1. New Hexagon 2 Book Tour – With Katja Marek (+ giveaway!)

    Are you ready? Have you been chomping at the bit for author Katja Marek’s next quilt-along to begin? If you’re like us here at Stitch This!, the answer is YES! And you’ve come to the right place to get ready for it. While her Quilt-Along begins in January, we’re kicking off Katja’s Instagram Book Tour here on our blog AND on our Instagram page.

    As with her other books, Katja has named the block designs for people she knows. This time is no different. And this time I, Karen Soltys along with Karen Johnson, are beyond excited because The New Hexagon 2 book tour is starting today with the Karen block (page 28 in your book).

    Both Karen Johnson and I enjoy English paper piecing, but I have to admit—I didn’t get hooked until Katja’s first book, The New Hexagon, came along. Katja came to Martingale to work on a hands-on photo shoot to show how to English paper piece. When I watched her work, I realized the whole process was much less daunting that I thought it would be. I decided to try it myself. It was fun and, well, addicting. I was hooked! And I have a box of paper-pieced blocks to prove it. So even if you’ve never tried English paper piecing, I encourage you to give it a try. Because you’re working on a foundation, the pieces fit together precisely and pretty much effortlessly.

    One thing you’ll notice right away in The New Hexagon 2 is that it’s packed with colorful block images, many made in beautiful shades of cool blues and greens. Katja frequently uses tonal prints and batiks for her blocks, to make her blocks and quilts so striking. But personally, I prefer to muddy things up with reproduction fabrics or deeper, darker shades. And just to show you that no two Karens are alike, we thought it would be fun to share how different our blocks look from one another and from Katja’s original. Karen Johnson’s block is bright and cheerful with summery melon colors. It’s downright mouthwatering! I can’t wait to see what she stitches next.

    Original block by Katja

    Block by Karen Soltys

    Block by Karen Johnson

    So whatever your favorite color palette is, don’t be afraid to jump in. Glue baste or thread baste, go dark, go light, go bright. Just go! Get started. And be sure to visit all the other participants along the way for yet another awesome Katja Marek event to celebrate the release of The New Hexagon 2!

    We have a giveaway in progress!  Hop over to our Monday post to read all about the book and enter.


    Visit Katja’s blog: katjasquiltshoppe.com

    Follow Katja on Instagram • Follow Katja on Facebook

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  2. ⬡⬡⬡ 52 NEW ways to sew a hexagon quilt (+ giveaway!) ⬡⬡⬡

    Hooray for MORE hexagons from best-selling author Katja Marek!

    The New Hexagon 2

    Katja is back with 52 new ways to play with hexagon shapes in The New Hexagon 2. Using her efficient, accurate methods for English paper piecing (EPP), Katja shares streamlined how-to techniques such as basting with glue and using precut paper templates.

    From The New Hexagon 2

    Katja’s also expanded the possibilities by including not just one, but two different block sizes. Choose from:

    • 14 twelve-inch blocks
    • 38 six-inch blocks
    • 5 pretty projects to show off the blocks you create!

    We asked Katja a few questions about her latest book and about her creative life—read on for her answers. (And don’t miss the announcement about a special quilt-along with Katja at the bottom of this post!)

    Katja MarekStitch This!: You’re a prolific designer, and your books on English paper piecing have really made a splash! What inspired you to write a sequel to the best seller The New Hexagon?

    Katja: There were still so many hex-abilities left to explore, even after the first 52 blocks in The New Hexagon and 366 more blocks in The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar. There are still possibilities! Also, I’ve learned some new things over the five years since The New Hexagon was published. It seemed like a great time to share some new tips and tricks that I’ve learned along the way.

    Blossoms Bed Runner
    Blossoms Bed Runner

    ST!: What’s your designing process like—and where do you find your inspiration? 

    Hexagon starKatja: I find I’m able to visualize a concept very well. I sleep with pencil and paper beside my bed. Often my brain doesn’t want to be quiet at night, and I want to capture an idea so I can play with it some more. I’ll doodle random ideas onto graph paper (in the case of hexagons, I use triangle graph paper) and see how they play together. Once a concept becomes more cohesive, I continue on paper or on the computer. Sometimes I’ll sew a small test piece to see how what I envision translates to fabric.

    Inspiration is everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. I find inspiration in nature, in life, in songs, in books, in patterns in the sand, a wave, the clouds . . . literally everywhere.

    ST!: Tell us more about your approach to English paper piecing—what makes it so unique?

    Katja: For starters, I believe in NO RULES. In a class, just like in my books, I show people what has worked well for me, but I’m open to other ideas. Part of that belief led me to trying non-traditional techniques, the biggest of which is glue basting. Glue basting allows me to expedite the basting process and get to the sewing much faster.

    Example of Katja’s how-to from the book

    ST!: Do you have a favorite block or quilt from The New Hexagon 2?

    Katja: Wow, that’s a tough question, I love different blocks and projects for different reasons. In Block 2: Carrie or Block 3: Lissa, I absolutely LOVE the arrows and the rainbow colors—but then what’s not to love about rainbows? We’ve seen arrows in many square and rectangular blocks, so why not in hexagon blocks? I also like to look for hidden elements that I can use to draw attention to an area, such as a hidden heart that pops with color and value in Block 10: Sheryl.

    Hexagon blocks
    Katja’s favorite blocks from left to right: Carrie, Lissa, and Sheryl

    As for favorite projects? In Explore the Stars, individual blocks are allowed to shine.

    Explore the Stars quilt
    Explore the Stars

    In Starburst, color and flow between shapes allowed me to create a millefiori-style look.

    Starburst quilt

    But probably my favorite project is Argyle. This two-color quilt uses many of the blocks to create the stunning argyle design.

    Argyle quilt

    ST!: What’s inspiring you right now?

    Katja: I’m playing around with some different shapes at the moment, and I’m also machine piecing things that are traditionally thought to be restricted to English Paper Piecing. I’m known for EPP, but my ideas extend beyond that! Inspiration is everywhere around us, and I have no trouble coming up with multiple new things to try. Time is my biggest battle. There’s just not enough time to do everything that’s in my head.

    ST!: What’s on your sewing table right now?

    Katja: Since I’m on the road right now, enjoying a mother-daughter holiday in the Maritime Provinces of Canada, I’ll show you what I’ve brought along. First is a sample for my quilt shop, Katja’s Quilt Shoppe in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada—a soccer-ball quilt using black-on-white and white-on-black prints.

    The second project consists of samples for my Take & Teach class coming up in Houston, Texas, for Fall International Quilt Market.

    At home I’ve been working on Quilty Stars patterns by Emily Dennis of Quilty Love.

    ST!: What’s your #1 tip for beginning quilters?

    Katja: Just start! Don’t stress about all the things you don’t know yet; none of us knew anything at the beginning. Everyone has to start somewhere, and only by doing will you learn.

    QAL ALERT! Join Katja in January 2020 to make a one-of-a-kind quilt designed with blocks featured in The New Hexagon 2—follow Katja’s “Quilt with Me” Facebook page for all the details as they emerge!

    The New Hexagon 2We’ve got a copy of The New Hexagon 2 to give away today!

    To enter your name into our random drawing, tell us in the comments:

    Rate your “EPP” skills: EPP major, EPP minor, or haven’t enrolled yet?

    We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to EPP the day away, purchase The New Hexagon 2 at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook instantly—for FREE!

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  3. Use the fat quarters you’ve got! Patterns for 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 FQs (+ giveaway!)

    How many fat quarters does it take to make a beautiful quilt?

    6, 8, 10, 12, or 14—the choice is yours!

    Fresh Fat-Quarter Quilts

    America’s favorite fabric cut gets a fun makeover in a dozen all-new patterns from popular blogger Andy Knowlton. In her happy color palette, Andy shares easy-to-sew quilts that will inspire you to break into your bundles, unfold your singles, or even cut yardage into 18″ x 22″ chunks of fabric to re-create the cheerful designs in Fresh Fat-Quarter Quilts.

    Fresh Fat Quarter Quilts

    Stars, pinwheels, arrows, and Churn Dashes are just a few of the classic motifs that get Andy’s fresh fat-quarter treatment. No more excuses and no time to lose—you’ll love reducing and restocking your stash to make these fat-quarter friendly projects.

    We’re happy to welcome Andy as a guest writer today!

    Andy KnowltonWhen my kids were younger they often had to go with me on my fabric shopping trips. So out of necessity those trips had to be fast! Fat quarters quickly became my favorite way to buy fabric. They’re always displayed so beautifully, and I could grab what I needed without waiting at the cutting table. We all know that the less time a toddler spends in a quilt shop, the better!

    Fresh Fat Quarter Quilts

    As I started working on Fresh Fat-Quarter Quilts, I knew I wanted the book to focus on fat-quarter-friendly projects. They’re what I’m naturally drawn to. Many of the tutorials on my blog, A Bright Corner, are written for fat quarters, and most of my previously designed patterns are fat-quarter patterns.

    Fresh Fat Quarter Quilts

    One of my goals was for you to be able to grab a stack of your favorite fat quarters, flip open the book, and say, “I have ten fat quarters here—what can I make with them?”

    Table of Contents from Fresh Fat-Quarter Quilts

    In the table of contents above you can find a whole list of options at your fingertips. The chapters are arranged by the number of fat quarters needed, so with a quick glance you can see what you can make with 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 fat quarters.

    Fresh Fat-Quarter Quilts

    There are 12 different quilt projects in Fresh Fat-Quarter Quilts, ranging from baby size to bed size. Along the way you’ll get tips for shortcuts, fabric selection, and little tricks for making the quilts.

    Another goal of mine was to encourage you to put together your own custom bundles! Do you find that you’re always reaching for the pre-bundled fat quarters from a manufacturer?

    Prepackaged fat-quarter bundle
    A pre-bundled fat-quarter pack

    There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, and I use them all the time. But it’s so fun to get outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself a little. My book has tips scattered throughout to help you choose fabrics.

    But here’s a tip that’s not in the book—one of my favorite ways to put a fat-quarter bundle together is to find a print that I love and then build the bundle around it.

    Andy's customized fat-quarter bundle
    Andy’s customized fat-quarter stack

    In the photo above, I started with the top red floral. I then found yellow and green prints that would work well with the red print. I made sure to add in a small floral and some geometric prints for variety. To round out the group, I added two lighter blue prints, and now I have a good bundle I can work with.

    Notice that there’s some navy blue in that first red floral. Instead of using that in my custom fat-quarter bundle, I chose to use it as a background—nice and bold! This ended up being the bundle I used to make Perfect Picnic:

    Fresh Fat-Quarter Quilts

    Give it a try next time you’re at the quilt shop—find a favorite print and build a bundle around it! Then once you have a bundle you love, flip open Fresh Fat Quarter Quilts and see what you can create.

    Fresh Fat Quarter QuiltsThanks for the fat-quarter tips, Andy!

    We have a copy of Fresh Fat-Quarter Quilts to give away today! To enter your name in the random drawing, tell us in the comments:

    What’s your preference: fat-quarter singles or fat-quarter bundles?

    We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is usairdoll who says:

    “Ahhh both are great as having a bundle you have the designer’s fabric line
    but it’s also neat to build your own bundle from my stash as well as some
    shopping ;-D

    We’ll email you about your prize, usairdoll—congratulations!

    And if you’d like to start shrinking your fat-quarter stash by making Andy’s beautiful quilts today, purchase Fresh Fat-Quarter Quilts at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook version—instantly, for FREE!

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  4. Wish List Day! Blue and white, machine-quilting ideas, and sweet stitcheries (+ giveaway!)

    Welcome to Wish List Day at Stitch This! We’re excited to introduce you to new Martingale books coming your way in December. Keep track of your favorites by using the “Notify Me” and “Wish List” options at ShopMartingale.com. Browse the latest batch of Martingale books below; then enter to win your favorite book of the month at the end of this post!

    Subscribe to our blog and you’ll always be first to see new Martingale books, plus special sales, freebies, tutorials, and more.

    Blue & White Quilts 
    13 Remarkable Quilts with Timeless Appeal

    Crisp, calm, and captivating—experience the magic of blue & white! From the editors of the best seller Red & White Quilts comes a fresh take on another timeless color combination. Thirteen dreamy quilts from famed designers include a mix of exciting new designs and sentimental favorites, plus three antique treasures to remake using today’s fabrics and techniques. You’ll be captivated by the creations that come from this humble two-color palette, as quilters have been for generations. It’s an eternal classic that never goes out of style.

    Blue and White Quilts

    See more from Blue & White Quilts >>>

    Picture Perfect
    Small Stitcheries and Embroidered Niceties
    Kathy Schmitz

    Starting and completing these sweet framed stitcheries is a breeze! With 16 charming patterns that each measure 2½" x 4½", it’s easy to mix and match their uses. Display embroideries in frames, on sachets and note cards, as bowl fillers, or in pillows. Themes include redwork houses, bluework birds, garden decor, and more, most shown in alternate colorways. Also included are a trio of decorative mats (three of each) featuring Kathy’s original watercolor designs. Everything you need is inside! Cut out or photocopy the mats to use behind framed embroidery pieces. Together, they’ll be picture perfect.

    Picture Perfect

    See more from Picture Perfect >>>

    Machine-Quilting Idea Book
    61 Designs to Finish Classic Patchwork
    Vicki Ruebel

    Welcome to a machine-quilting book like no other. It’s a helpful guide to machine-quilting a dozen classic quilt blocks! No guessing, no stressing—these 61 designs show you exactly how to quilt specific blocks, and you choose the challenge. With four to six ways to quilt each block, you’ll find machine-quilting designs for beginners and beyond. Start with an introduction to basic tools, supplies, and best practices. Then jump right in with color-coded illustrations that tell you which path to follow and when. Yes, you can quilt it—pick a block and Vicki Ruebel will show you how!

    Machine-Quilting Idea Book

    See more from Machine-Quilting Idea Book >>>

    Which new book would make your December dazzling? Tell us in the comments and you could win it when it’s released! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Janet M Shilling who says:   “Machine quilting idea bool is just what I need to get me inspired to finish some quilt tops. New & fresh ideas get the creative juices flowing. Thank you.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Janet—congratulations!

    By the way, these just-released books
    are available starting today!

    A Country's Call Fresh Fat-Quarter Quilts The New Hexagon 2 Feed Sacks Yoko Saito's I Love Houses

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  5. Create a country home to call your own, little by little (+ giveaway!)

    A home tells a story; it should be a celebration of the family that resides there. Our latest hardcover book, Little Farmstead Living, will guide you toward creating spaces that you’ll want to play in, relax in, and live in, every day.

    Little Farmstead Living

    From farmhouse gatherings to seasonal decorating—and a special chapter on making Christmas magic that’s merry and bright—well-known Instagram star (@littlefarmstead) and lifestyle blogger Julie Thomas’ practical and beautiful hardcover book is one you’ll turn to again and again. Here’s a peek inside:

     Reading this post in email? Click here to view the video online.

    For Julie, family and friends are at the center of her home. She creates warm, inviting places for people to gather, open spaces for enjoying the outdoors, cozy corners for relaxing and resting, and plenty of room for making memories. But Julie knows what many may not: you don’t need to wait for the perfect house or acres of land to create the home of your dreams. Whether you’re live in a city center, out in the country, or are loving life in the suburbs, Little Farmstead Living is waiting for you—and with it, you can begin creating the home of your dreams . . . in the space you live in now.

    Through stories of transforming a fixer-upper into a charming little farmhouse for her family, Julie reveals dozens of simple ways that everyone can bring warmth, joy, and meaning to their everyday homes, and to special occasions too.

    • New to farmhouse style? Julie encourages you to start small with easy-to-implement ideas for creating a casual, lived-in look that instantly puts both family and visitors at ease. Use her ideas right away!
    • Farmhouse flair beginning to take shape? Get inspired to update favorite areas by salvaging items from other parts of your home, or by taking a thrifting and antiquing adventure (including how to spot the gems and leave the junk).
    • Adventuring into a fuller farmstead life? Julie shares her family’s first steps toward tending animals (dogs, chickens, and Babydoll sheep, oh my!), and growing flower and vegetable gardens.

    We’re thrilled to have Julie as a guest writer today, here to tell you more about her dream of living a farmstead life, just past the city limits. Welcome, Julie!

    Hi! I’m Julie, author of the book Little Farmstead Living: Creating a Country Life Just Past the City Limits. I’m grateful for the talented team of people at Martingale that I was blessed to work with in publishing this book, which was a true labor of love. And I’m happy to be here with you today to share a little bit about the book and talk about a quilt that is meaningful to me…

    Over the past months while working on the book, I’ve written our family’s story about moving to a little 2+ acre farmstead in the Pacific Northwest, complete with a farmhouse, barn, chicken coop, vegetable garden, and wide-open spaces. My husband and I had dreamed of a place where our three sons would have room to run free, a place where we could open the doors to family and friends, raise a little menagerie of animals, plant a garden, and put down roots as a family. It was a fun experience to recall and write about what we dreamed of, what we found, and our reality of living here almost six years later!

    Julie with her husband, three sons, and a trio of Babydoll sheep

    One of the things I really love about Little Farmstead Living is that we were able to capture images—both indoors and outdoors—in all four seasons. There’s a chapter on farmhouse-style decorating and where to find unique farmhouse wares for your home. We also include helpful tips—based on our trial-and-error approach—for gardening and caring for animals. A chapter about farmhouse gatherings includes steps to create an outdoor eating area and how to set up a festive fall tailgate party. And then, there’s a whole chapter dedicated to a farmhouse Christmas. It’s one of my favorites!

    Christmas at the Thomas farmstead

    And that special quilt I mentioned? I spotted it at a vintage sale when we were trying to purchase our little farmstead. Our contingent offer was about to expire, and we had no serious buyers for our existing house. We were hanging onto a thread of hope that it would work out. I thought the quilt would be perfect for what I hoped would soon be our farmhouse and decided to buy it, in faith, that the sale would go through. A month after I bought the quilt, we received an offer! To this day, when I see that quilt, I’m reminded of that time, and thankful for how everything worked out.

    Julie's antique quilt
    Julie’s vintage quilt

    Thank you for letting me share today!

    Thank you for sharing the inspiration behind your gorgeous new book, Julie—everyone in the office adores it!

    We have a copy of Little Farmstead Living to give away to one lucky winner today! We’ll let Julie ask today’s question—leave your answer in the comments to be automatically entered into the random drawing. Julie wants to know:

    Do you dream of living in the country or do you simply love the look in your decor? Which describes you best: Farm life forever, urban with a flair for farmhouse style, or dreaming of your "someday" style? We’d love to hear!

    We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you feel inspired to add a little farmstead style to your home, you can purchase the book at our website.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is JLouise who says: “Farm life forever!! For most of my life, I’ve lived on farms, first as a farmer’s daughter, then as a farmer’s wife, and now also a farmer’s mother! Our home is over 100 years old and has always been in my husband’s family. This book looks terrific!"

    We’ll email you about your prize, JLouise  — congratulations!

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  6. 🧺 Laundry Basket Quilts is back with stellar star quilts! 🧺

    The third book in Edyta Sitar’s best-selling “Patches” series celebrates a quintessential quiltmaking motif: the star! 🌟🌟🌟

    Patches of Stars

    In Patches of Stars, Star blocks of all varieties first take center stage in a gallery of breathtaking antique quilts, from modest, make-do designs to astonishing showstoppers.

    From Patches of Stars
    Antique star quilt: Star of Diamonds, 67″ × 81½", Sitar Family collection

     Then, Edyta shares instructions for creating 17 star-studded quilts, many inspired by her antique-quilt collection.

    From Patches of Stars
    New star quilt: Sticks and Stones

    It’s the best of both worlds: antique quilts to inspire and new quilts to create with modern techniques!

    From Patches of Stars

    From the humble Sawtooth Star to dazzling renditions of Lone Star, Feathered Star, and more, the latest book from Laundry Basket Quilts will inspire you reach for the stars.

    We asked Edyta a few questions about her quilting life: read on for her answers!

    Edyta SitarStitch This!: You’re a prolific designer, and your “Patches” series of books has really taken off! What inspired you to write the third book in the series, Patches of Stars?

    Edyta: With each book in the series I put the spotlight on something that’s special to me in quilting. Patches of Blue was about embracing your favorite color (blue for me). Patches of Scraps was about using the simple shapes of quilting and making use of what you have (scraps). Patches of Stars focuses on my favorite block—the star.

    From Patches of Stars
    New star quilt: Trail Mix

    ST!: What’s your designing process like—and where do you find your inspiration?

    Edyta: My inspiration comes from many sources—maybe a dream, maybe an antique, or even events in my life. Once I have an idea that I like, I just run with it!

    ST!: Tell us more about the antiques in Patches of Stars—what role do they play in inspiring new designs?

    Edyta: For me, antique quilts are a reminder of our quilting journey. As we move forward to create new quilts, it’s  nice to stop and reflect on what was done in the past.

    Antique star quilt: LeMoyne Star, 68″ × 77″, Sitar Family collection

    ST!: Do you have a favorite quilt from your new book?

    Edyta: That’s like asking if I have a favorite child! They are all special to me, each in its own way.

    More Star quilts from
    Patches of Stars

    ST!: What’s inspiring you right now?

    Edyta: I love surprises so I can’t share that just yet, but you’ll see soon!

    ST!: What’s on your sewing table right now?

    Edyta: I have been enjoying our Tannenbaum quilt. The first one I made I cut myself, but I’m using our laser precut kit this time and I’m thinking that I just might be in heaven. We have them available on our website; you must try!

    Edyta’s Tannenbaum quilt

    ST!: What’s your #1 tip for beginning quilters?

    Edyta: Just do it! Don’t set boundaries for yourself, enjoy the process, and don’t be too concerned about achieving perfect results—after all, the goal is “handmade”!

    Follow Edyta online:

    Website * Instagram * Facebook * YouTube

    Patches of Stars

    We have a copy of Patches of Stars to give away to one lucky winner today! To enter your name in the random drawing, tell us in the comments:

    How many different star quilt blocks have you made?

    We’ll choose one winner a week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you can’t wait to start making your own star-studded quilt with Edyta, you can purchase the book at our website today.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Nicole who says:

    “I’m not sure how many star locks I’ve made in the 20+ years I’ve been quilting, but I’ll go with, a lot. What a beautiful book.”


    We’ll email you about your prize, Nicole—congratulations!

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  7. Must-have! Ultimate guide to wool appliqué and embroidery (+ big giveaway!)

    The definitive guide to wool appliqué and embroidery is here—introducing Wool, Needle & Thread by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings!

    You’ll love visiting Lisa Bongean’s private classroom again and again in Wool, Needle & Thread. Ditch the trial-and-error and learn, from Lisa’s decades of experience, how she creates her exquisite stitcheries step by step: wool appliqué, embroidery, and more. Filled with close-up photos of Lisa’s hands working her magic, this book will help you master each technique down to the tiniest detail.

    Start with Lisa’s fabric tips; then move on to her favorite tools, templates, threads, and needles. How does she create her slim vines, pretty pennies, and flower appliqués? It’s all here, along with a dozen embroidery stitches in photos so clear, you’ll know exactly how to re-create them. Lisa also shares five sweet projects to make yourself, rounding out this jam-packed volume that will teach you how to start, stitch, and finish your projects more accurately, more confidently, and more beautifully than ever before.

    Lisa’s book is brimming with step-by-step photos, streamlined-stitching tricks, and professional finishing techniques—everything you need to know to stitch like a pro! We’re excited to have Lisa here as a guest writer to tell you more about her latest book with Martingale.

    It’s finally here! Wool, Needle & Thread: The Go-To Guide for Wool Stitchery is more than a book; it’s my life. This is my memoir of 20-plus years of stitching. I have lived these stitches, these techniques, and taught them to many eager students over decades. I wish I’d had this guide years ago, but that would not have been possible because it takes years of experience to be able to offer something like this with confidence, giving stitchers all you have.

    I can’t wait for you to have this book in your hands—to page through it and know that you’ll have it to reference again and again. The Martingale team has outdone themselves with the style of the book, capturing each movement of my needle with in-depth descriptions of what is happening as each stitch is formed. You’ll be in awe of how many photos there are of each of the main embroidery stitches to use on your wool-appliqué journey. The book is truly a work of love.

    Project: White Geraniums

    I believe that when you take a class, you cannot possibly remember everything that is presented. We can only absorb so much without being overwhelmed. But now my classes are at your fingertips in this book, and you can refer to the information whenever you need it.

    It’s time for me to stay closer to home and spend time with my family, especially my two grandbabies. That’s why it’s time for Wool, Needle & Thread. I know it will be impossible for me to stop teaching altogether, but I will be teaching less often. Thank you to all whom I’ve had the pleasure of teaching in person. I know I’ve seen many of you more than once in my workshops. I’m truly honored to have been one of your wool-appliqué teachers. Without you and your stitching successes, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to produce this book.

    Project: Autumn Table Mat

    I’d love for you to follow me on my blog and stay in touch on Instagram and Facebook, where you can show and share your projects! With this book, you’ll have everything you need, right in your hands, to accomplish any wool project!

    Time for me to get stitching . . . all the best to you on your stitching journey.

    P.S. If you wish to obtain a kit of any of the projects in the book, you can do so by visiting Primitive Gatherings online or by contacting me at my stores in Wisconsin and California.

    Thanks for sharing your new book with us, Lisa!

    We have an amazing giveaway that Lisa put together just for you to celebrate the release of Wool, Needle & Thread:

    To enter your name in our random drawing, tell us in the comments:

    What’s your level of wool-appliqué and embroidery expertise?

    • I’m new to both—I need Lisa’s book stat!
    • I’ve dabbled in both; Lisa’s book could take me to the next level.
    • I’ve been doing both for years, just like Lisa!

    We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to dive in to wool appliqué and embroidery with Lisa, you can purchase the book at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook version for free.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Shelley Taylor, who says:“I have much to learn and know that Lisa’s book is just what I need.  I’ve dabbled in both, Lisa’s book could take me to the next level”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Shelley – congratulations!

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  8. Easy patchwork takes the cake 🍰 The Moda All-Stars Mix It Up! (+ giveaway!)

    If you can sew a straight line, you can make every gorgeous quilt in this beautiful new book from the Moda All-Stars—no kidding!

    Moda All-Stars: Mix It Up!

    All you need is a pack of Moda’s Cake Mix Papers (for 10″ squares) or Moda’s Cupcake Mix Papers (for 5″ squares), a stack of fabrics, and Moda All-Stars: Mix It Up! Simply choose a pattern, and then:

    1. Sew on the dotted lines

    2. Cut on the solid lines

    3. Remove the easy-tear paper

    Moda's Cake Mix PapersAnd voilà, you’re on your way to beautiful quilt blocks!

    If you’ve always wanted to try Moda’s Cake Mix or Cupcake Mix Papers but didn’t know how to start OR if you love the look of triangles but not the fussy sewing, try mixing it up. It’s a recipe for success! The book includes step-by-step photos and tons of All-Star tips—perfect for beginners and pure joy for seasoned quilters.

    From Moda All-Stars: Mix It Up!

    Take a look at the quilting superstars you’ll be mixing it up with!

    Carrie Nelson • Susan Ache • Brigitte Heitland • Lynne Hagmeier
    Brenda Riddle • Janet Clare • Kristyne Czepuryk
    Betsy Chutchian • Anne Sutton • Sandy Klop • Lisa Bongean

    Corey Yoder • Laurie Simpson • Me and My Sister Designs

    Karla Eisenach • Sherri McConnell

    Check out how easy the papers are to use in this cute video from Moda:

    Reading this post in email? Click here to view the video online.

    Did you know? Thanks to your purchases, the “Moda All-Stars” series has generated more than $55,000 in donations to various charities. When you buy a copy of Moda All-Stars: Mix It Up!, you’ll be supporting Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization.

    A Mix It Up! Blog Hop

    Remember those all-star designers above? They’re gathering “Mix It Up” papers and their favorite fabrics for a fun blog hop about Moda All-Stars: Mix It Up! starting November 4. Prizes are in the mix too—stay tuned for the details, coming soon!

    And speaking of prizes . . . we’ve got lots to give away to THREE lucky winners TODAY!

    Our friends at Moda Fabrics sent along Layer Cakes, charm packs, Cake Mix Papers, and Cupcake Mix Papers to give away to you—here’s what winners will receive:

    —A Layer Cake and charm pack from one of these fabulous collections:

    • Harper’s Garden by Sherri & Chelsea
    • Sugarcreek by Corey Yoder

    —A Layer Cake and charm pack of Bella Solids

    —A copy of Moda All-Stars: Mix It Up!

    —A pack of Cake Mix Papers and Cupcake Mix Papers so that you can try out your mixing skills!

    Moda All-Stars: Mix It Up!To enter the random drawing, tell us in the comments:

    My favorite mix of colors in my quilts almost always includes . . .

    We’ll choose three random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to Mix It Up with the Moda All-Stars, you can purchase the book at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the digital edition for free.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winners are:

    Debra, who says, “I don’t have a favorite color or style. Primarily, I love fabric and prefer layer cakes because they include all of the colors and patterns in the collection in a versatile size.”

    Bonnie, who says, “I always include blue or green, my very favorite colors! The book looks fun – I would love to win a copy!”

    Carol, who says, “I would have to say Red.  I probably use it too often.”

    We’ll email you about your prizes, ladies—congratulations!

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  9. Fall fun or Halloween haunting? Sew to celebrate both! 12 ideas ahead 🍁🎃🍁

    Which is your favorite: the joys of the autumn season or a bit of Halloween hilarity? Either way, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up fun quilts and more to create, depending on what inspires you to sew during this time of year. But really, no need to choose—below are plenty of projects to keep your sewing machine humming until the Thanksgiving turkey is on the table!

    Pumpkins and leaves . . .

    Farmer's Stand quilt
    Farmer’s Stand from
    Pat Sloan’s Celebrate the Seasons

    Or tricks and treats?

    Trick or Treat
    Trick or Treat from
    All for Fall by Bonnie Sullivan

    Table runners and place mats . . .

    First Frost Table Runner and Place Mats
    First Frost Table Runner and Place Mats
    from Simple Harvest by Kim Diehl

    Or flying creatures like owls and bats?

    Magnificent Magical Sampler Quilt
    Magnificent Magical Sampler from
    Spellbinding Quilts by Maaike Bakker

    Pumpkin picking and carving too . . .

    Pumpkin Maze
    Pumpkin Maze from
    Start with Strips by Susan Ache

    Or something that goes B-B-BOO?

    Things That Grin in the Night quilt
    Things that Grin in the Night from
    Simple Seasons by Kim Diehl

    Pretty patchwork in autumn hues:

    Autumn Patch quilt
    Autumn Patch Quilt from
    All for Fall by Bonnie Sullivan

    Or jack-o’-lanterns as your muse?

    Pumpkin Head Whatnots
    Pumpkin Head Whatnots from
    All for Fall by Bonnie Sullivan

    A gift to greet your autumn hosts:

    Acorn and Oak Leaf
    Acorn and Oak Leaf from
    Pure & Simple by Maggie Bonanomi

    Or a quilt that’s filled with witches and ghosts?

    Boo! quilt
    Boo! from
    Quilting for Joy by Teri Christopherson and Barbara Brandeburg

    A centerpiece everyone will adore:

    Rhubarb Crisp quilt
    Rhubarb Crisp by Jo Morton, from
    The Big Book of Table Toppers

    Or funny-faced pumpkins at your door?

    Jack Stack Door Hanger
    Jack Stack Door Hanger from
    Simple Harvest by Kim Diehl

    No matter which project you choose to make, we hope your entire season is great!

    What have you sewn more projects for so far: fall or Halloween? Tell us in the comments!

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  10. What a neat trick! 💡 3-at-a-time Nine Patch blocks

    From Civil War Legacies IIMaking Nine Patches from squares: easy.

    Making Nine Patches from long strips: easier.

    Making Nine Patches from long and short strips: easiest!

    Fun fact: The term “Nine Patch” refers to the tried-and-true quilt-block pattern, but did you know it also refers to an entire category of blocks? Any block that has seams that divide units equally into nine sections falls into the Nine Patch category. There are hundreds of variations, perhaps even thousands . . . and that’s why Nine Patch blocks just may be the most-made quilt block of all time.

    We were recently wowed by Vintage Legacies author Carol Hopkins and her fun trick for making three Nine Patch blocks at a time, all with the perfect amount of light squares and dark squares per block. Just wait until you see in the video below . . . this is clever!

     Reading this post in email? Click here to view the video online.

    Now that you know the secret, you can create any one of Carol’s gorgeous Nine Patch quilts using the same technique:

    Waterfalls quilt
    Waterfalls from
    Vintage Legacies

    Small Joys quilt
    Small Joys from
    Civil War Legacies II

    Edward's Quest quilt
    Edward’s Quest from
    Civil War Legacies

    Vintage LegaciesAnd like Carol says, don’t forget to save those strip-pieced scraps—perfect for extra-scrappy Nine Patch blocks!

    How do you typically piece Nine Patch blocks?

    • Square by square—oh-so scrappy!
    • I strip piece mine using long strips.
    • Just like Carol—it just doesn’t get any easier.
    • I’ve yet to make a Nine Patch block, but Carol’s how-to is on my to-do list!

    Tell us in the comments—and happy patching!

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