How to felt cute shoes for Baby—and for a good cause

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From Cozy Toes for BabyWhat book delivers adorable designs for crochet baby shoes, loads of stitching and construction tips, and the chance to donate to a worthy charity? If you said Cozy Toes for Baby by Chantal Garceau and Mary J. King, you’d be right!

These aren’t your average crochet booties. These cute shoes are felted to give them shape and sturdiness, and they have leather soles for durability. They’re super practical, and they’re easy! The simple crochet patterns look more complicated than they are thanks to the special details that add so much personality. Seriously, who can resist these froggies?

From Cozy Toes for Baby
From Cozy Toes for Baby

Cozy Toes for Baby has detailed instructions for each step of the process, from the basic stitching to how to felt using forms to ensure the right shape to adding the leather soles. To help make the felting even easier, we’ve created a PDF of this Last-Minute Checklist Before Felting. Print it out and keep it handy for when you’re ready to put your shoes through the wash.

 How to felt crochet booties
Download the “Last-Minute Checklist Before Felting” pdf for
Cozy Toes for Baby

Here’s a before-and-after idea of what your shoes will look like:

Crochet shoes before and after felting
Shoe on the left is ready for felting; shoe on the right has been through the felting process.
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Cozy Toes for BabyBesides the clever designs and great instructions, what makes this book truly special is that the authors are donating proceeds to the Imani Project, an organization dedicated to helping children in Kenya who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. By simply purchasing a book, you too will contribute to this worthy cause. Learn more at
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What’s the cutest crochet project you’ve made? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Quilted Turtle, we taught them to my daughter 4-H group.

    —Janine on June 5, 2015

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