1. "Fresh Start Quilts" Sew-Along (Week 3) + 50% Off SALE Ends Tonight, 11/29!

    Welcome to week 3 of the “Fresh Start Quilts” Sew-Along!!

    Guest blog from Connie and Mary:

    Hello from Iowa. It’s snowy and cold here–perfect weather for sewing! We want to thank all of you who are participating in the “Fresh Start Quilts” Sew-Along!

    We want to start with a couple of pictures of fabric combinations that our blog readers are using for this sew-along. See more photos from our readers at ChickenScratchCountryThreads.com.

    The batik fabrics (left) will make a fabulous quilt, and I also love the purple and green combination (right). Mary and I love making scrap quilts because no fabric has to play a featured role….All the “players” are important.

    Now for the tip of the day. I have some less-than-desirable blocks in my Fresh Air quilt.

    ^^ Here are a few…


    ^^ Here are the same blocks in black and white. (Review the Using Different Colors tip from week 1 of the Sew-Along.) The black-and-white photos show the problems with contrast and fabric choices.

    ^^ Now here are what I consider to be 4 good blocks. Why? In my opinion, the center doesn’t stand out, and the flying geese points are dark enough to help establish the star motif.

    My tip…Will I include the “less than desirable blocks” in my quilt. YOU BET! But I’ll place them along the outside or corners of the quilt. When people look at a quilt, their eyes usually focus on the center of the quilt and then take in the rest. The other thing is–I love a good disappearing block and have often worked at making sure I have a few in my quilts. Believe me, I have quite a few in this project. Ha!

    Here is one last picture. My cat, Dot, is always such a help. 😸

    We hope you’re doing well and are able to sew few more blocks in this sew-along! Until next week.


    And of course Joey, Karen Soltys’ cat, wishes to make an appearance in this post. Karen says, "I was going to share my next batch of blocks, but Joey wants to keep them a secret!" 🐾

    Share your photos using these hashtags: #freshstartquiltsQAL #madewithmartingale #martingaletpp and tag Martingale @martingalepp !


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    One last thing…Today is known as Giving Tuesday. Do you know that the Moda All-Stars donate their designer proceeds to a variety of charities?

    Every time you purchase a Moda All-Stars book, you’re helping too. This video shows many of Moda All-Stars books, the charities that have benefitted, and a recent total! Big thanks to the Moda All-Stars designers and YOU from Martingale!

    The Moda All-Stars books are available at ShopMartingale.com and your local quilt shop. Visit bit.ly/modaallstars to see the complete list of Moda All-Star books on ShopMartingale.com.

    Happy stitching!

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  2. BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 🖤 Save 50% 🖤 on Everything!


    Here at Martingale, we’re thankful for you! Thank you for being our beloved customers, followers, and supporters. We appreciate you, and we’re grateful for your business!

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    We hope you have a peaceful holiday weekend surrounded by family and friends. We encourage you recharge this weekend–take time to plan your next project, sew a few stitches, or flip through your favorite quilt book. Visit ShopMartingale.com for books that are sure to inspire and boost your sewing mojo.

    Here are a few chart-toppers that you’ll want to add to your cart. And remember–if your order totals $60 or more, we’ll pay for shipping (US only).

    Want more ideas? Go to ShopMartingale.com and search for your favorite author, category, and keyword. Love Kim Diehl and her signature style? Searching for solutions for your scraps? Want to make a sampler quilt to hone your skills? Looking for patterns for your reproduction fabrics? Been hunting for the best bang for your bucks? We have books that cover all those wants and so much more!

    Happy shopping and happy stitching!

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  3. "Fresh Start Quilts" Sew-Along (Week 2) + Color Tips and Cutting Shortcuts

    Welcome to week 2 of the “Fresh Start Quilts” Sew-Along! Today’s update is filled with helpful color inspiration and valuable cutting tips that you can apply to the Fresh Air quilt–as well as future projects.

    And here’s a money-saving tip to our blog subscribers: Be sure to check your email later this week for our BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Discount details to come!

    Guest blog from Connie Tesene and Mary Etherington:

    Hello, We hope you had a great week! Did you make 5 blocks for your Fresh Air quilt? Remember to join us on our blog, Chicken Scratch Country Threads, and share your progress using these hashtags: #martingaletpp #madewithmartingale #freshstartquiltsQAL and tag Martingale @martingaletpp .

    If you just made one block and are feeling behind, don’t worry! Or, if you’re struggling with color and fabric choices…not a problem. Mary to the rescue! She has written a great section today on looking for color ideas in unexpected places.

    Color Inspiration from Mary Etherington:

    Look around you – there are color combos everywhere. When I started sewing with men’s shirts, I fell in love with blue and orange, and found an abundance of cotton shirts to use. I still like these colors together.


    This shirt gives me an idea of subtle blue, green, and yellow.


    I see color combos on a box of tissues…


    …and on greeting cards.


    I love to buy old pictures at the thrift store. Many times I never even hang the photos – I am just inspired by the colors.


    I just got this picture last week – such a great combo of primary colors!


    This one is just delicious, but I’m having trouble with those colors – they are so odd. BUT look at this sour green print with it. I love it!


    I even found a great quilt that combines assorted colors and white. I cut out this photo from a catalog.


    Sometimes a specific fabric can suggest a whole color combo for a quilt, or serve as inspiration for the back. I loved these prints, so I bought yardage and am still contemplating how to use them.


    And I love this yellow stripe with red and pink!

    I hope these tips help you choose fabrics for this project or any of your future quilts.


    From Connie Tesene:

    My tip for you today is when you start cutting your blocks (remember to cut about 5 blocks at a time) put a pin through the “single block stack” to hold it together until you have an opportunity to sew the block.

    It sounds kind of elementary but take advantage of anything that will help keep your blocks organized. Paper plates, plastic bags, or trays would also work. I always have pins handy.

    Here is my stack of 64 blocks – ready to be sewn into a KING size quilt.

    I’ve been working on this periodically since this summer, so don’t get too excited. Until next time, have a great week…and sew something every day!

    ~ Connie

    Martingale staffer Karen Soltys is sewing along, and she has a couple tips to share with you! (Because we can never too many tips, ideas, and inspiration, right?! Right!!)

    From Karen Soltys:

    Today, I’m sharing my first 5 blocks from the "Fresh Start Quilts" Sew-Along so you can see that while the palette is red, white, blue, and caramel, the blocks are all assorted and I’ve mixed up the placement of the reds and blues as well as some of the value placement. Some blocks have darker centers than others, and most use two different lights, but one block uses just one. It’s OK to mix things up! My plan is to make 5 blocks a week so that I can complete my 20-block quilt before Christmas. It’s not a rush or a necessity. That’s just my goal to stay on track.


    Whether you’ve sewn a couple of blocks or you’re just ready to get started, I do have two tips to share today.

    Tip #1: Cutting the Sashing

    While right now we’re just getting started making the blocks, if you are planning to use a scrappy sashing for your quilt top like Mary Etherington did for hers, you may want to cut as you go. So, to save time in the end, each time I press and cut pieces from a light fabric for my blocks, I also cut one or two 1-1/2” x 12-1/2” sashing strips. That way, I won’t have to get all my light fabrics out again when I’m ready to assemble the quilt top. I’ll already have my sashing strips cut! Easy peasy.


    Tip #2: Substituting Flying Geese for the Half-Square Triangles

    Mary’s original pattern in "Fresh Start Quilts" calls for making half-square triangles that finish 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” square. And that’s exactly what I did for the first four blocks I made. Then I tried a different method, sewing a flying-geese unit in place of sewing two half-square-triangle units together. This may save a little time and it does reduce bulk by omitting a seam. So, if you’d like to try this method, here’s what to do:

    1. Instead of cutting 4 dark and 4 light 2-7/8” squares, cut 4 light 2-1/2” x 4-1/2” rectangles and 8 dark 2-1/2” squares per block.

    2. To make each flying-geese or star-point unit, place a dark square on one end of the light rectangle and sew along the diagonal. You can mark a sewing line with a pencil or use seam tape or a sewing guide on your machine to create an accurate sewing line.


    3. Trim the excess fabric from the corner, leaving a 1/4” seam allowance. Press the dark triangle open.


    4. Repeat using another dark square on the opposite end of the light rectangle. Make a total of 4 units, 2-1/2” x 4-1/2”.


    Here you can see the difference between using two half-square-triangle units (top blocks) or one flying-geese unit (center block) for each set of star points. The choice is yours! I think I’m going to use a mix of both in my quilt.


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  4. "Fresh Start Quilts" Sew-Along + Flash Sale on Appliqué Freezer Papers and Foundation-Piecing Papers

    Welcome to week 1 of the "Fresh Start Quilts" Sew-Along!

    We’re sew glad you’re following and stitching the cover quilt with us! Today, and for the next few weeks, we’ll share tips, our versions of the Fresh Air blocks, plus Connie Tesene and Mary Etherington–the authors of "Fresh Start Quilts"–will share their (new!) blocks in this sew-along. Fresh Air is a 20-block quilt that finishes at 51-1/2″ x 64-1/2″. It’s a fabulous design to use up some of your scraps and try out different color variations.

    Guest blog from Connie Tesene:

    Mary made a quilt called Fresh Air for "Fresh Start Quilts", our latest book from Martingale. It’s the cover quilt! When I first saw her quilt, I knew I wanted to make one for myself. Since we were planning a sew-along for our blog, ChickenScratchCountryThreads.com, it made sense for me to choose a different color palette and quilt size.

    I based my fabric choices on my extensive collection of Fig Tree & Co. fabrics and I’m making my quilt king size. (Mary thinks I’m nuts.)

    Here is where Karen Soltys from Martingale comes in. She wanted to join in on the fun and is helping to organize this sew-along for everyone. She’s sewing along too, using fabrics from Minick & Simpson for Moda Fabrics.

    Let’s get started!

    First you need a copy of the book "Fresh Start Quilts". The book is available at your local quilt shop or you can order your copy from ShopMartingale.com or wherever you like to buy books. Next you need fabric. Sometimes picking fabric for a scrappy quilt might seem daunting. Mary told me she was looking for the perfect combination of fabrics when sewing her blocks. She felt that she never achieved her goal, so she just kept making new blocks. Now when I look at the quilt as a whole, it all goes together beautifully. That is the joy of a scrappy quilt! There are at least 5 or 6 different fabrics in each block.

    If you want to make your version using Mary’s colors…great, but here are a few other color options for inspiration.

    Tip #1: Using Different Colors

    If you find it hard to switch things up and use different colors than those shown in a quilt photo, try this: make a black-and-white photocopy of the quilt photo in your book, or take a picture of it using your phone’s camera and change the settings to black-and-white. This will help you see where Mary placed dark, medium, and light fabrics in the quilt while disregarding her color choices. You’ll quickly see that not all blocks have exactly the same values in the same places.

    Next, take a black-and-white photo of your planned fabrics. This will help you sort your options by color value (darks, mediums, and lights) rather than by the actual colors. To get a good mix in your quilt top, you can compare the values in each quilt block on the black-and-white photo to black-and-white images of your fabrics. In the end, your blocks won’t match colorwise to the quilt in the book, but you will have just as fabulous of a mix of values for a great scrappy quilt layout in your own favorite colors!

    Tip #2: Keeping Your Fabrics Organized

    Because you need 4 different medium or dark fabrics and 2 different light fabrics, it’s easier to keep track of which fabric would go where by labeling.

    I like to simply keep my pieces pinned together. Karen labels hers with office-supply sticky tabs, but you can use lettered or numbered pins or Post-It Notes, or whatever works for you.

    The materials list, cutting list, and sewing instructions starting on page 63 of "Fresh Start Quilts" are very clear. Here’s a quick visual of how the pieces go together to form the block, but you’ll want to refer to the instructions in the book for specific measurements and instructions.

    The sewing goal for this 4-week sew-along is to make 5 blocks each week, so we suggest that you cut fabrics for five blocks at a time. At this pace, we can finish our quilt tops before Christmas. (Of course, it’s not a contest, so you if don’t have as much time, it’s OK to make fewer blocks per week.)

    Here’s a peek at one of my blocks and one of Karen’s blocks:

    I’m not quite done with the blocks for my king size quilt, so I better get sewing. We’ll share more tips and pics next week!


    Stock up on Appliqué Freezer Paper and Foundation-Piecing Paper Packs!

    Visit ShopMartingale.com to take advantage of our flash sale: Buy 3 packs (or more) of papers and get 50% off each pack! You can mix and match Applique Freezer Papers and Foundation-Piecing Papers. Why do you need these papers? Scroll down to learn more! Act now, this flash sale is only valid through Thursday, November 17.

    Appliqué Freezer Paper

    Re-create the look of Kim Diehl’s world-famous appliqué with ease. Why choose Kim Diehl’s Best Appliqué Freezer Paper?

    • 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheets can be used with inkjet printers and photocopiers
    • Flat, single-page sheets make tracing, cutting, and storage easy.
    • The ideal weight makes preparing and stitching appliqué motifs for both machine and hand techniques a snap!
    • The waxy side of each sheet has just the right amount of "hold" when pressed onto fabric, yet it releases easily once your stitching is complete.
    • The updated value pack includes 50 sheets!

    Use the same paper that best-selling author Kim Diehl uses for her invisible machine-appliqué method. Add these books to cart–they include patterns that utilize the appliqué freezer paper.

    From left: "Simple Appeal – 14 Patchwork & Appliqué Projects for Everyday Living", "Simple Whatnots – A Batch of Satisfyingly Scrappy Little Quilts", and "Simple Whatnots III – A Third Serving of Satisfyingly Scrappy Quilts", all by Kim Diehl.


    Papers for Foundation Piecing

    Play with paper-piecing whenever you wish with the quality and convenience of That Patchwork Place’s foundation-piecing papers! Print your favorite paper-piecing patterns easily and accurately with the convenience of your home computer or a photocopier. Our papers give such fast, precise results, you’ll be paper-piecing your next project–with the finest, quilter-tested papers–in no time. Plus, you can use them with any paper-piecing book or magazine pattern on the market!

    Check out these Martingale books that are perfect for pairing with foundation-piecing paper.

    From left: "You’ve Got a Point – Stunning Quilts with Triangle-in-a-Square Blocks" by Anna Dineen, "Learn to Paper Piece – A Visual Guide to Piecing with Precision" by Nancy Mahoney, and "Little Gems – 15 Paper-Pieced Miniature Quilts" by Connie Kauffman.

    Happy stitching!

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  5. "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch-Along: Part 3 + Fresh Start Quilts Stitch-Along

    The Part 3 instructions for the "Simple Double-Dipped" Mystery Stitch-Along are live and ready for you. Let’s do this!! In this final update, you’ll get instructions to finish your blocks into a table runner, a table topper, or ….Well, you’ll just have to visit the special "Simple Double-Dipped" Mystery Stitch-Along page and download the Part 3 pdf to see an additional finishing option that author Kim Diehl has whipped up for you!

    The "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch-Along has come to a close, but keep stitching and sharing your progress on Instagram and Facebook. We love to see your progress! And don’t worry, we have more stitching fun in store for you…. Starting on Tuesday, November 15, we’re hosting a stitch-along of the cover quilt (Fresh Air) from "Fresh Start Quilts" by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene. We’ll share tips, our versions of the blocks, plus the authors will share their (new!) blocks, too! The Fresh Air quilt finishes at 51-1/2″ x 64-1/2″, and it’s a perfect design to use up some of your scraps! Grab your copy of "Fresh Start Quilts" and get ready to sew along with us!

    ^^Watch the trunk show video to see all of the projects in "Fresh Start Quilts".

    From the back cover of "Fresh Start Quilts":

    Are you ready for a fresh start?

    The best-selling design team of Country Threads is back with a new look. Longtime designers and former shop owners Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene are known for their scrappy Civil War-inspired quilts. In a modern-day plot twist, the design duo has shifted gears and reimagined 11 of their traditional quilt patterns in vibrant, refreshing colors. (Think about trading out your favorite fall sweaters for a brighter spring wardrobe!)

    No matter what the color palette, the blocks and scrappy fabric choices stay true to the Country Threads style that you know and love.

    Want more sewing inspiration?!? Visit the Sew Alongs tab on ShopMartingale.com to see a list of sew-alongs, blog hops, video features, and more from Martingale authors.

    And while you’re browsing the books at ShopMartingale.com, check out the $35 Quilters Gift Bundles, $25 Mystery Book Boxes, and other items in our Gifts, Tools, and Calendars category.

    Happy stitching!

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  6. "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch-Along: Part 2

    Are you ready for Part 2 of the "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch-Along?

    Ready or not, here’s the link for the Part 2 update from author, Kim Diehl. And it’s ok if you’re not ready or haven’t started yet! You can still get the book (remember, when you order from ShopMartingale.com, you can download the ebook version as soon as you complete your purchase), visit the Mystery Stitch-Along page, and download and save the Part 2 pdf. We’ll share the Part 3 (final) update on Friday, November 11. If you missed Part 1, check out this blog post.

    Make sure to share your progress on Instagram and Facebook. Tag us @martingaletpp and add these hashtags to your posts so we can see and share your progress: #madewithmartingale #simpledoubledippedquilts #simpledoubledippedquiltsmysterystitchalong .

    Here are a few pics from people that are sewing along! Thanks for stitching and sharing–keep up the good work!

    Top row, from left: @simplystitches_curiosities, @pbruns17, and @creativelinesquiting.

    Bottom row: all from @ksoltys (starring her photobomber kitty, Joey 😻).

    ^^Watch a trunk show video to see and learn about all of the projects included in "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" by Kim Diehl.

    From the back cover of "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts":

    Classic blocks sewn with a spin for unexpected surprises!

    Double dipping is best-selling author Kim Diehl’s term for taking a tried-and-true quilt block and adding a twist that makes it unique. She shows you how to do just that in 10 stunning patterns ranging from bed-size to mini. Scrappy color schemes are guaranteed to make you want to dive into your stash or stock up on new prints at your favorite quilt shop. (Do both!)

    In the spirit of doubling the fun, each project features a Double-Take Tip with bonus ideas including alternate settings, simple patchwork tweaks, or different color schemes–giving YOU a bevy of ways to double the possibilities for your 10 quilts!

    Has Kim sparked your imagination? The one and only Kim Diehl encourages you step-by-step from cutting out pieces to finishing your quilts. She’s cheering you on as you answer the call of your sewing room.

    Happy stitching!


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  7. The "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch-Along Starts Today + Gift Ideas for Quilters

    Yay, yay, yay! The "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch-Along starts today!

    Visit the special "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch-Along page on ShopMartingale.com to download the instructions for Part 1. Here’s a sneak peek photo of Kim Diehl’s Part 1 block from the "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch-Along. 

    It’s not too late to join the "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch-Along! Get your copy of the "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" book by Kim Diehl from your local quilt shop, ShopMartingale.com, or anywhere you buy quilting books, and join us in the fun!

    Make sure to share your progress on Instagram and Facebook. Tag us @martingaletpp and add these hashtags to your posts so we can see and share your progress: #madewithmartingale #simpledoubledippedquilts #simpledoubledippedquiltsmysterystitchalong .


    Bargain Busters: Gifts for Quilters

    In addition to all of the fabulous books that are available on ShopMartingale.com, we’ve been working behind the scenes to make gift-giving easier for you this year! Check out the selection of Mystery Book Boxes and Quilters Gift Bundles available on ShopMartingale.com.

    The Mystery Book Boxes are grab bag-style, themed collections of 5 books for $25 (80% off individual retail price!), and the Quilters Gift Bundles include a quilt-theme jigsaw puzzle, a 2023 That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar, the spiral-bound A Quilting Life Planner and Workbook, AND the travel-size A Quilter’s Journal for $35 (55% off individual retail price).

    The bundles and boxes deals are hot! Don’t miss out–shop and save today! And as always, when you spend $60 or more on ShopMartingale.com, we’ll pay for shipping (US only).

    ^^ Download our 2022 catalog to see the books and products available on ShopMartingale.com.

    Happy stitching!


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  8. Quilters Gift Bundles + Upcoming Sew-Alongs

    New for You: Quilters Gift Bundles!

    Shopping for your favorite quilting friends has never been easier! We gathered some of our most popular gifts for quilters and combined them in shop-and-save bundles. Buy a bundle to keep, one to share, another for your guild swap, and one for a friend to show that you care!

    Each $35 bundle includes:

    • One of our 1,000-piece puzzles (Picket Fence Pretties, Red & White Variety, Airing the Quilts, or Fresh Picked)
    • 2023 That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar (includes instructions for 12 projects)
    • A Quilting Life Planner and Workbook by Sherri L. McConnell (spiral-bound, undated planner)
    • A Quilter’s Journal by Lisa Bongean (undated, week-by-week journal)

    Retail price of each bundle: $76.96.

    Limited-time price: $35

    The gift bundle pricing is available through Wednesday, November 9. Order now so you can receive your bundles before the holidays!


    Mystery Stitch-Along and Sew-Along Fun!

    Do you have your copy of Kim Diehl’s newest book, "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" yet? Kim is leading a Mystery Stitch-Along that will start on Monday, November 7. The stitch-along will be quick, easy, and fun! We’ll post updates here on our blog, as well as on our social media platforms—Facebook and Instagram.

    It’s not to late to get your copy of "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" from your local quilt shop or ShopMartingale.com! If you purchase the book from ShopMartingale.com, you’ll have access to the eBook (pdf) version of the book as soon as you complete your order.

    Get ready to sew along with authors Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene and make the popular Fresh Air quilt pictured on the cover of their latest book, "Fresh Start Quilts". The sew-along will start on Tuesday, November 15. We’ll post Connie and Mary’s weekly progress here on our blog, and on our social media platforms—Facebook and Instagram.

    You’ll need a copy of "Fresh Start Quilts" to participate, as we’ll be using the instructions in the book for cutting and making the blocks. If you don’t already have a copy of the book, you can purchase one at your favorite quilt shop, online from ShopMartingale.com, or wherever you like to buy books.

    Check out our Sew Alongs page to see all of the exciting blog hops, sew-alongs, video events, and more from our authors.

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  9. Mystery Book Boxes: Part Two 👻 📚 5 Books for $25!

    To kick off the Halloween weekend, we’re releasing another round of Mystery Book Boxes! It’s no trick–the specific book titles included each box are a secret–and you’ll be thrilled with the treat! But much like free candy on Halloween, the Mystery Book Boxes are only available for a limited time! Order a box or two for yourself, and add a couple to your cart for your favorite quilting friends.

    A Scrapper’s Delight: Version 2.0

    The Scrappy Mystery Book Box that we featured in September was a fan favorite! As a follow-up, we selected 5 different books to include in the Scrappy Projects 2.0 Mystery Book Box. You’ll get more than 60 scrappy quilt patterns from this collection of scrappy books. The titles of the 5 books are a secret, but no doubt that they’ll help you transform your scraps into beautiful quilts.

    Regular retail price of these 5 books: $133.95


    Repro-Style Quilts

    Quilts with a nod to the past and books that share a bit of history are on our all-time greatest hits list! The Repro-Style Quilts Mystery Book Box includes 5 books with instructions for more than 60 total patterns, plus nuggets about quiltmakers and stories from times of yore.

    Regular retail price of these 5 books: $130.95


    Small Quilts

    There’s something special about starting and finishing(!) quilts in a timely fashion. Small and mini quilts make great gifts, and they provide perfect opportunities to check quilts off your to-do list. The Small Quilts Mystery Book Box includes 5 books and more than 70 patterns for small, achievable quilts.

    Regular retail price of these 5 books: $120.95


    Precut Projects

    Precut fabrics come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the most popular sizes being fat quarters (18″ x 21″ pieces), 2-1/2″ x 42″ strips, 10″ squares, and 5″ squares. They are often sold in bundles from a designer’s collection, or curated by shop owners to highlight certain colors and styles. No matter what shape or size, precuts are handy to purchase and pretty to display in your sewing space. But then what?! In the Precut Projects Mystery Book Box, you’ll get 5 books featuring more than 60 total projects so you can put your precuts to good use.

    Regular retail price of these 5 books: $114.95


    Calendar reminder!

    It’s almost time to flip the page on your calendar. Have you ordered your 2023 That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar yet? The inspiring wall calendar includes a 28-page pullout booklet with complete instructions to make all 12 of the pictured projects. Throughout the year, the beautifully styled photos will enhance your decor and inspire your creativity. Plus, use the large daily squares to record appointments, meetings, and special events.

    PS: The calendar is on sale on our site right now….

    Visit ShopMartingale.com to order your 2023 calendar, and get a jump-start on holiday gift-giving today! We’ll pay for shipping* if your order totals $60 or more (*US only).

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  10. Kim Diehl’s "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch Along: Get Your Book and Pick Your Fabrics

    We’re SEW excited to announce that Kim Diehl is leading a Mystery Stitch-Along for her newest book, "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts"!

    Purchase your copy of "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" and get ready for the November 7, 2022 stitching start date! Details and updates on our blog, at @kim_diehl_quilts, and at @martingaletpp.

    Three-Part Mystery Holiday Stitch-Along Featuring Kim Diehl’s Lastest Book:

    Simple Double-Dipped Quilts

    Project Notes for Wreaths and Ribbons Bonus Project

    • You’ll need your "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" book to stitch this bonus project. Page numbers referenced in each installment may differ if you’re using an eBook, so project names and section titles are referenced to help you easily find the needed steps.
    • This bonus quilt is offered in two size options to enable you to personalize your project. You can stitch the table runner (12-1/2” × 36-1/2” or the table topper (36-1/2” × 36-1/2”).

    Share your progress on Instagram using the hashtag: #simpledoubledippedquiltsmysterystitchalong . Visit this page and follow @kim_diehl_quilts and @martingaletpp for updates.

    Materials for Table Runner

    • 6 chubby sixteenths (9” × 10-1/2”) of assorted red prints
    • 6 chubby sixteenths of assorted green prints
    • 1 fat quarter (18” × 21”) of cream print
    • 1 fat quarter of red or green print for binding
    • 1/2 yard of print for backing
    • 18” × 42” rectangle of batting
    • Standard sewing and quilting supplies

    Materials for Table Topper

    • 18 chubby sixteenths (9” × 10-1/2”) of assorted red prints
    • 18 chubby sixteenths of assorted green prints
    • 5/8 yard of cream print
    • 3/8 yard of red or green print for binding
    • 1-1/4 yards of print for backing
    • 43” × 43” square of batting
    • Standard sewing and quilting supplies

    Click here to download the Materials List and Project Notes for the "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" Mystery Stitch-Along. Purchase your copy of "Simple Double-Dipped Quilts" book by Kim Diehl from your local quilt shop, ShopMartingale.com, or anywhere you buy quilting books.

    Next update: Part 1–Monday, November 7

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