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  1. 7 days to Christmas! 9 make-in-a-day (or less) projects

    Posted by on December 18, 2014, in quilting & sewing, , , ,

    Quilt detail from Here Comes Winter One week until Christmas: who’s left on your nice list? You want to make them something from the heart…but is there enough time left? With a little quick-sew magic, the answer is yes! Below you’ll find nine projects to put together in just a few hours. Projects are from […]

  2. 6 buck eBooks, 1.99 ePatterns: sale starts now

    Posted by on December 17, 2014, in quilting & sewing, , ,

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  3. 9 ways with big quilt blocks: a cozy home quick! (+ giveaway)

    Do you love surrounding yourself with all things quilty—pieces that add a cozy vibe to your home while showing off your creativity too? Enhancing her home with quilted treasures is one of best-selling author Amy Ellis’s passions. In her new book Think Big, she shares her secret for warming up stark spaces with quilts of […]

  4. Mini quilts bring maximum cheer (+ sale!)

    In the run-up to Christmas it seems we’re always racing to finish projects we should have started much earlier than we did. We put the last few stitches in the binding on the family quilts and start right in on the quilts for best friends, guild buddies, and the office Secret Santa. Well, here’s a […]

  5. Everyday objects, extraordinary quilts (video + giveaway!)

    Ever notice something seemingly ordinary—a chain-link fence, a pile of leaves, a string of beads, a tile floor—and thought, “That would make a great quilt!”? If you have, you’ll find a kindred spirit in designer Heather Scrimsher. Her passion? Creating extraordinary modern quilt patterns from the ordinary things she sees everyday. “Fall Leaves” In her […]

  6. Roundup: our top 5 free quilting videos

    Need some quilting inspiration today? Check out our top 5 free quilting videos on YouTube—a great group of creative how-to tutorials that’ll get you motivated to try something new! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive updates whenever we add new videos. Reading this blog post in an email? Click here to see any of […]

  7. Sewing games for kids: batteries not required (+ giveaway!)

    How can you inspire kids to unplug from that video game, TV, or computer and choose to play together instead? With your love of sewing! And with the holidays at hand, there’s no better time for introducing new fun and games—that you make yourself. “Pancake Party” For about the price of one commercial game, the […]

  8. The more the merrier: one quilt book, many designers

    Imagine it: you’ve just arrived at the ultimate quilt show. Peeking down an aisle, you see several popular quilt designers teaching attendees a special technique and sharing how they made final fabric choices for new designs. You happily browse the aisles, stopping to admire one designer’s latest quilt, leaning in to learn a clever technique […]

  9. How to transfer patterns to fabric for quilting: no-mark method

    There are many ways to mark designs on a quilt top in preparation for quilting. But have you ever tried not marking your quilt top? See how six-time Martingale author Mary M. Covey transfers her beautiful machine-quilting patterns to fabric without pencils, pens, or chalks ever touching her quilts. No-Marking Method for Machine Quilting from […]

  10. Fast, festive, fun!: ornaments, stockings, and tree skirts

    Posted by on December 3, 2014, in quilting & sewing, ,

    Quilts are great to make for Christmas—but what about all the extra little goodies we get to create this time of year? Today we’ve put together a special roundup of smaller-than-a-quilt projects to whip up for gifts, decorating, or simply for spending a few extra hours at the sewing machine. Go classic, modern, or somewhere […]