorrow

Martingale's Knit and Crochet Friday

Do a happy dance! Tomorrow is—you guessed it—World Wide Knit in Public Day. Whether you’re used to knitting alone or with friends, knitting in public is a great way to meet other knitters, raise public awareness for handmade goods, and impress your acquaintances. Plus it’s a super-fun way to spread the love of knitting!

Where can you knit in public? Anywhere!

But if you need ideas, here are the six best (and quirkiest) places to knit in public tomorrow:

1. BYOK (bring your own knitting) to the backyard barbecue

From Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet
From Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet by Sheryl Thies

It certainly can be tempting to hole up at home on the weekends and bust through those knits in progress. Why not soak up the sun and do a little socializing while you’re at it? Plus, nobody in their right mind pesters a busy knitter to take over cleanup duties!

2. Work meeting? Be a multitasking knitting pro

From Casual, Elegant Knits
From Casual, Elegant Knits

There’s no better way to impress your boss than to show off your multitasking skills. Extra points for knitting a gift specifically for your manager!

3. Knit at the doctor’s office for double the health benefits

From Skein for Skein
From Skein for Skein

Long wait for your annual checkup? That’s enough to make anyone’s blood pressure rise. But knitting has many health benefits and it makes the time fly. The doctors and nurses will be begging to know your health secret.

4. Impress your friends and coworkers when you knit during happy hour

From Handknit Skirts
From Handknit Skirts

Everyone else will be on their cell phone, still answering work emails. But you’ll be chatting it up with the bartender and showing off your extra-cool, outside-of-work hobby.

5. Now you’re knitting. . . on a boat!

From Knits from the North Sea
From Knits from the North Sea

Knit, knit, knit on a boat while you sail out to sea! Make the other seafarers jealous that you brought something more fun than a paperback.

6. Knit by the fire, at the ski lodge, Down Under

Knitting the Chill Away
From Knitting the Chill Away

Ski season is over, at least in the northern hemisphere. But it turns out that Australia has excellent ski sites, most opening in June for the official season. It is World Wide Knit in Public Day, after all—so if you’ll be knitting Down Under this opening ski weekend, grab a seat by the fire. You might enlist a stranger to hold your cocoa, if you’re lucky.

If you want to attend an official knit-in-public gathering, you can search for (or coordinate your own) World Wide Knit in Public Day events in your area on the WWKIP website. For portable project ideas, check out our post on what to knit during World Wide Knit in Public Day.

Don’t forget to share your knitting-in-public photos with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Know of any wacky, fun, or unique places to knit in public? Tell us in the comments!

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