How to host a stitchin’ picnic

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Picnic basket embellishmentAugust is National Picnic Month! If you missed World Wide Knit in Public Day, now’s your chance to get out and get to knitting (or crocheting) in the sunshine while there’s still some summer left.

(Right: Picnic basket embellishment from Contemporary Crochet.)

Here’s a list of things you’ll need for planning your stitchin’ picnic:
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Friends! Invite your fellow yarn enthusiasts, or invite a few beginners.

Food—it’s not a picnic without potato salad, a refreshing beverage, and a sweet treat.

Free printable potluck sign-up sheet
Download our FREE printable potluck sign-up sheet for your picnic.
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A picnic blanket. A blanket can work as an impromptu tablecloth for picnic tables. In the absence of tables, you can lounge on the grass in style!

From 20 Easy Knitted Blankets and Throws
Find more beautiful blankets in 20 Easy Knitted Blankets and Throws.
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A tote bag for your knitting or crochet supplies. What’s a stitchin’ picnic without projects to stitch?

From Pursenality Plus
Find this functional felted tote, and more cute bags, in Pursenality Plus. For crocheted bags, check out Crocheted Pursenalities.
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A picnic basket or casserole carrier. Carry your potluck contribution with ease!

From Kitchen Stitches
Quilted casserole cozy from Kitchen Stitches.
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A small and portable project to work on! Don’t forget your yarn—peruse the patterns in these books for easy-to-tote knitting and crochet ideas:

50 Yards of Fun Paintbox Knits Boho Crochet Cozy Toes for Baby

What will you contribute to YOUR picnic: a yummy main dish or side, or a delectable dessert or drink? Tell us in the comments!

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  • I make a mean Pavlova, so it’s my ‘go-to’ offering for all sorts of occasions. My late mother loved it and was always asking if I was going to bring one if we were going to her house for Christmas, birthdays etc. It’s really easy to make and satisfied most peoople with a sweet tooth! The healthy fruit topping offsets the fattening sugar content and cream topping (or so I tell myself!)

    —Suzanne on August 12, 2015
  • Sweet tea & deviled eggs.

    —Amy Cofer on August 12, 2015
  • I am on a restricted diet, so I would make a salad even I could eat!

    —Lynne on August 12, 2015
  • I would bring a yummy side dish, like a salad with about everything in it!!! These picnics are so great!

    —Jeanette S on August 12, 2015
  • I’ll bring brownies……I always do and they are expected. Everybody raves over them and are convinced that they are a super-secret recipe. Don’t tell anybody, but the recipe is straight from the box of Bakers Unsweetened chocolate. Just undertake them a couple of minutes to make them even better.

    —Terri on August 12, 2015
  • I like to bring Raspberry Peach Cobbler and my favorite picnic quilt to eat it on! My cobbler and quilts always get raves.

    —Mary Ann on August 16, 2015

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