1. Fall 2020 Warehouse Sale: $8+ books

    Posted by on October 20, 2020, in crochet & knitting, on sale, quilting & sewing

    We’re kicking off our Fall 2020 Warehouse Sale today. Be sure to visit our sale page on ShopMartingale.com  to see the complete list of $8+ books! FREE shipping if you spend $40 or more (US only)!

    Here’s a sneak peek of today’s featured books and topics. See the complete list of books on our sale page.

    Crochet and Knitting


    Reproduction and Historical Quilts

    Remember, this is only a preview of books and topics included in the sale, visit ShopMartingale.com to see all the featured books Shop now, then share the link with your quilting friends! Happy stitching (and shopping)!


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  2. Moda Blockheads Book Giveaway

    Posted by on April 22, 2020, in quilting & sewing,

    Happy Wednesday, fellow quilters!

    Looking for a little quilting camaraderie? Join the fabulous crew of Moda Blockheads and quilters from all over the world in the free, sampler-style sewing adventure of Moda Blockheads 3. Here’s the link to join the Moda Blockheads’ Facebook group.

    Moda Blockheads started a few years ago with six celebrity designers affectionately known as the Moda Blockheads. They came together to share a compendium of stunning 6″ quilt blocks. The original design team included Lisa Bongean, Betsy Chutchian, Lynne Hagmeier, Jo Morton, Jan Patek, and Carrie Nelson. They offered imaginative interpretations of 48 blocks, both new and classic. In the Moda Blockheads book, you’ll find instructions for six jaw-dropping sampler quilts that allow you to showcase the beautiful blocks.

    Fast-forward to the current round–Moda Blockheads 3…. The design team has grown to a whopping 14 Moda designers. Each Wednesday, the designers post pics and tips on their blog for that week’s featured block.

    We’re excited to announce that each designer will be giving away an eBook (downloadable PDF version) of Moda Blockheads, and we’re partnering with Moda Fabrics to give away two print books. Visit each blog for details about the giveaways!

    Hold on to your socks, this is an amazing list of uber-talented designers:

    Betsy Chutchian

    Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic

    Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts

    Jan Patek

    Janet Clare

    Jen Kingwell

    Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Co.

    Laurie Simpson of Minick & Simpson

    Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings

    Lissa Alexander

    Robin Pickens

    Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life

    Stacy Iest Hsu

    Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique

    To win a print copy of Moda Blockheads, tell us in the comments: If you could spend a day sewing with one designer from the current Moda Blockheads list, which designer would you choose? We’ll choose a winner on Monday, 4/27.

    PS: Remember that everything on ShopMartingale is 30% off. You can download the eBook version of most of our titles now, and you’ll get free shipping (USA only) when you spend $40. Visit ShopMartingale for details.

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  3. Welcome to the Charming Acorn Cottage!

    Posted by on April 8, 2020, in quilting & sewing,

    Thanks for visiting Stitch This! for a close-up look at the new book Acorn Cottage: Quilts with Simple & Sophisticated Style by Brenda Riddle. In addition to being a quilt designer and author, Brenda is also a fabric designer for Moda Fabrics. Her soft, romantic, and soothing style is especially wonderful for spring and summer. Her pastel color palettes, unique spin on traditional and vintage patchwork designs, and clever way with gingham all add up to a book that is perfection. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear what Brenda herself has to say about the quilts in Acorn Cottage.

    Welcome Brenda!

    I’m happy to write a post for Stitch This! and eager to share a few projects from Acorn Cottage, to give you a background story for the designs. The things and places that inspired my designs makes each one of these quilts special. Kick back, relax, and enjoy this virtual trunk show!

    Puddin’ Pie ⇑ ⇑ ⇑
    This quilt makes me smile every time I look at it. It shows that inspiration can come from anywhere. I was in Norway (which I fell in love with!) a few years ago, and I saw this design on the floor tiles in a tiny little bakery. I took a photo of the floor, and now I can enjoy it in quilt form. And as you know, a quilt is much easier to cuddle with than a tile floor!

    Estella ⇑ ⇑ ⇑
    When I first saw an Irish Chain quilt, I instantly loved it. Then I discovered variations of the Irish Chain design, and I was utterly fascinated by them. One of the fun things about this design was figuring out a way to make the construction as simple as possible. By the way, Estella is named for my maternal grandmother, Estella Lawson. I credit her with my love of the light, airy feel that I use in so many of my quilt designs. Her quilts all had those characteristics, so it was perfect that I name this quilt after her.

    Tulip Crosses ⇑ ⇑ ⇑
    Tulip Crosses is based on a simple two-color vintage quilt. The first version I made was a mini. The blocks were so fun to stitch that I had to make a larger version to fit a bed. Doesn’t this bedroom setting inspire you to stitch this quilt and add it to your decor?

    Morning Star ⇑ ⇑ ⇑
    Morning Star is a quilt design I’ve had in my mind for quite a long time. I’ve always loved Star of Bethlehem quilts—even before I started quilting. Then I got it in my head that I wanted mine to have a gingham effect. (I’ve always had a thing for gingham!!) That was the start—and now Morning Star is on the cover of my book. (For more on why this quilt came to be, see my Journal at Brenda Riddle Designs.)

    Pebbles ⇑ ⇑ ⇑
    Simple. Classic. Vintage inspired. These are my favorite elements in quilts. Pebbles has a timeless checkerboard pattern that calls for a good snuggle. Sometimes you just want to make a quilt that’s easy to construct but still looks beautiful. Pebbles is that quilt. I remember seeing some vintage quilts that I call “background quilts,” those quilts that aren’t flashy, that are simple in design, and that can work wonderfully and play nicely with other quilts. If you admire that look too, then you should add Pebbles to your must-make list!

    Thank you for stopping by today to learn more about my quilts and my new book, Acorn Cottage. I hope it’s a place you’ll love visiting. I encourage you to pull up a comfy chair and stay awhile.

    Thanks for joining us at Stitch This! today, Brenda. We’re so glad to learn more about the charming quilts in Acorn Cottage.

    Dear Quilting Friends,

    In this uncertain time, if you cannot shop or order books from your local quilt shop, please note that while our warehouse is temporarily closed, any book you order directly from ShopMartingale is now 30% off, and you’ll receive an eBook (PDF) version right away so you can spend your staying-at-home time in a creative and productive manner. (Note: eBooks are offered for most books; please check each book listing for availability.) Even if you stitch for just for 15 minutes a day—be sure to take some time to feed your soul! When our warehouse reopens, any books you’ve ordered will be shipped out to you for your home library.


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  4. Give a cheer for fat quarters – new book from Moda All-Stars!

    If you have a few fat quarters in your stash, we have a dozen fresh ways for you to incorporate them into your sewing game. Two, Four, Six, Eight: Fat-Quarter Quilts You’ll Appreciate, the latest book from the Moda All-Star designers, is just the ticket for using this popular precut. Today, Lissa Alexander of Moda Lissa fame is here to tell us how it’s done. Rah, rah, sis-boom-bah!

    Give a shout!

    Give a cheer!

    Grab fat quarters!

    Use ‘em here!

    Just when you thought your fabric stash was big enough, you find yourself picking up a few more fat quarters (FQs) that you just can’t live without. These 18″ x 21″ pieces of fabric seem to call out from quilt-shop shelves: Pick me! Take me home! You don’t have one just like me.

    Yep, we’ve all been there. But sometimes you need just the right pattern to put those FQs to work once they’ve been “on the bench” in your stash for a while. Two, Four, Six, Eight: Fat-Quarter Quilts You’ll Appreciate to the rescue! In the book, you’ll find a dozen new patterns you can use to turn those folded FQs into something super fabulous. Whether you have 2 FQs or 32 FQs, there’s a pattern from a Moda All-Star designer that’s bound to be a game changer.

    In addition to the project instructions, you’ll learn fun facts about each of the 12 designers. (We’ve assigned each of them to captain a team.) Can you guess who was named the leader of the Half-Square-Triangle Squad? Or which designer was appointed captain of the Speedy Sewing Squad? And if you’re flying through FQs, use Brenda Riddle’s shopping strategy and add three to six FQs to your stash at a time.

    In keeping with our motto of doing good with the Moda All-Stars series of books, royalties for this book will be donated to Special Olympics, an international organization that changes lives by promoting understanding, acceptance, and inclusion between people with and without intellectual disabilities. Through sports, Special Olympics athletes are seeing themselves for their abilities, not disabilities. That’s something we can all cheer for!

    ∼ Lissa Alexander

    Hey, hey, FQ-friendly quilts for the win! Thanks for getting us all fired up and ready to stitch, Lissa.

    View more winning projects here—Two, Four, Six, Eight: Fat-Quarter Quilts You’ll Appreciate—then shout it out in the comments: which project will be first to get VIP (Very Important Project) treatment on your to-make list?

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  5. Wish List Day – Vintage Treasures, Cozy Fall Quilts, Farmhouse Christmas

    Welcome to Wish List Day at Stitch This! Everyone loves a look at what’s coming soon, right? We’re excited to introduce you to the newest Martingale books, coming your way in April. Keep track of your favorites and start dreaming about the beautiful quilts you’ll make!

    Vintage Treasures:
    Little Quilts for Reproduction Fabrics
    By Pam Buda

    Enjoy 12 patterns inspired by antique quilts, all small in scale, satisfying to finish, and perfect for reproduction fabrics. Beautiful photos will inspire you to display your finished projects with style.

    Learn more about Vintage Treasures >>>

    Sweater Weather:
    Eight Cozy Chill-in-the-Air Quilts
    By Susan Ache

    Best-selling author and Instagram star Susan Ache (@yardgrl60) returns with eight cozy quilt projects for fall. Replicate Susan’s signature style while making classic blocks streamlined for easy patchwork.

    Learn more about Sweater Weather >>>

    Christmas in the Country:
    Holiday Quilts with Farmhouse Flair
    By Rhonda McCray of Farmhouse Threads

    Quilt a farmhouse holiday with 15 quick projects for decorating and gift giving, all scrap-friendly and Santa-friendly. Take advantage of quick-and-easy fusible appliqué, simple hand embroidery, and full-size patterns.

    Learn more about Christmas in the Country >>>

    Which April 2020 books look exciting to you? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  6. Craft a Vintage Vibe with new Buttermilk Basin + giveaway

    Decorate for today by dipping into the past with a little help from Buttermilk Basin. In her latest book, Stacy West guides us through a cheery assortment of small wool-appliqué projects sure to spark happy memories and fresh moments of joy.

    Let’s hear all about it from the author.

    Hello! It’s Stacy from Buttermilk Basin! I’m dropping by to share a few tidbits about my NEW (and delightful) book, Buttermilk Basin’s Vintage Vibe. This book is near and dear to my heart. It came about when Jennifer Keltner and Karen Soltys of Martingale were tossing around ideas with me. They thought it would be cool to take inspiration from vintage items I’ve collected.

    I LOVE a good hunt for all things vintage, items that bring back warm memories and supply daily inspiration. So naturally, I jumped at the opportunity!

    To take this book to an even cooler level, I got to be a part of the photo shoot—the entire book was photographed AT MY HOME! The timing was perfect, because we’d recently moved into a new farmhouse with a wonderful neutral palette.

    I gathered my vintage collections and placed each in its own tote. That way, Jennifer and her team would have plenty of options for setting up photo vignettes. What I didn’t expect was how she saw my props in a new light. If you look closely at the photos in the book, you’ll see not only the projects displayed in beautiful settings, but also details that many would overlook, such as logos on my vintage items that I hadn’t noticed, bobbins of wound thread stacked perfectly on a vintage shelf, or my FAVE, the Vintage Cat and Owl Ornaments displayed over an old drawer that holds spools of thread.

    As day two of the photo shoot approached, I was still LOVING being a part of this journey! It was the first time I could sit back during a photo shoot, relax, and let the team work their magic. Some might ask if it was hard for me not to be more involved. Actually, I felt the exact opposite. I loved being involved from the sidelines—it was refreshing and inspiring. When you are in good hands, you can simply trust their process and enjoy the moments. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Before I knew it, two vintage elves stole the show and took the photo shoot to a whole new level. Jennifer had named them Ivan and Zsa Zsa. They are tucked in here and there, throughout the Christmas portion of the book, and they became larger than life as they styled the photos. Those elves brought so much mischief to the photo shoot and kept us on our toes. I guarantee you, they will make you smile!

    It was hard to see the photo shoot come to an end, but the memories, laughs, and results of those two days of photography were simply stunning. Now you get to enjoy the masterpiece we created! Cherish the details and, more importantly, start creating your own projects to decorate with and savor for years to come.

    Happy stitching,


    We’ve got an eBook of Buttermilk Basin’s Vintage Vibe to give away to one lucky winner. To enter your name in the drawing, tell us in the comments:

    If there were a photo shoot at your place, which cherished objects would you use as props?

    We’ll randomly select a winner on February 27, 2020, and will let you know by email if you’ve won. Good luck!

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  7. Get Farmhouse Fresh with toweling — new book + giveaway

    Hanging a new set of crisply striped towels immediately transforms a kitchen. And now, with the new book Farmhouse Fresh, you can apply that same transformative power throughout your house with a beautiful assortment of toweling projects!

    If you’re unfamiliar with toweling, it’s 16″ wide and comes off the bolt prehemmed on the two selvage edges. (How convenient is that?) You can find it in solid colors and prints, but usually you’ll see toweling with clean, classic stripes.

    Toweling is heavier than quilting cotton, making it ideal for projects that see a lot of use. The classic example—and how toweling got its name—is to make it into tea towels or kitchen towels. But there’s SO MUCH MORE you can do with toweling, and Jenelle Kent is here to tell us all about it—and about her new book, Farmhouse Fresh.

    G’day everyone.

    My name is Jenelle and I live in the land down under, Australia. Welcome to my world of toweling! A world where woven stripes and texture add zing to your sewing projects.

    How and why did this love affair with toweling start? Well, firstly, I never met a stripe I didn’t love. I initially found antique European grain sacks that were full of texture—with beautiful handwoven, wonky stripes—that were just timeless and classic. Unfortunately, these sacks are a finite resource, so they’re expensive and hard to find. Then I discovered Moda toweling, and all my dreams came true. The toweling was as close to antique grain sacks as possible, and it’s sold on 15-yard rolls! Happy days, this meant that I could make anything.

    Now I have the pleasure and joy of designing toweling fabric for Moda Fabrics. Stay tuned for lots of interesting innovations and projects as new styles emerge. I love my job!

    Stripes open up lots of possibility. You can run them lengthwise, crosswise, or even diagonally. You can piece them in interesting ways to make geometric patterns. Stripes coordinate perfectly with florals, solids, and dots. If you’ve already got a patchwork pillow, why not freshen your decor by making a toweling pillow to coordinate?

    The texture of toweling is great for home decor projects and hard-wearing bags. It also washes really well. I’ve made many a table napkin from toweling (often the afternoon before a dinner party), and they look as good as new after washing.

    My book Farmhouse Fresh contains loads of projects using Moda toweling. If you can sew in a straight line, you can make these projects. The most important tip is to use the walking foot on your sewing machine. A walking foot isn’t essential, but it will definitely help feed the thick fabric through your machine.

    Embroidery and appliqué are fantastic on the thick, textured toweling. I love needle-turn appliqué, and sewing on toweling is a pleasure. With its slightly heavier weight, there’s no need for stabilizer on the back.

    I’m excited to see what you all create using Farmhouse Fresh. Please share your toweling creations on social media with #farmhousefresh, #piecestotreasure, #modatoweling, and #martingaletpp. For the latest ideas, follow along on Instagram @piecestotreasure.

    Mostly, I hope you have fun with this book and discover a love for working with toweling and stripes while enjoying all the possibilities it has to offer. I’m just busting to see what you make.

    Happy sewing,


    Thank you, Jenelle!

    For more toweling uses, make sure to follow the Farmhouse Fresh Instagram book tour. Check out the first stop @piecestotreasure today, then be sure to follow along as the tour progresses. And after you’ve looked over the tour schedule below, read on for an exciting giveaway announcement.

    Moda Fabrics sent us three yards of toweling fabric to give one lucky winner—along with a copy of Farmhouse Fresh, of course! To enter your name in the drawing, tell us in the comments:

    What do you want to make from toweling?

    We’ll choose a random winner on February 20, 2020, and will contact the winner by email. (For a chance to win different toweling + a copy of Farmhouse Fresh, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.) Good luck!

    If you just can’t wait, you can purchase Farmhouse Fresh at our website and we’ll send you a link to instantly download the eBook.

    Australian readers, be sure to follow Jenelle on Instagram to learn about a toweling giveaway just for you!

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  8. Kim Diehl delights with Simple Patchwork (+ giveaways)

    Kim Diehl’s latest book is here!

    Proving she’s never short of ingenious ideas—and always sure of the way to a quilter’s heart—Kim has crafted a beautiful new collection of quilts in Simple Patchwork. While she’s famous for appliqué, Kim knows that appliqué flourishes don’t always fit your mood or your schedule. So this time around, she’s focusing on piecing.

    “There are times when you enjoy a challenge and want to test your quiltmaking skills,” Kim says in Simple Patchwork, “but there are also times when it’s nice to stitch something uncomplicated just for the fun of it.” And the fun is here for you to enjoy, in 16 gorgeous patterns that deliver timeless Kim Diehl style via straightforward piecing.

    A Dash of Plaid from Simple Patchwork

    We’re thrilled to have Kim as a guest writer today to tell us more about the newest book in her “Simple” series.

    Kim Diehl

    My first introduction to sewing and quilting came from my grandma, when I was just a little girl. She was an amazing seamstress who could sew literally ANYTHING, and she stitched nearly all of my clothes. I can remember epic debates in the sewing room as I lobbied for shorter skirts and she firmly held her ground. (I never did win!)

    One day it clicked for me that it was my grandma who had stitched all of our beautiful “blankets” together from bits and pieces of fabric, many salvaged from old blouses and dresses, and that’s when my love of patchwork quilts first began. Decades passed before I taught myself to sew my first quilt, which included more than a little trial and error, and I fell in love all over again!

    A photo of my grandma, one of her hand-pieced quilts, and some of her sewing items

    Stitching the projects for Simple Patchwork was a great opportunity to set aside my appliqué, embrace simplicity, and dive into what inspired my love of quilting in the first place—uncomplicated piecing!

    My goal was to stuff this book full of quilts featuring vibrant colors, classic blocks, and a fresh take on tried-and-true motifs that have been loved by generations of quilters. Whether it’s stitched up big or stitched up small, I hope you’ll find a variety of pieced projects that make you want to grab some fabric and start sewing.

    Medium, big, and small, Simple Patchwork has it all!

    One of my very favorite elements of Simple Patchwork is the section filled with scads of my favorite tips, tricks, hints, and helps. I’m often asked how I achieve such accurate results in my patchwork, and here’s where I have to confess: I don’t use any special papers, fancy notions, or expensive tools. Basically, I’m just not afraid to goof up, learn from my mistakes, and adjust my approach for the next project! Believe me when I say I’ve had lots of goofs and have made many adjustments through the years, and I’m really happy to pass along some of what I’ve learned.

    Thank you so much for letting me share my excitement about Simple Patchwork—I hope you’ll enjoy stitching and living with these quilts for years to come.

    GIVEAWAY ALERT! Kim has assembled FOUR gift packages that each include a copy of Simple Patchwork AND a bundle of Esther’s Heirloom Shirtings, her latest fabric collection from Henry Glass Fabrics! Visit Kim today at Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win.

    Follow Kim on Instagram

    Thanks for sharing your new book with us, Kim!

    To increase the fun, we’re giving away the eBook version of Simple Patchwork to one lucky Stitch This! reader. To enter to win, tell us in the comments:

    When it comes to patchwork, how do you keep it simple?

    We’ll choose a random winner on February 13, 2020, and will contact the winner by email. Good luck! If you want to sew Kim Diehl patterns today, purchase Simple Patchwork at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook instantly.


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  9. Wish List Day! Reproduction prints, fat quarters, and Acorn Cottage (+ giveaway)

    Posted by on January 31, 2020, in quilting & sewing

    Welcome to Wish List Day at Stitch This! We’re excited to introduce you to new Martingale books coming your way in March. Keep track of your favorites by using the “Notify Me” and “Wish List” options at ShopMartingale.com. Browse the latest batch of Martingale books below; then enter to win your favorite book of the month at the end of this post!

    Subscribe to our blog and you’ll always be first to see new Martingale books, plus special sales, freebies, tutorials, and more.

    Legends & Legacies 
    13 Quilts for Reproduction Prints
    Carol Hopkins

    Create quilted legacies with best-selling author Carol Hopkins. Thirteen Civil War-style quilts are inspired by the people, places, and events of this unique period in history. Gather your reproduction fabrics and stitch tributes to trends of the time such as military timepieces and hoop skirts. Along with Carol’s exquisite designs to make step by step, enjoy learning interesting tidbits about the Civil War and stories about how each stunning quilt came to be.

    See more from Legends & Legacies >>>

    Moda All-Stars: Two, Four, Six, Eight
    Fat-Quarter Quilts You’ll Appreciate

    Compiled by Lissa Alexander

    Two, four, six, eight: what do quilters think is great? FAT QUARTERS! Nothing inspires quilters to get in the game more than a stack of pretty fat quarters. The Moda All-Stars are back with a collection of patterns designed for 2 to 32 of those fun little cuts of fabric. Whether you collect fat quarters by the bundle or one by one, or even if you have just a couple on hand, you’ll find a winning project within these pages. With a patchwork tote, a two-tone pillow, plus runners, wall quilts, lap quilts, and more to choose from, you’re sure to score a gold medal with your fat-quarter stash! Royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Special Olympics.

    See more from Moda All-Stars: Two, Four, Six, Eight >>>

    Acorn Cottage
    Quilts with Simple & Sophisticated Style
    Brenda Riddle

    Stitch the charms of a country cottage into every quilt you create! Designer Brenda Riddle, known for her use of fresh florals and sweet pastels, gathers her all-time favorite patterns to share with you in this beautifully photographed volume. A pretty, airy palette provides a restful backdrop in 13 classic patchwork quilts, several embellished with wisps of enchanting appliqué. Projects are displayed in beautiful cottage-style settings that will inspire you to breathe a little romance and "welcome home" warmth into your own spaces.

    See more from Acorn Cottage >>>

    Which coming-soon book would make your March amazing? Tell us in the comments and you could win it when it’s released! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    By the way, these new books
    are available today!

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  10. Mini Quilt-Along Final Week 4—Mix It Up with the Moda All-Stars

    Posted by on January 27, 2020, in quilting & sewing, ,

    Week 4

    It’s time to quilt and bind your mini. If you’re not caught up, don’t worry! We’ll keep this page up with the instructions for each week, and you can come back when you’re ready.

    Need some quilting design ideas? We’ve got you covered!

    You can follow along for instructions each week by checking back here or watching us on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to post pictures of your progress and use the tag #mixitupqal so we can see your posts. Hint: there’s a prize at the end, so be sure to use #mixitupqal to be entered.

    Martingale staffers joined the quilt-along, and here are two of their Bubble and Froth quilts:

    Virginia used Moda’s Mackinac Island line by Minick & Simpson for her Bubble and Froth mini.

    Beth combined a variety of Moda fabrics, using a white print by Primitive Gatherings for her background and a mix of prints for the rest: All Hallow’s Eve by Fig Tree & Co.; At Home and Little Snippets by Bonnie & Camille; Farmhouse II by Joanna Figueroa, Fig Tree & Co; and Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt.

    DID YOU KNOW? "Moda is donating royalties for this book to Feeding America. With your purchase of the book, you’re helping end hunger around the United States. Together, for every dollar we donate, we’ll be helping provide as many as 10 meals for hungry children and adults."  Lissa Alexander.

    Prize Alert! If you’ve been quilting along, post your progress for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate at ShopMartingale! Simply post a pic on our Facebook or Instagram page each week. The more pics of your progress, the more chances to win. Be sure to use #mixitupqal to be entered. On February 3rd, we’ll draw a random winner from the pics that have been posted.

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