1. A Sampler Travel Quilt + Projects for the Journey (+ Sew-Along Alert!)

    Start with a travel-inspired sampler quilt; then veer off the beaten path by making nine companion projects with a wanderlust vibe.

    Follow Your Heart

    Famed designer Terry Atkinson acts as tour guide in her latest book, Follow Your Heart, laying the foundation for a fun sewing journey!

    Nine quilts, runners, bags, and more—all based on blocks from the sampler quilt—promise adventurous escapes, excursions, and escapades at your sewing machine. Even if you don’t want to travel farther than your sewing room, you’ll love choosing to follow your heart.

    From Follow Your Heart

    Terry’s projects are great for beginners and beyond. And if you’ve ever made something with her, you know that her unique teaching style makes learning fun. Plus, guess what? You can learn all you need to know by joining her Follow Your Heart Quilt-Along—here’s Terry to tell you more!

    Terry AtkinsonHi there, it’s Terry Atkinson from Atkinson Designs. You may not know me, but you may have heard of Yellow Brick Road, one of my most popular quilt patterns. I’ve been designing quilting and sewing patterns for over 25 years, and I love to find shortcut ways to sew everything. Whether it’s quilts, bags, or home-decorating projects, I enjoy sharing those shortcuts with you!

    My love of sewing started when I was young. I took my first sewing class as a child so that I could make doll clothes on my mom’s Featherweight machine. I’ve been sewing ever since. These days, you’ll find me (and my mom’s Featherweight) traveling around the country with my husband in our Airstream camper.

    City Streets quilt
    City Streets from
    Follow Your Heart

    From Follow Your HeartI’m so excited to combine my lifelong love of sewing with my love of travel. Traveling and inspiration go hand in hand for me. I find inspiration all around me wherever I go. Whether it’s the colors in the evening sky, the variety of greens in the forest, or the shapes of the buildings in a city, inspiration is everywhere.

    Follow Your Heart is the result of that inspiration. The blocks in the sampler quilt are as different from each other as the places my husband and I have visited, and they were inspired by some of our favorite experiences—so far! In addition to the blocks and sampler quilt, I’ve included lots of other projects. There are many different fun techniques to try. Can you tell that I have a short attention span and like variety?

    The view looking straight up to the top of some really tall pine trees inspired the Circle Pines block in the sampler quilt:

    Circle Pines quilt block

    The Tennessee Two Tone block was inspired by the music we’ve heard and the arrows we’ve seen along the way.

    Tennessee Two Tone quilt block

    The Evening Sky quilt captures the layered clouds and colors just before sunset:

    Evening Sky quilt

    And of course you need bags for your stuff when you travel, so I included a tote and an easy zipper pouch too.

    Follow Your Heart has been a joy to create. Come and take a trip with me! Join me for the Follow Your Heart Sew-Along (begin anytime!) and we’ll make the sampler quilt together. Get started with my tips for fabric selection over at facebook.com/atkinsondesigns. (Look for the Follow Your Heart #1 post: Choosing Fabrics.) I’ll post a video lesson for each block as we travel along together. See you there!

    Follow Your HeartTerry, your book and your quilt-along sure look like a fun journey to take!

    We’ve got a brand-spankin’-new copy of Follow Your Heart to give away to one winner today! To be automatically entered into the drawing, tell us:

    What kind of quilting do you do when you travel?

    • I always have a hand-sewing project at the ready.
    • I take along my favorite quilt books to read!
    • I like to sketch, draw, and dream.

    Share your answer in the comments! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Good luck, and happy travels this summer!

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  2. Jelly Roll Christmas project: adorable no-sew fabric chains 😍 (video 🎬)

    We know, it’s not Christmas in July just yet . . . but we couldn’t wait to share this fun Jelly Roll Christmas project with you! If you’ve got a Jelly Roll waiting in the wings for something fun, easy, and absolutely adorbs, congratulations—you just found the perfect way to use it.

    Countdown to Christmas author Susan Ache (of Instagram fame) chocked her latest book full of holiday cheer—her quilts are patchwork perfection AND most of them can be used all year long:

    From Countdown to Christmas
    From Countdown to Christmas

    But Susan also wanted to give you a few quick-and-easy ideas for projects you can make on the fly—or even turn into a family affair with everyone joining in the fun! One of the ideas she shares in Countdown to Christmas is her Christmas fabric chains. Yep, just like the chains you made in kindergarten with construction paper. But take a look at how Susan has elevated the paper-chain game:

    Jelly Roll Christmas project - fabric chains

    Did you gasp like we did at how cute these little chains turned out? Drape them ’round the tree, arrange on a mantle, hang over the front door—the possibilities are endless! You can make them short, long, or somewhere in between. It’s the perfect Jelly Roll Christmas project, but if you’ve got lots of holiday yardage, you bet you can use the same technique with that fabric too.

    Here’s Susan to show you how it’s done!

    Reading this post in email? Click here to watch the video.

    We love how Susan encourages us to include the kiddos—and that advice for making a continuous chain for the tree? That’s a Christmas present all on its own!

    Countdown to ChristmasWhat kind of Christmas fabrics do you have in your stash right now?

    • I have the PERFECT Jelly Roll for this project!
    • I have lots of white, red, and green precuts that will do the trick.
    • I’ve got a pile of Christmas prints just waiting for Susan’s fabric-chain treatment!

    Tell us more in the comments!

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  3. Pat Sloan’s 4 tips for machine quilting with a walking foot (video 📹)

    From Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine QuiltNeed a little creative confidence when it comes to machine quilting? Especially if you’re just starting out?

    Pat Sloan (right) has taught thousands of quilters her tried-and-true techniques for getting quilts done. ALL THE WAY done. And that includes DIY-ing the machine quilting.

    If you’ve yet to try machine quilting or if you’ve tried it and weren’t happy with the results, Pat’s got a great idea for you: keep it simple. She teamed up with Baby Lock Sewing Machines to create a series of videos that pair perfectly with her “Teach Me” series of books. The video below reveals Pat’s four favorite tips for keep-it-simple quilting:

    1. How to start and stop a line of machine quilting
    2. How to pull the bobbin thread to the top of your quilt (to avoid tangled
      messes on the back)
    3. How to pivot your quilt when you need to sew in a different direction
    4. How to use the decorative stitches on your machine for unique effects

    Watch the video—and then grab a UFO and give Pat’s ideas a try!

    Reading this post in email? Click here to watch the video online.

    You can watch more from Pat’s “Teach Me” video series here.

    In Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine Quilt you’ll not only find step-by-step instructions for walking-foot and free-motion quilting but you’ll also get nine of Pat’s pretty patterns, including:

    Mini Charm Star quilt
    This cute Mini Charm Star quilt

    Checkerboard Hearts quilt
    This adorable Checkerboard Hearts quilt

    Cherry Pie quilt
    This fun two-color Cherry Pie quilt

    Dresden Candy Dish quilt
    This delightful little Dresden Candy Dish quilt

    See five more projects from Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine Quilt >>>

    Follow Pat on FacebookFollow Pat on Instagram

    Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine QuiltWhat are you waiting for? Learn more of Pat’s machine-quilting methods in her book and get those quilts DONE! As always, when you buy a book at our website, we’ll send you a link to download a digital copy of the book for FREE.

    How do you typically quilt your quilts?

    • With a walking foot
    • With a free-motion foot
    • With a checkbook 😂
    • I hand quilt my quilts!

    Tell us in the comments!

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  4. What’s your “Sunday Best” quilt? Bet you’ll find yours here (+ giveaway!)

    We all have “Sunday Best” quilts: the special quilts we dream of making someday. Even all-star quilt designers have them. We’re thrilled that two celebrities of the quilting world teamed up with Martingale to share their “Sunday Best” choices in a new book—aptly titled Sunday Best Quilts!

    Sunday Best Quilts

    Popular Moda fabric designers Sherri McConnell and Corey Yoder reveal the quilts they’ve always wanted to create in their gorgeous new book. Together, they chose six different quilt themes:

    Star • Christmas

    Scrappy • Pineapple

    Red and White • Courthouse Steps

    Sherri and Corey challenged one another to design a quilt in each style. The result is a dozen spectacular quilts that you can turn into your “Sunday Best” quilts, along with personality-packed Q&As and commentary from both designers.

    From Sunday Best Quilts

    We asked Sherri and Corey about the origins of their new book, and a few quilters-wanna-know questions too. Read on for their answers!

    ST!: Corey, you’re in Ohio; Sherri, you’re in Nevada. Walk us through the process of writing and designing as a team—how did you do it?

    Sherri: We were tossing around ideas and our bucket-list quilts came up. We decided it would be fun to see what the other would do if we approached the book on a thematic basis. We both made lists of quilts we loved and wanted to make and emailed them to each other. From there we took some from both lists and narrowed it down.

    The whole project came together so nicely! Sherri and I originally chatted about this idea and the possibility of teaming up to write a book at Quilt Market. We followed up via email shortly after. After we talked to Martingale about our idea, we really didn’t chat as much during the process. Since part of the plan behind our book was not knowing exactly what the other person was working on, this was probably the easiest book ever to write together!

    ST!: Which category in the book was your favorite to design for?

    Sherri: The pineapple quilt was one I’d been wanting to make for a really long time. In fact, two of the blocks in my quilt were from when I first started playing with the block design several years ago. I had saved the blocks in a drawer and was so excited to be able to use them for my quilt. In fact, the colors in those blocks inspired my whole quilt.

    Corey: I really like the way my quilt in the Pineapple category turned out. It was fun coming up with a design that looked like a Pineapple quilt but with simple piecing methods.

    Pineapple quilts
    Pineapple quilts: Corey’s is on the left, Sherri’s is on the right.

    ST!: What do you admire most about your co-author?

    Sherri: Corey is super organized, super creative, and yet so down-to-earth. I love how she is able to spend so much time with her family and yet also be able to accomplish so much!

    Corey: Sherri can get things done! I don’t know how she does it. Even with a part-time job she still gets more done in her quilting life than anyone I know.

    ST!: What’s inspiring you right now?

    Sherri: I get a lot of ideas by following favorite home-decor and lifestyle blogs. It seems there is always a way to use the design ideas found in those venues in the quilting world. I’ve also been listening to a lot of time-management podcasts to try to use my time better!

    Corey: Colors! I have so many palettes in my head that I want to turn into fabric. We are in the middle of a home remodel and I can imagine so many different things for my new space.

    Red-and-white quilts
    Red-and-white quilts: Remembrance (left) by Sherri; Linen and Berries (right) by Corey

    ST!: What’s on your sewing table right now?

    Sherri: I actually don’t have anything on my table right now. I just finished a fun sampler quilt that I dropped off at the quilter the other day (see below). Today I took my machine in for her yearly cleaning because new fabrics are arriving soon and I’ll be sewing my newest designs for Fall Quilt Market. I plan to tackle some works in progress over the next few days, though!

    Sherri's sampler blocks
    Sherri’s sampler blocks

    Corey: Part of our remodel includes a new sewing space for me. I was running out of room and we had a spot we didn’t use that often next to my office. You don’t want to see the state of my sewing table as I am moving things into my new space (or maybe you do!). So instead, I’ll share a photo I shared recently of my new studio starting to take shape.

    Corey's sewing space
    Corey’s new sewing space

    ST!: What does a typical Sunday look like for you?

    Sherri: I have always loved Sunday. I try to make it a different, more restful day than any other day of the week. I try not to work or even browse social media on Sundays. I use it to menu plan and go over my calendar for the week and to sew things that are just for fun.

    Corey: Sundays are typically very low key for me. After church in the morning, the rest of the day is as lazy as I want it to be. It’s so important for me to have that day of rest so I can attack the rest of the week.

    ST!: What’s your #1 tip for beginning quilters?

    Sherri: I would say that beginning quilters shouldn’t worry about being beginners. I worried for years that I wasn’t able to put fabrics together as well as other people I saw. But as with everything, good things come from a lot of practice. I have a few quilts hanging in my home from when I was a very new quilter. Even though there are lots of cutoff points and mistakes, those quilts remind me of the journey . . . and I’ve really enjoyed learning every step of the way.

    Corey: Be willing to try anything and don’t be intimidated by something because you think you should be. Curves, zippers, appliqué, etc. all become simple once you’ve tried them a time a two.

    Courthouse Steps quilts
    Courthouse Steps quilts: Nantucket (left) by Sherri; Rainwashed (right) by Corey

    Finish these sentences for us!

    If I had a three-word stitching mantra, it would be:

    Sherri: Sew, enjoy, repeat!

    Corey: Never Try, Never Know. (I know it’s four words but they’re ones I use a lot!)

    You’ll know a quilt is mine if you see:

    Sherri: Low-volume prints, blue prints, or both!

    Corey: Grays, whites, and sherbet brights.

    Before I begin a project, I must have:

     Sherri: A fairly sharp rotary blade and a clean work surface.

     Corey: A good podcast ready to listen to.

    If I’m not quilting, I’m:

    Sherri: At the computer working on my blog, reading, or puttering around our home, cleaning and organizing.

    Corey: Probably doing computer work: writing patterns, shipping orders, paying bills, answering emails, etc.

    If I had a sewing superpower, it would be:

    Sherri: Lining up as many things as will fit to chain piece on one project board!

    Corey: Super-fast sewing (my Juki definitely helps in this regard!).

    Sunday Best QuiltsThanks for answering our questions, ladies!

    What’s your favorite “Sunday best” theme?

    • Star
    • Scrappy
    • Red and White
    • Christmas
    • Pineapple
    • Courthouse Steps

    Tell us in the comments and you’ll automatically be entered to win a copy of Sunday Best Quilts! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

    Ready to start your “Sunday Best” quilt? Order the book at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook for free.

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  5. Kim Diehl’s mystery sampler revealed 😍 see the quilts from makers like you!

    It started as a mystery . . .

    Just a peek at the beginning . . .

    And now that mystery is history!

    The full reveal!

    Kim Diehl’s Simple Friendships II Mystery Quilt-Along is coming to a close. If you played along for the past six weeks, you’ve seen all the beautiful blocks quilters made:

    Week 1:


    Week 2:


    Week 3:


    Week 4:


    And and since we hit week 5, you’re seeing those blocks come to life in gorgeous little quilts!


    @ksoltys215 (Martingale’s own Content Director!)




    You can see all the blocks and quilts made during the quilt-along (they’re still coming in!) at this link.

    Those of you who sewed along with Kim might remember the faboo prizes up for grabs:

    • A curated bundle of Kim Diehl fabrics, selected by Kim herself
    • A bundle of Kim’s Helping Hands fabric from Henry Glass
    • A copy of Kim’s Simple Reflections journal
    • A $50 gift certificate to spend at com

    We’ll be announcing the winners later today—quilt-alongers, keep your fingers crossed!

    Simple Friendships IIWhether you bought Simple Friendships II but have yet to begin, started your quilt and got sidetracked (as we all do from time to time), or sewed all the way to the finish line, we’re so glad you joined us for some “friendly” quilting fun. And you can still join in—visit this page for all the details. Be sure to post pictures of your progress using the hashtag #simplefriendships2QAL so everyone can ooh and ahh!

    Did you join Kim’s Mystery Sampler Quilt-Along? How far along are you? If you have an idea for a quilt-along based on a Martingale book, let us know about it in the comments!

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  6. Bet you can’t make just one! Potato Chip Star blocks – watch the video 📹

    You’ve probably heard of Ohio Star, Amish Star, Sawtooth Star, Kansas Star, and Missouri Star blocks. But have you ever heard of Potato Chip Star blocks? We hadn’t either—until Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison of Red Crinoline Quilts introduced us to them!

    Potato Chip Stars quilt
    Potato Chip Stars from
    Step Back in Time

    Paula calls the 4″ block used in this quilt her “potato-chip block” because they’re like potato chips—you can’t stop sewing after just one!

    In their latest book, Step Back in Time, Paula and Mary Ellen share an all-new, jaw-dropping collection of patterns for reproduction-fabric fans, and they’ve paired each quilt with a fascinating true story from the 1800s. Running with the potato-chip theme, the design duo decided to dig deep into history to find out one thing: how was the potato chip invented, anyway? Here’s an excerpt about that from the book.

    One night during the 1850s, a dinner guest returned his French fries to the kitchen at a restaurant in upstate New York because he felt they were too thick. Chef George Crum (right) decided to annoy the customer by serving him a much thinner fry that he overcooked and salted. To his surprise, the guest was ecstatic over the browned, paper-thin potatoes, and the potato chip was born.

    In 1860, George opened his own restaurant, called Crum’s, in Malta, New York. It’s said he served a basket of potato chips at every table. In 1932, Herman Lay founded Lay’s, and his potato chips became the first successfully marketed national brand.

    You learn something new every day!

    The Potato Chip quilt has become quite popular since the release of Step Back in Time, and you can see why—it’s spectacular:

    Potato Chip Stars quilt

    When we were at Quilt Market in May, we caught up with Paula and Mary Ellen and they showed us how they make their Potato Chip Star blocks—the Star Singles foundation papers they use turn out perfect little half-square triangles, eight at a time! Watch the video:

    Reading this post in email? Click here to view the video.

    HSTs don’t get much easier than that!

    Check your local quilt shop for Star Singles foundation papers or order the papers directly from Paula and Mary Ellen at their website, Red Crinoline Quilts.

    Want to see more quilts from Step Back in Time that use Star Singles? We thought you might!

    Blue Ridge Mountains quilt
    Blue Ridge Mountains

    Wild Rose quilt
    Wild Rose

    The Quilting Bee quilt
    The Quilting Bee

    See nine more quilts from Step Back in Time >>>

    Step Back in TimeHave you tried Star Singles Papers to make quilt blocks?

    • Yes—I never make half-square triangles without them!
    • Yes, I use them when I’m making small units.
    • Not yet, but I think I need to give them a try!

    Tell us in the comments!

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  7. 🎄 Stitch a vintage holiday home with Buttermilk Basin 🎄 (+ giveaway!)

    Deck the halls, trim the tree, and create a home full of welcoming signs of the season—the Buttermilk Basin way!

    Christmas at Buttermilk Basin

    In Christmas at Buttermilk Basin, you’ll enjoy Stacy West’s all-new collection of ornaments, stockings, gift bags, framed stitcheries, and small quilts. Stacy West’s simple wool-appliqué and embroidery techniques make them a snap to complete.

    From Christmas at Buttermilk Basin

    One embroidery stitch that Stacy uses often in her projects is the blanket stitch. You may have used it yourself—but take a look at what Stacy taught us when we caught up with her at Quilt Market in May. She employs one little switcheroo that magically makes her stitches more accurate:

    Reading this post in email? Click here to watch the video online.

    Do you do the blanket stitch like Stacy? Give it a try!

    We asked Stacy a few questions about her stitching life—read on for her answers.

    Stacy WestThis is your second book with Martingale, the first being The Best of Buttermilk Basin. What inspired book #2?

    Christmas at Buttermilk Basin was inspired by my LOVE of all things Christmas! Growing up, Christmas was always a big event. We decorated with the vintage items my mother collected and with numerous handcrafted items she made, including an adorable ceramic tree with plastic bulbs that lit up!

    What’s your typical process for designing your projects, and where do you find inspiration?

    When I started this book, I just couldn’t stop! I reflected on the warm feeling Christmases past brought me and used a vintage color palette to bring my vision to life. Most of my inspiration comes from growing up in the country with generations of handwork enthusiasts. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, who lived up the hill from me. Inspiration also came from helping great-grandma Lily put up her Christmas decorations. My childhood was filled with handmade goodness, and I often reflect back on those glorious days.

    Frosty's Tree Farm
    Take a trip to Frosty’s Tree Farm

    It’s obvious that you have a love of wool; what is it that draws you to wool over other fabrics?

    Wool is so forgiving! It’s very easy to work with and adds a wonderful dimension to my work. I love cotton, but there is something magical that happens when I work with wool. The colors are rich and the textures are striking. I don’t have to worry about accuracy or tension on my sewing machine. It’s more about enjoying the process!

    How many hours a week do you spend sewing—and what do you do with the rest of your hours?

    I love what I do and take every opportunity I can to design and create. My perfect time to design is late at night. I’m usually busy juggling my shop, 12 employees, and deadlines during the day. So once the dust settles, it’s design time. Of course, if I’m on a deadline, it’s all hands on deck no matter what time of day it is!

    When I’m not working, I’m always up for anything, from lunching and shopping with my girls to hitting a movie with my hubby.

    Santa applique and embroidery
    Stitch celebrations of good ol’ St. Nick: choose embroidery or appliqué

    What do you love most about being a designer?

    I love being able to create designs in wool and fabric that allow others to create projects they’ve always wanted to make. Through my designs, people can soothe their souls and let the worries of the day go!

    What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

    I’m a sucker for all holidays, from dying Easter eggs with the girls to hosting a holiday cookie swap. One of my favorite holiday traditions is going to the pumpkin patch with my family. We love picking out pumpkins and enjoying the fall fun. This, of course, is followed by carving the pumpkins and handing out candy to all the cute and scary trick-or-treaters!

    Vintage VW Full of Cheer
    Stack a vintage Volkswagen with woolly presents

    Finish these sentences for us!

    • One reason making wool-appliqué projects is so fun is: you can’t fail. It’s a very forgiving medium to work with. And I get to work with my own wool line from Henry Glass!
    • If I had a three-word stitching mantra, it would be: under, through, and pull!
    • My best tip for new stitchers is: there are no rules—enjoy the process.
    • Before I begin a project, I must have: a Diet Coke and the radio on.
    • If I had a sewing superpower, it would be: giving confidence to those who are afraid to work with wool or feel they might not do it well.

    Vintage Noel
    Grace any space with a welcoming Noel greeting

    Christmas at Buttermilk BasinThanks for chatting with us, Stacy!

    We’ve got a copy of Christmas at Buttermilk Basin to give away to one lucky winner today! To enter your name in the random drawing, tell us in the comments:

    Most of my Christmas decor is:

    • Handmade
    • Store-bought
    • I’ve got a good mix of both!

    We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck to all—and to all a merry Christmas!

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Sue, who says:

    “Love this book…. can’t have too many decorations for the holidays! "JOY" items are my favorite throughout the year!!  Crossing my fingers!”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Sue—congratulations!

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  8. 13 spectacular Jo Morton quilt patterns for your reproduction fabric stash (+ giveaway!)

    Welcome to the next chapter of Jo Morton’s captivating quiltmaking journey, where vintage is always in style!

    Hearth & Home

    Elegant, timeless, traditional, and beautiful—that’s the magic Jo brings to the quilts she creates. This latest collection of Jo Morton quilt patterns captures her signature style in a larger scale, with quilts for displaying, draping, and cuddling.

    From Hearth & Home

    Inside Hearth & Home, you’ll find fresh twists on favorite blocks, from Wild Goose Chase and Kansas Troubles to the humble Nine Patch. You’ll also enjoy dozens of close-up photos so you can study Jo’s masterful fabric combinations. AND you’ll learn a bounty of Jo’s tried-and-true tips for:

    • choosing fabrics • pressing for success

    • piecing by hand • sewing with triangles

    • and much more!

    Here’s what Jo says about her latest collection in the introduction to Hearth & Home:

    Jo Morton“Even after decades of designing and making quilts, I still like to be thoughtful about my designs and learn something new along the way. My goal is to help you enjoy the process and the journey, show you a new trick or two, and present ways that you can use the quilts to make your family room shine, your sofa become the preferred spot to snuggle up under a quilt, and your tablescape be the envy of all your friends—even those who aren’t quilters!

    Scrappy Hourglass quilt
    Scrappy Hourglass

    “From my home to yours, I hope you’ll be inspired to start (and finish!) a new project or two. And if leafing through the pages and merely dreaming of someday making one of these quilts brings you the most satisfaction, then that’s fine too. After all, planning and daydreaming are all part of the fun and joy of our shared passion for quiltmaking.”

    Crystal Lake quilt
    Crystal Lake

    Get a closer look at Hearth & Home >

    Hearth & HomeWe’ve got a hot-off-the-press copy of Hearth & Home to give to one lucky winner today! To enter the random drawing, tell us in the comments:

    When it comes to reproduction fabrics, what’s your favorite color?

    • Poison green
    • Madder red
    • Double pink
    • Cheddar yellow
    • Too hard to choose—I love them all!

    We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to choose your favorite quilt to make from Hearth & Home, purchase the book at our website and we’ll send you a link to download the eBook for free.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Barb, who says:

    “It is so hard to choose because I love them all. Fell in love with pictures of the quilts in your newest book.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Barb—congratulations!

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  9. Stitcheries, picnics, sewing small, and celebrating 2020 (+ giveaway!)

    Welcome to Wish List Day! Today we’re introducing Martingale’s July 2019 new releases to you, and we think you’re gonna love ’em! Keep track of your favorite new books by using the “Notify Me” and “Wish List” options at ShopMartingale.com. Browse the latest batch of Martingale books below; then enter to win your favorite book of the month at the end of this post!

    Subscribe to our blog and you’ll always be first to see new Martingale books, plus special sales, freebies, tutorials, and more.

    Lynette's Best-Loved StitcheriesLynette’s Best-Loved Stitcheries
    13 Cottage-Style Projects You’ll Adore
    Lynette Anderson

    Welcome to the whimsical world of renowned Australian designer Lynette Anderson, where the flowers are always blooming, the bees are always buzzing, and the charms of a country cottage are just a few stitches away! Playful patchwork, appliqué, and embroidery transform practical projects into fanciful pieces to use, display, and cherish.

    Zoom in for enchanting details: tiny prairie points, mini appliquéd hearts, and petite embroidered flowers delight at every turn. Lynette’s go-to techniques are provided, including the Apliquick method for turned-edge appliqué. Create small quilts, pillows, and pouches, plus a journal cover, pencil case, sewing caddy, and framed delights. Lynette’s hand-drawn watercolors round out this dreamy book, chock-full of ways to enjoy every stitch.

    Lynette's Best-Loved Stitcheries

    DID YOU KNOW? Lynette lives in Pacific Paradise, Queensland, Australia, and was taught to embroider and knit by her grandmothers. She released her first patterns in 1995 and has since become known the world over for her whimsical style. She’s also a fabric designer for Lecien. Visit Lynette online at LittleQuiltStore.com.au.

    Patchwork PicnicPatchwork Picnic
    Simple-to-Piece Blocks That Celebrate the Outdoors
    Gracey Larson

    Let’s go on a picnic . . . and come back inspired to quilt! Sew cute critters, fancy flowers, birds and bugs, trees and turtles, and other odes to the out-of-doors with 30 adorable quilt blocks, each in two sizes: 6″ and 12″ square. The secret to making these charming designs? A stitch-and-flip technique that skips foundation piecing and templates, making blocks easy to rotary cut and sew.

    Create a fun sampler quilt—featuring all 30 blocks—plus six companion projects including a table runner, tote, and pouches. Simply choose your favorite blocks and plug them into the patterns. With handy cutting charts and a lettering system for keeping track of where you are as you make each block, sewing will seem like a picnic!

    From Patchwork Picnic

    DID YOU KNOW? Gracey lives in Jonesborough, Tennessee, and has been creating from the time she was old enough to hold a crayon. After years of admiring her great-grandmother’s quilts, she began quilting in 2009 and has been stitching memories and moments into her quilts ever since. Visit Gracey online at BurlapAndBlossomPatterns.blogspot.com.

    The Big Book of Little QuiltsThe Big Book of Little Quilts
    51 Patterns, Small in Size, Big on Style

    Colossal creativity abounds in this BIG book of little quilts! This 13th addition to Martingale’s “Big Book” series offers a whopping 51 patterns for small quilts, all 40″ or smaller. And at just 55 cents per pattern, the book offers quilters a “little” inspiration and a lot of savings!

    Quilts categorized into four sections—Fresh Takes, Retro Faves, Appliqué, and Holiday—means there’s something special for everyone. Take a little quilting break with Country Threads, Amy Smart, Pat Sloan, Carrie Nelson, Jo Morton, Kim Diehl, and many other talented designers. The quilts in this stellar collection are easy to start and finish, to give and display, and to enjoy while sewing an afternoon away.

    From the Big Book of Little Quilts

    2020 That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar2020 That Patchwork Place® Quilt Calendar
    Includes Instructions for Each Project

    Now in its 18th year of publication, That Patchwork Place’s quilt calendar has become a favorite of quilters worldwide. Show off a love of quilting year-round and enjoy sewing along each month: the calendar spotlights 12 dazzling, front-page-worthy quilts plus a 28-page pullout booklet that includes complete directions for making each project. Chosen from recent best-selling Martingale books, featured quilts come from much-loved designers including Lissa Alexander, Betsy Chutchian, Kim Diehl, Carol Hopkins, and Stacy West. Whether it graces the kitchen, office, or sewing room, this perennial favorite is perfect for ringing in a brand-new year with gorgeous quilts.

    From the 2020 That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar

    Which new book above would make you jump for joy in July? Name it in the comments and you could win it when the book is released! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

    And by the way . . . June books are available NOW!

    Sunday Best Quilts Hearth & Home Christmas at Buttermilk Basin Follow Your Heart

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  10. Missing the Moda Blockheads Quilt-Along? Do this while waiting for round 3

    Blocks from Moda BlockheadsAre you a Moda Blockhead? The Moda Blockheads Quilt-Along round two has come to an end. 😢 But we have an idea that will keep you in stitches while you wait for round three to begin—start, continue, or finish your round-one Moda Blockheads quilt!

    (Not a Blockhead yet? You can jump in at any time!)

    Although the block patterns featured in round one are no longer available online, they are available in book form—instructions for all 48 blocks plus directions for setting your finished blocks in six glorious layouts. The book? Moda Blockheads, of course!

    Moda Blockheads

    Quilt along with six celebrity designers: Lisa Bongean, Betsy Chutchian, Lynne Hagmeier, Jo Morton, Jan Patek, and Carrie Nelson. How do you get started? Simple! Get your copy of Moda Blockheads, start sewing block by block, and post your progress on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ModaBlockheads—sew easy to get started. And so fun to finish!

    Take a look at some of the samplers that quilters like you have made with their round-one blocks—what might your Moda Blockheads Quilt-Along sampler look like?

    Here’s a brighter take on blockhead blocks from quilter @diana_beate:

    @nithaystack chose a pretty autumn palette for her blocks:

    And @northportquilter headed straight to her Civil War stash:

    We think this sampler from @pieceandplanty is peachy keen:

    Here, @sewpiecebypiece chose alternate blocks to frame her work:

    @sweettreasuresquilts chose scrappy neutrals for her design:

    And @timtomsmom put her patchwork on point:

    Oh, the things you can do with the Moda Blockheads book!

    Here’s a peek at all the blocks in the book, along with the samplers you can make with the Moda Blockheads designers—you can follow their instructions or create your own layout:

    From Moda Blockheads

    We hope we’ve inspired you to become a Blockhead too—you’ll get a warm welcome when you join. Everyone’s invited. And you can start any time!

    Join the Moda Blockheads Facebook group here

    How many quilt-alongs have you participated in? Tell us in the comments!

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