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  1. National Quilting Month: start your bucket quilt (and see ours)

    Posted by on February 26, 2015, in quilting & sewing, , ,

    March is National Quilting Month! With 31 days to celebrate quilting—including the crowning jewel of the month, Worldwide Quilting Day on Saturday, March 21—we got to thinking about our “bucket quilts.” What’s a bucket quilt, you ask? A bucket quilt is an all-time favorite quilt. Perhaps you’ve pinned a picture of one; maybe you’ve purchased […]

  2. How to make a king-size quilt quicker: 4 strategies

    Posted by on February 25, 2015, in quilting & sewing, , ,

    The KING-SIZE quilt. If there’s one thing all quilters can agree on about king-size quilts, it’s this: They’re big. “Cabin Flowers” from English Paper Piecing
 by Vicki Bellino No way of getting around it, is there? But does big have to equal overwhelming, unmanageable, or impossible? No way! In fact, getting to the finish line […]

  3. Perfect projects for quilt retreats (+ giveaway!)

    Whether you’re “retreating” to your quilting space for an afternoon or meeting up with friends for a long weekend of sewing, quilt retreats are all the rage. And why not? Just like a massage or a mani-pedi, a retreat plucks you from your day-to-day life and places you in an environment where you can lavish […]

  4. Best batting for quilts? Well, it depends… (cheat sheet)

    Do you choose the same batting for your quilts over and over again—but only because you’re not sure which quilt-batting types are best for what purposes? Many quilters favor one batting over another, and with good reason. Machine quilters prefer one kind, hand quilters another, and the topics of warmth and washing can take you […]

  5. Quick, easy, fun, done: new quilt patterns at your LQS

    Fantastic qualities to have in a quilt pattern, right? These qualities are exactly what we relied on when creating an exciting new pattern line for you. And today we can introduce it: Martingale’s Sweet & Simple™ pattern series! Thirty sensational projects will help you get to the finish line fast—and you’ll love every sweet-and-simple minute […]

  6. There’s no place like home: house quilt patterns

    Childhood home, first home, dream home. Large or small, clapboard or brick, Colonial, contemporary, or high-rise condo: homes come in many shapes and sizes and so do the memories and emotions attached to them. Maybe that’s why the iconic house quilt is so beloved among quilters: it reminds us of home. “Village Square” from Fig […]

  7. For your quilting toolbox: exploring the three Cs (+ giveaway!)

    Posted by on February 17, 2015, in quilting & sewing, , ,

    The quilter’s toolbox—we all have one. Many of our tools are items we can find at a local quilt shop or buy from a favorite vendor at a quilt show. There are also “tools” we use every day that make our quilts special and uniquely ours. Our eye for color, the way we plan and […]

  8. Strip-quilt tutorial: sew straighter strip sets with this one trick

    If you’ve made a quilt that relies on strip piecing, you know the technique is a wonderful time-saver. But have you ever noticed that, as you add strip upon strip, your seams—which started  straight as Cupid’s arrow—begin to bend like an archer’s bow? Bowing, bending strip sets can often lead to trouble down the road […]

  9. 7 super-quick crafts for Valentine’s Day (yes, that quick)

    Valentine’s Day is only two days away—but there’s still time to give your valentine a gift with a handmade touch! Simply register or log in to our Freebies page and get access to how-tos for all 7 fast, fun valentine crafts below. We’re proud to point out that these projects were made just for you, […]

  10. A simple baby-quilt pattern—free!

    Let’s face it, every quilter needs a baby-quilt pattern at some point, right? Whether for your own child or grandchild, a charity program, or a guild project, you’re going to make a baby quilt and chances are, you want it to be quick and easy. And what makes a quick and easy pattern even better? […]