What’s on our needles? Knitting at Martingale

Knit & Crochet Saturday
Today we get to tour the Martingale offices, where you never have to wander far to find something lacy or fuzzy pinned to a cubicle wall. I’m particularly excited–not only do I get to show off my coworkers’ knitting, I also get to offer you our very first free knitting ePattern!

Karen Soltys knits beautiful wraps and socks. You can find Karen on Ravelry to see what’s inspiring her and join in her next knit-along. A Charlene Schurch fan, she’s currently working on “Serendipity” from Sock Club. Here’s Karen’s handiwork:

Knitted sock

Stitch up your own pair with our free download, "Serendipity" from Sock Club.

Bedlam ensued in our conference room a few months ago when Karen showed those of us in Sales & Marketing the soft, stuffed dolls in knitted costumes from Playful Little Knits. A dozen women immediately started cooing, exclaiming, passing them around, plucking at the dolls’ hair. Karen nearly had to ring a gong to quiet us down.

Playful Little Knits

I cooed again when I saw Production Coordinator Claudia Cole’s playful little doll (above). She’s basing his blue overalls on Playful Little Knits "Bear" pattern. Claudia loves to customize patterns as she works and may give the overalls a hood or separate shirt underneath. How do you think his outfit should look?

Knitted wrapMartingale moved into new digs last year, and we’re still trying to master the thermostat in our conference room. We battle the wintry temperatures in style, however, as evidenced by this photo of my manager, Tina Cook. She’s wrapped up in a “Sunset Squares” wrap, from The Little Box of Knitted Throws. When Technical Editor Ursula Reikes gave the wrap to Tina, she had no idea how many meetings would be brightened up by those orange and purple squares.

Claudia Cole is stitching up equally cheerful items: the Women’s Basic Cuff-Down Sock from Antje Gillingham (below). Like all of Antje’s books, Knitting More Circles around Socks focuses on knitting two at a time to ensure consistency (and sanity). Here, Claudia has one sock on a stitch holder as she turns the heel. These socks are soft, delicate little things made from pink and blue variegated yarns. My toesies felt jealous just looking at them.

Basic Cuff-Down Socks

Karen Johnson recently started a knitted monster from Rebecca Danger’s book. Meet Toothy Joe, who has Dot the Dress-Up Box Monster’s eye patch, and blue and gray stripey legs growing on Karen’s needles:

Knitted monster

Don’t you love that face? His mouth is created by binding off and then picking up the stitches to continue knitting–creating the perfect grimace for a big white tooth.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next knitted monster, you’ll find plenty on Flickr from our Monster Contest.

Here’s one more monster, to say goodbye–knitted by one Mary for another! A gift from Editor in Chief Mary Green for our Marketing Coordinator and sports fan Mary Burns, "Sammie the Sock Monster" looks ready for a game of soccer.

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  • I have a lot of your books on quilting. In fact I have learned about all that I know about quilting from the books your company publishes.Thanks
    the latest one i would like to have had traditional patterns with applique around borders. kws

    KWS on May 12, 2012
  • Thanks for the sock pattern! I have only made one pair of socks, and they were just stockinette stitched. They turned out OK, so I am ready to try a pattern!

    —Barb Johnson on May 12, 2012
  • Thanks for the pattern. I will be making them for my sister next week (surprise gift for her birthday). I love hand knit socks, they are such a joy to wear, always warm and cozy

    —Blair C on May 22, 2012

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