1. Win 10 FREE books of your choice during National Craft Book Week!

    TEN FREE BOOKS of your choice? Now that’s a great way to celebrate National Craft Book Week!

    National Craft Book Week

    Laurie with Stitched So SweetWe’re inspired by those of you who’ve been posting your latest craft-book crushes to social media—so many books, so little time! But National Craft Book Week is actually the perfect time to revisit books you own, search out books you want, and buy books you fall in love with at first sight. (Right: Martingale acquisitions editor Laurie with her current crush, Stitched So Sweet by Tracy Souza.)

    So, how do you enter to win those 10 FREE books? It’s easy! Simply snap a photo with you and the book of your choice and post it to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #NationalCraftBookWeek. We’ll choose two winners on Monday, April 29, so stay tuned on social media to find out who won—it might be you!

    See this post for more ideas on celebrating National Craft Book Week—and don’t forget to download your FREE printable bookmarks so you can start highlighting the projects you want to make next:

    Free printable bookmarks
    Download, print on cardstock, cut out, and start flagging and tagging your craft books—these cute bookmarks are FREE to you with our compliments!

    Here are a few more Martingale staffers sharing their current book crushes:

    Top row: Kathy with Start with Strips, Regina with Hope’s Journey, Sheila with Stitched from the Heart.
    Middle row: Jenny with Visible Mending, Mia with Text It!, Wendy with Beyond the Battlefield.
    Bottom row: Tina with Quirky Little Quilts, Virginia with Beyond the Battlefield, Sheila with Pin Pals.

    What book is on the top of your crafty book stack right now? Tell us in the comments (and be sure to share on social media with the hashtag #NationalCraftBookWeek too!)

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  2. Bring on the Books 📚 It’s National Craft Book Week! (+ FREE printable!)

    “Reading is dreaming with open eyes.”

    Hey, book lovers, this is YOUR week—It’s National Craft Book Week! There’s no better time to celebrate the printed page . . . especially when those pages are packed with patchwork!

    If you’ve got shelves full of quilting or other craft books (ahem, like we do), let them lead you on a creative adventure this week. Here are three ideas to get you back in touch with your inspiration, your imagination, and the authors you adore.


    Head to your bookshelf, choose a craft book you love, and make something new! Create a project for upcoming celebrations like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or the 4th of July. Or simply make a project as a salute to National Craft Book Week! It’s the perfect excuse to carve out time for your creativity.


    Crazy for a current book? Share it with other creative souls on social media! Post using the hashtag #NationalCraftBookWeek so we can find you and the book you’re loving right now—you could win TEN MARTINGALE BOOKS OF YOUR CHOICE if you post your book pick to Instagram or Facebook during National Craft Book Week!

    Latest craft-book crushes!
    Books Martingale employees are currently crushing on (clockwise from top left): Production and Marketing Services Specialist Regina with
    Hope’s Journey; Senior Customer Service Rep Cornelia with Easy Layer-Cake Quilts 2; Director of Marketing Karen with Yoko Saito through the Years; and Book Designer Kathy with Start with Strips.


    Download, print on cardstock, and cut out the FREE bookmarks below; then use them to mark the projects you’ll be making from the next craft book you buy. May we suggest these new books from Martingale? Browse away!

    Free printable bookmarks
    Download your free bookmarks at this link.

    However you celebrate National Craft Book Week—by making that project you’ve wanted to make, by tackling that technique you’ve wanted to master, or by sharing books you love with a friend—we hope you’ll find the time to curl up with a good book soon! (Right: Martingale Content Director Karen says, “Who can choose just one?)

    How many shelves do you have dedicated to your crafty books? Tell us in the comments!

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  3. No Time to Sit at the Sewing Machine? Do This Instead

    From Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine QuiltWhen we quilters are at our most organized, we carve out time to be at our sewing machine every day. But let’s face it—sometimes life gets in the way and our machine-sewing plans fall through.

    Does that mean there’s zero time to devote to your creativity?

    Martingale authors say no way!

    We asked several authors what they do when sewing-machine time is out of reach. If you’re like us, you’ll have a few “A-ha!” moments reading their answers below.

    Lissa Alexander

    Author of Oh, Scrap! and editor of the “Moda All-Stars” series

    “My sewing machine was recently in the shop for a good deep cleaning, so I was without a machine. I took the time to clean around my machine area, reorganize my sewing tools, and cut out a few projects. Then I propped my feet up and caught up on reading my quilt books and magazines!”

    Surrounded quilt
    Surrounded from
    Oh, Scrap! (follow Lissa on Instagram: @modalissa)

    Jan Patek

    Author of Sleigh Bells and the upcoming book Tabletop Turnabouts (coming May 1)

    “Since I do needle-turn appliqué, I have plenty of go-to tasks away from my machine. There’s lots of prep work to do before you can sew.

    1. Trace patterns onto freezer paper.
    2. Cut patterns out on the line.
    3. Cut the right-sized pieces of fabric for your project.
    4. Iron patterns onto fabric and trace around them (I use a Sewline marker).
    5. Cut patterns out, leaving a ¼" seam allowance.

    See? There’s plenty to do before heading to my machine!”

    Bunny Hop quilt
    Bunny Hop from
    Tabletop Turnabouts (follow Jan on Instagram: @jan_patek_quilts)

    Susan Ache

    Author of Start with Strips and Countdown to Christmas

    “I get all my cutting done and sorted for chain piecing!”

    Churned Around quilt
    Churned Around from
    Start with Strips (follow Susan on Instagram: @yardgrl60)

    Pat Sloan

    Author of Pat Sloan’s Celebrate the Seasons, the “Teach Me” series of books, and coauthor of The Splendid Sampler books with Jane Davidson

    “If I’m doing appliqué, I take a project on the road with me to trace shapes. I’ve even used fusible fabric in my hotel room. A quilter has to do what a quilter has to do!”

    Pat Sloan's tulip blocks
    Pat’s tulip blocks from
    Pat Sloan’s Celebrate the Seasons, remade in purples (follow Pat on Instagram: @quilterpatsloan)

    Kim Diehl

    Author of the “Simple” series (including her latest, Simple Whatnots) and coauthor of the Simple Friendships books with Jo Morton

    “When I have little pockets of time, I get my appliqué blocks all prepped, laid out, and glue basted. I gather my basic sewing supplies (small thread snips, needle, thimble, and thread) into a small basket for use as a portable stitching station, and then sneak in little bits of sewing time anywhere in the house while I’m watching grandies (often) and TV (seldom). For appointments away from home when I anticipate waiting time, I drop my supplies into a snack-sized plastic bag and place it into a larger quart-sized zippered bag with my folded block. Being organized in this way means I can be productive whenever an opportunity presents itself.”

    Kim Diehl applique
    Kim sent us this photo of a gorgeous block in progress! (Follow Kim on Instagram:

    When you’re strapped for time at your sewing machine, what kinds of prep work do you do until you and your machine meet again?

    • I rotary cut and prep pieces for machine sewing.
    • I always have a portable hand-sewing project at the ready.
    • I spend time with my sewing books and magazines.

    Tell us your tips in the comments!

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  4. 17 fun new stitcheries to sew, switch, and swap – with Gail Pan! (+ giveaway!)

    Sew switchable, swappable stitcheries with the bestselling author of the “Patchwork Loves Embroidery” series!

    Changing Seasons

    Gail Pan’s sweet and sentimental embroideries take on a delightful twist in her new book Changing Seasons. Small patchwork quilts include spaces to spotlight interchangeable embroidery panels, making it easy to replace one pretty piece for another to reflect the time of year.

    From Changing Seasons
    Choose the embroidery you want to display depending on your mood that day!

    Projects inspired by seasons, holidays, celebrations, and the comforts of home mean there’s always a beautiful stitchery to display. In addition to small quilts and framed art, Gail includes seven embroidered banners for all kinds of occasions—they’ll make even ordinary days special.

    Celebration Banner
    One of seven celebration banners you’ll find in the book.

    We asked Gail a few questions about her stitching life; read on for her answers!

    Gail PanST!: This is your fourth book with Martingale—what inspired you to write Changing Seasons?

    Gail: Martingale’s Publisher and Chief Visionary Officer, Jennifer Keltner, put the idea in my head and I ran with it. Once I got started there was no stopping! Words are great to put on embroidery projects, and I wanted to make things that would inspire and celebrate life.

    ST!: What’s your typical process for designing, and where do you find your inspiration?

    Gail: I usually start sketching things, anything. But sometimes I have a light-bulb moment when I am out and about.

    As the Seasons Change
    As the Seasons Change—stitch a swappable little quilt for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

    ST!: It’s obvious that you have a love of embroidery; what draws you to it?

    Gail: It’s nice to be able to create a lovely picture with thread. It’s portable too—I take it everywhere.

    ST!: What do you love most about creating with thread and fabric?

    Gail: The finish! I get so excited when I can look back and see what I’ve created.

    Give Thanks
    Give Thanks

    ST!: Finish these sentences for us!

    If I had a three-word stitching mantra, it would be: Keep on stitching.

    My best tip for new stitchers is: Take it slow. It’s not a race and you want to enjoy the process.

    Before I begin a project, I must have: All my threads ready to go.

    If I had a sewing superpower, it would be: Binding in about a quarter of the time it takes me!

    See more from Changing Seasons >>>

    Changing SeasonsWe’ve got a copy of Changing Seasons to give away to one lucky winner today! To enter your name in the random drawing, tell us in the comments:

    What’s your level of embroidery expertise?

    • I’m an embroidery expert.
    • I love embroidery, and I’m still learning.
    • Beginner—but now I want to learn how with Gail!

    We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’d like to start sewing with Gail right now, you can purchase the book at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook version for free.

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  5. Spruce up your spring with quilts: 10 ideas for National Decorating Month!

    From 'Tis the Autumn SeasonDid you know that April is National Decorating Month? What better time is there to revisit the quilts you’ve lovingly made and put them on display—or make new ones!

    We’ve rounded up some fun and unique ideas for decorating with quilts below; we hope they’ll inspire you to show off your quilts. Why? Because if you made them, you’ve earned a show-and-tell—give ’em some space to soak up the compliments!

    Your smallest quilts can flock into a see-through enclosure, like this bird cage:

    From Simple Whatnots
    Simple Whatnots by Kim Diehl

    While larger quilts can easily drape over any tall cabinet:

    James River Crossing quilt
    James River Crossing by Jo Morton, from
    Simple Friendships

    Ladders are always a perfect place to put your patchwork on display:

    From Patches of Blue
    Patches of Blue by Edyta Sitar

    How about a mini-quilt wall dedicated to your tiny treasures?

    From A Prairie Journey
    A Prairie Journey by Kathleen Tracy

    When not in use, a dining-room or kitchen table makes a great space to exhibit your work:

    Awesome Land quilt
    Awesome Land from
    Oh, Scrap! by Lissa Alexander

    Try draping a runner widthwise for a fresh take on fabric flair:

    Farm Fresh table runner
    Farm Fresh by Sue Pfau, from
    Table-Runner Roundup

    You don’t need a bed-sized quilt to make up a quilty bed!

    Trifle quilt
    Trifle by Janet Clare, from
    Moda All-Stars: On a Roll

    Out-of-doors quilts are a delightful surprise—hang one from the clothesline for a garden party or dinner al fresco:

    Wish upon a Star quilt
    Wish upon a Star from
    French Farmhouse by Marie-Claude Picon

    Got teeny-tiny quilts? They’ll command big attention on a simple clipboard:

    Pride and Prejudice quilt
    Pride and Prejudice from
    Vintage Patchwork by Pam Buda

    And our quickest quilt-decorating tip? Drape a quilt near a seating area, indoors or out—easy, fast, fabulous.

    Walk This Way quilt
    Walk This Way by Carrie Nelson, from
    Red & White Quilts

    We hope these ideas will inspire you to unfurl the quilts you love and give them the spotlight!

    How many quilts currently help decorate your home? 

    • 1 to 5
    • 6 to 10
    • More than 10
    • I need to make a quilt!

    Tell us in the comments!

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  6. 6 sewing-organization ideas for small spaces (+ an excuse to sew!)

    Today we’ve got a roundup of projects that are organizational in nature so you can keep your creative space tidy . . . all while having great reasons to sew!

    Keep all of your handwork essentials close by in a cute little clutch:

    Pressed Flowers Sewing Clutch
    Pressed Flowers Sewing Clutch from
    A Cottage Garden

    Pressed Flowers Sewing Clutch
    Inside there’s plenty of room for scissors, needles, threads, and other tiny treasures.

    Store lots of little items right where you need them—at the sewing machine!

    Sewing Machine Mat
    Sewing Machine Mat from
    Text It!

    Sewing Machine Mat
    Scissors, rotary cutters, fabrics, machine needles, threads, a seam ripper—five pockets provide room for all of it!

    For organization and beauty, you can sort your pins by type—each kind of pin gets its own pinnie:

    Random Strips pincushions
    Random Strips pincushions from
    Pin Pals

    How about whipping up an adorable little bag for your buttons?

    Sweet Storage Bag
    Sweet Storage Bag from
    Sew Many Notions

    Pins on top, threads down below—Kim Diehl sure does know how to dress up a mason jar!

    Sewing Jar
    Sewing Jar from
    Simple Harvest

    We love this organizing idea for small spaces—you can safely store and transport your acrylic rulers, an 18″ x 24″ cutting mat, books, patterns, and more in this roomy tote:

    Ultimate Equipment Tote
    The Ultimate Equipment Tote from
    Make It, Take It opens to reveal a removable padded ruler holder with pockets you can custom-sew to accommodate your personal ruler collection. Two bonus sleeve pockets and a zipper pocket on the tote’s exterior give you LOTS of room!

    We hope these sewing-organization ideas for small spaces will help you enjoy your sewing time even more!

    How much space do you dedicate to your sewing?

    • I’ve overtaken the kitchen table.
    • I’ve carved out a small space just for me.
    • I have a room dedicated to my sewing.
    • Look in any nook or cranny—you’ll find my sewing stuff there!

    Tell us in the comments!

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  7. Welcome, Splendids! Next block + a splendid tip for pressing seams

    Double Dutch quilt blockBy Karen Soltys, Content Director at Martingale

    Wow, it’s been over a year since I made my Double Dutch block for The Splendid Sampler 2. So far back, I can’t find a single photo of the process on my phone. Since I don’t have photos of my original block to share with you, I’ve made some new blocks in a different colorway to share.

    By now, if you’ve been participating and sewing along since last fall, you’ve been honing your skills all along the way, so this little combo of mini Nine Patches and mini Shoofly blocks will be a breeze. But just in case you find pressing those short seams to be a little tricky, here’s a tip for you.

    Strip SticksPressing Tip

    Regardless of how small the pieces are, I press the seam allowances to one side. I’ve been doing it that way for 40 years (egad!), but if you want to press them open, you might like to try the Strip Stick from Primitive Gatherings. A half-round wooden molding is covered in canvas so you can use it to press seams open. It’s perfect for pressing long seams of strips sets, but you can use it for patchwork units too.

    Don’t risk burning your fingertips. Instead, place the block or unit right side down with seam over the stick. Open up the seam a bit with your fingertips; the seam allowance tends to fall open, making it so much easier to press using the tip of your iron.

    Double Dutch Quilt

    If you enjoy making the 3″ Shoofly blocks and 3″ Nine Patch blocks that are joined into one 6″ Double Dutch block, you can just keep on going and make yourself a sweet little mini-quilt. I decided to celebrate the arrival of spring with a pink-and-green color scheme. I happen to love reproduction fabrics, so I used what are known as double-pinks and acid greens. In my quilt top, one of the fabrics I used isn’t a reproduction—it’s an actual fabric from the late 1800s. Can you spy which one it is? (Hint: It’s the double-pink that’s shown in the completed block photo.)

    I’d love to see the colors you’d choose. Wouldn’t a totally scrappy version be fun?

    I made nine blocks total, and with a border, this sweet-as-can-be quilt measures 22″ square. Just about the size of a fat quarter!

    Thanks for following along on Pat and Jane’s sewing adventure. I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished Splendid Sampler quilts!

    The Splendid Sampler 2How many blocks have you made from The Splendid Sampler 2?

    • 1 to 10
    • 11 to 20
    • 20 +
    • All of them!

    Tell us in the comments!

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  8. Spectacular holiday quilts (to display year round 👍) + giveaway!

    The author of the best-selling Start with Strips returns with a dozen spectacular quilts for Christmas—and most can be enjoyed year-round!

    Countdown to Christmas

    It’s fun to decorate with Christmas quilts during the holidays—but no one wants to pack them away for 11 months of the year. Susan Ache’s softer shades of red and green in Countdown to Christmas suit all seasons, whether for snuggling on the couch in December, enjoying late-night campfires in June, or relaxing on the deck in October.

    From Countdown to Christmas

    Jelly Roll Christmas GarlandChoose between exquisite quilts with traditional roots and lighthearted quilts that capture the magic of the holiday season. When Christmas rolls around again, any of them can take center stage!

    We’re excited to have Susan as our guest writer today, here to tell us more about Countdown to Christmas.

    Susan AcheWhen you live in Florida, you can pretty much take a “white Christmas” off your wish list. So we do the next best thing—turn on the air conditioner, put on our happiest of holiday sweaters, crank the Christmas music up loud, and call it a Merry Christmas!

    Do you know what’s always on my Christmas wish list? At least one or two new Christmas quilts to add to the pile of holiday happiness. But we all know that the holidays are a time of constant multi-tasking, and not the perfect time to concentrate on adding something new and special to the stack.

    Crisscross Applesauce quilt
    Crisscross Applesauce

    By sewing off-season, there’s no pressure to sneak in sewing, quilting, or binding time during the holidays. It’s really fun to see how much progress you can make when you take away the time limit and you’re able to enjoy the entire process and the holidays when they arrive.

    Tree Farming quilt
    Tree Farming

    I started this relaxed, off-season approach to holiday sewing the very first year I started quilting. Do you want to know why? Well, I’ll tell you, the main reason was that at the time, I didn’t think I could effectively complete and sew something really pretty—and fast—with accuracy.

    Granny's Gift quilt
    Granny’s Gift

    Well, relaxed seasonal sewing sure did start adding up for me quickly. In January and February, while I still have that holiday spirit, I enjoy the entire process.

    Confession time—I purposefully don’t choose backings for my holiday quilts that scream Christmas. The real reason is that I don’t put my quilts away. I creatively fold them so that you see at least some pops of color. If a quilt says Christmas to me on one side, the back side needs to say "leave me out—I can play every day."

    Ho Ho Ho quilt
    Ho Ho Ho

    Try a little off-season sewing yourself and see how relaxed you’ll be during the holidays when you pull out all of your new quilts.

    Follow Susan on Instagram: @yardgrl60

    Countdown to ChristmasSusan, thanks for your holiday-sewing words of wisdom!

    We’ve got a copy of Countdown to Christmas to give away to one lucky winner today! To enter your name into the random drawing, tell us in the comments:

    How many Christmas quilts have you made to date?

    • 1 to 5
    • 6 to 10
    • 11+
    • Lost count!

    We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to start some off-season sewing with Susan, purchase Countdown to Christmas at our website and you can instantly download the eBook version for free.

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  9. How to wash a red-and-white quilt: our staffers’ “catchy” secret

    From Red & White QuiltsIf you’ve ever washed a quilt that featured red fabrics, you might remember holding your breath when you took it out of the wash for the first time. Did the color bleed? Did I prewash my red fabrics enough? Will my quilt be ruined?

    Sometimes red fabrics have us, well . . . seeing red!

    If the possibility of a color bleed has been keeping you from making quilts with red fabrics—and especially if you’re not sure how to wash a red-and-white quilt—we’re here to say that we found what works, so you can toss that worry away!

    We asked Martingale staffers to share their best tips for washing red fabrics and red quilts. Several people responded, but surprisingly, we received the same answer again and again. We think that’s a good thing, as everyone agrees on a reliable solution for catching bleeding colors red-handed!

    So, what’s the #1 fix? It’s in the laundry aisle of most grocery stores:

    No red tape here—Just Shout ColorCatchers. Who knew so many quilters swear by them? Here’s what our staffers said:

    Tracking Tradition Virginia (Purchasing/Accounting): “Prewashing and ColorCatchers!!!”

    Karen J. (Director of Marketing): “I use Shout ColorCatchers for all of my quilts and remove them promptly from the washer so the quilts don’t sit. I’ve never had a problem since I started using them.”

     Karen S. (Content Director): “Use a ColorCatcher sheet. Or two! And don’t just use one the first time. The sheets attract dye that runs in the water so that it doesn’t go back onto the quilt. If there is any red on the ColorCatcher after washing, make sure to use one the next time you wash your quilt too.”

     Jenny (Content Editor): “I made a quilt for my mom in dark red and white—she washed it once and some of the red bled onto the white. We threw it in the wash again with a ColorCatcher and it actually helped—almost all of the red was removed from the white. Now whenever my mom washes her quilt she throws a ColorCatcher in, just for good luck!”

    What if you’re unable to find ColorCatchers in your area? One employee had a great alternative:

     Tina (Managing Editor): “My method is super basic: cold water and an extra rinse cycle, with a white scrap thrown in to see if the dye is still bleeding. If the white scrap is pink, wash and rinse again with a fresh scrap of white.”

    A simple scrap of white. Sounds like an old-school ColorCatcher to us!

    Now that you have a “catchy” plan for your red fabrics, you can roll out the red carpet and enjoy making gorgeous quilts from Red & White Quilts—here are just a few examples form the book:

    Flower Power
    Flower Power by Helen Stubbings

    Sweet Dreams
    Sweet Dreams by Lissa Alexander

    Ruby Jubilee
    Ruby Jubilee by Karen Styles

    Daydreams by Camille Roskelley

    Scarlet Song
    Scarlet Song by Kim Diehl

    See nine more quilts from Red & White Quilts >>>

    Red & White QuiltsHow do you usually wash your red-and-white fabrics and quilts?

    • ColorCatchers to the rescue!
    • I use Tina’s method—a white scrap works wonders.
    • I wasn’t sure how to wash red fabrics; now I’m in the know!

    Tell us your color story in the comments!

    Quilt-Along Roundup, Week #2

    Are you sewing with us during the Quirky Little Quilts Quilt-Along? Here’s a look at what participants have been up to this week! (Browse participant’s Instagram posts here.)

    Win this fabric from Marcus Fabrics!Everyone’s Nine Patches are looking so nifty!

    If you’re sewing with us, be sure to use the hashtag #QuirkyLittleQuiltsQAL so everyone can see your progress. When you post using the hashtag you’ll be automatically entered into a random drawing to win a pretty bundle of Sheryl Johnson’s fabrics from Marcus Fabrics (right). Winners will also receive five books of your choice from Martingale—and it’s not too late to get started! Get your copy of Quirky Little Quilts, start sewing your blocks, and photos of them on Instagram or Facebook—we can’t wait to see how your blocks turn out!

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  10. Sentimental sewing: 10 sweet hand-stitched gifts (+ giveaway!)

    Turn pretty embroidery, simple patchwork, and sweet appliqué details into extraordinary gifts that will inspire smiles!

    Stitched from the Heart

    Sew your love into the gifts you give—you’ll find ten ways to do just that in Stitched from the Heart. From throws and wall quilts to a pincushion and mug rug, these ready-to-personalize projects are sure to create long-lasting memories.

    From Stitched from the Heart

    Patterns for a hand-lettered alphabet in two sizes make it easy to embroider the heartfelt phrases provided or to customize projects with names, dates, sayings, and more. Whether you want to celebrate, inspire, empower, or comfort, these charming gifts all come from the heart.

    We’re happy to have author and quilt-shop owner Kori Turner-Goodhart of Olive Grace Studios as a guest writer to tell you more about her beautiful new book.

    Kori Turner GoodhartI am still in pinch-myself mode that this small-town girl got to write a book and that I get to share with you these sweet projects that I have held close to me!

    Following my heart has guided me through my life. When I proposed the idea for Stitched from the Heart, I wanted to make sure that makers could see my heart in each project. One of my biggest joys in life is giving gifts, and what better way is there than to stitch those gifts with love? Each stitch you take, no matter if it’s by hand or machine, means something.

    Pocket for Your Thoughts Wall Hanging
    Pocket for Your Thoughts Wall Hanging

    Pocket for Your Thoughts close up—look at all the lovely embroidery details!

    In each of the projects there’s a sentimental way to celebrate your project’s recipient. You can use my customizable hand lettering for monograms or to add words and phrases that are important to you and your loved ones.

    Brave Little Love Quilt
    Brave Little Love Quilt

    Detail of Brave Little Love

    One of my favorite projects in the book is the Signed with Love Quilt:

    Signed with Love Quilt
    Signed with Love Quilt

    The quilt is a modern take on a signature quilt, meant for a new couple or a couple who has many years of love under their belt. Imagine making this for a niece or nephew who’s getting married and presenting it at the bridal shower. Then, guests at their wedding can sign their names in the light rectangles.

    Details from Signed with Love

    I encourage you to use grandma’s old button box for this quilt. Pull out pretty black buttons for the olive branches. You could even add old lace to some of the blocks from a loved one’s wedding dress. The possibilities are endless for making the quilt original to you and your recipient. And always make sure you add your own handwriting somewhere, even if it’s just on the quilt label.

    Be Yourself Pillow
    Be Yourself Pillow

    I’m so honored for this opportunity to share my designs with you. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you enjoy each project as much as I have. They say it’s better to give than to receive, but I hope that you make one of these special projects for yourself!

    Stitched from the HeartThanks for sharing your new book with us, Kori!

    We have a copy of Stitched from the Heart to give away to one lucky winner today! To enter your name in the random drawing, tell us in the comments:

    Who’s the lucky person who’ll receive a handmade gift from you next: a family member, a friend, a sewing buddy . . . yourself?

    We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to start winning at gifting all year long, pick up Stitched by the Heart at our website and you can instantly download the eBook for free.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Terri, who says:

    “I love your book! I would to make the You are Brave quilt for both my daughters – what a wonderful gift idea. Also, my mom would love any of these ideas for Mother’s Day.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Terri—congratulations!

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