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  1. National Sewing Month: turn fabric strips into beautiful bowls

    September is National Sewing Month! We’re celebrating all month long with ideas for out-of-the-box sewing. Watch for fun posts each week about making all kinds of fabulous stuff with your fabric. Today’s focus: your fabric strips—in 3D! Learn how to make fabric bowls, baskets, purses, and more with just two materials: fabric strips and common […]

  2. How to make a scrap quilt sing? Go solo (+ sale!)

    Look at your pile (drawer, closet) of scraps. Is it a hodgepodge of colors and patterns? When you look at a quilt pattern that might be a good match for your scraps, you likely see a quilt where the colors are composed, the arrangement is balanced, and the finished design is stunning. A question arises: […]

  3. Knitting tip for easy Fair Isle knitting

    Fair Isle, or stranded, knitting is a way to create beautiful, colorful patterns in your knitted fabric. It looks complicated—but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s how Ann and Eugene Bourgeois, authors of Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified and owners of Philosopher’s Wool Company, make Fair Isle projects quicker and easier—and it takes only a few […]

  4. Table-runner treats from Fons & Porter (+ giveaway!)

    A bare table is like a blank canvas; it begs to show off something beautiful. 
“Flying South” by Terry Albers Big or small, square or skinny, old or new, tables offer a space to express our creativity as quilters—and making a table topper can stretch our creativity just as far as a painter’s canvas. Not […]

  5. Craft Book Month blog hop! A quilt goes viral

    Practically every Monday around here is show-and-share day. When we complete something over the weekend, we bring our projects to the office to share with each other. Usually there’s squealing and “where’d you get that fabric?” chatter. When Karen Burns, our acquisitions editor, brought in her finished quilt top from the book Modern Quilts from the […]

  6. National Sewing Month: sewing for the home

    Our celebration of National Sewing Month continues! Watch for fun posts throughout September and get inspired to make all kinds of fabulous stuff with your fabric. Today’s topic: our homes. So often we make things for the homes of family and friends. But when was the last time you sewed something for your own home? […]

  7. No-fail tip for colorful quilts

    Energetic. Cheerful. Lively. Vivid. COLOR! 
 Detail of “Bali High” from Colorful Quilts (ePattern available) If you gravitate toward using bright colors in your quilts—or if you have a stack of colorful blocks you’re not sure how to use—read on. Today’s tip will help you rein in those larger-than-life colors. When working with brights, the […]

  8. The gift of lace: how to knit comfort shawls

    When learning a new craft or technique, it’s easy to think that we should wait to give handmade gifts until our skills improve. When Alison Jeppson Hyde was new to (and lacking confidence in) lace knitting, she decided to knit and give away a wedding ring shawl. And it taught her that a few ounces […]

  9. So you think you can stash?: novelty prints

    Today we’re starting a new series at Stitch This! If you’ve got a stash of a particular style of fabric that keeps growing instead of shrinking, this series is for you! We’ll focus on one style of fabric in each “So You Think You Can Stash?” post, and offer ideas for how to cut it, […]

  10. Blissfully simple sewing: wool appliqué (+ giveaway!)

    It’s a dream of many quilters: to create an heirloom quilt to be cherished for generations. “McMillan Court” If you long to sew that masterpiece, we invite you to bring your dream to life with an easy appliqué technique that will lead to you to an heirloom quilt in record time. With reproduction fabrics and […]