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Elephants from Crochet a Zoo
Elephants from
Crochet a Zoo by Megan Kreiner

In April, we introduced you to Crochet a Zoo by animator and author Megan Kreiner. We knew you’d be “hooked” on crocheting your very own collection of adorable animals! But what’s a zoo without a place for the animals to frolic? Today Megan is back to share her pattern for a zoo-themed crochet playmat that your creations can call home.

Free crochet playmat pattern from Crochet a Zoo
Ready to get started? Download this free crochet playmat pattern now.

Here’s what Megan had to say about this crocheted blanket that doubles as a zoo:

Has your crochet zoo taken over your home? Monkeys in your cookie jars?  Bears in your bed? Lions and Tigers in your house plants? There’s a better way to keep your critters cozy and comfortable. Make them a Crochet a Zoo playmat! This spacious blanket features eight distinct habitats with everything your animals could want including ponds, rocks, trees, fences, and even caves using simple felt cutouts and basic crochet stitches. You can even add a customized sign to your zoo’s entrance with the name of your favorite zookeeper. And, when playtime is over, you can roll up the blanket with all your zookeepers and zoo animals inside for easy storage.

Crochet a ZooThanks, Megan, for sharing this great bonus to Crochet a Zoo.

If you haven’t started your zoo collection, now is a great time to begin. Buy Crochet a Zoo today at, and you’ll also get the eBook version for free right away. Just download and start stitching! You can see all the projects from the book below.

Which exhibits can be seen in your crocheted zoo? Which are still under construction? Tell us below in the comments!

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