Here’s why 2015 is a great year for yarn

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Martingale's Knit and Crochet Friday


2015--Year of the Sheep

Did you know that the Chinese New Year is the most important social and economic holiday in China? February 19 marked the celebration of the new year in Chinese culture, and with it, a 2015 zodiac symbol: the sheep!

Alpaca from Crocheted SoftiesNeedless to say, yarn lovers everywhere are pretty excited. The original Mandarin word for this year’s animal is yang—and the English translation could mean sheep, goat, or even ram. Fortunately, animal-fiber yarn can come from a variety of animals, including cashmere and angora goats, many breeds of sheep and lambs, and even alpacas. You can read about some of the different fibers used to make yarn in this post. (Left: This cute alpaca is from Crocheted Softies.)

From Fair Isle Sweaters SimplifiedSo what does this mean for 2015? This year’s fortune is calm and creativity—sounds like a great mantra for knitters and crocheters!

To learn more about the yarn-making process, check out Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified. The photos at right are from the book, written by the owners of Philosopher’s Wool, Ann and Eugene Bourgeois.

2015 will be a great year to learn how to knit or how to crochet. We have a wide range of resources for beginners and beyond:

A to Z of Knitting A to Z of Crochet
All about Knitting All about Crochet The Essential Book of Crochet Techniques

Happy Chinese New Year, and may the sheep be with you!

Your choice of animal fibers: wool, cashmere, angora, Alpaca, or mohair? Tell us in the comments!

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