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  1. How to cast on, how to bind off: 200+ options (+ giveaway!)

    Cast On, Bind Off—now in paperback! Did you miss this book when it was released in hardcover? Or did you hesitate because of the price? Packed full of cast-on knitting methods and bind-off techniques, it’s now only $19.99—that’s more than 200 ways to finish your knitting for only $19.99! I’ve been knitting for many years [...]

  2. Hate finishing? How to knit seamless sweaters

    How many times have you completed the bulk of a sweater pattern, just to leave the pieces unfinished in your WIP basket? How many times have you paid someone else to sew those sweaters together because you just really hate the finishing? If that’s you, you’re not alone! Turns out, there are many, many knitters [...]

  3. If you dream it, you can create it (+40% OFF)

    Posted by on April 4, 2014, in crochet & knitting, ,

    It was Thomas Edison who said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. If there’s one thing knitters and crocheters know about, it’s the 99%—the patience, determination, and perspiration that go into each stitch. And today we want to talk about the inspiration! Antje Gillingham, author of Knitting Circles around Socks, had a bit [...]

  4. Start knitting socks TODAY—for just $5!

    If you’ve been waiting to start knitting socks, now’s a perfect time to start! Why? Because this weekend we’re offering a BIG flash sale on Sensational Knitted Socks, an all-in-one primer by renowned sock expert Charlene Schurch. Charlene covers everything from how to choose yarn to basic sock construction and techniques. Itching to stitch your [...]

  5. Your how-to-crochet kit awaits (+ giveaway!)

    Are you itching to learn how to crochet? Getting started can be the hardest part. You may be wondering what supplies you need, what books or patterns are the best for beginners, or even where to get help if you need it. If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, then you’ve come to the right [...]

  6. Toys kids will LOVE—and you’ll love to make!

    Knitted cat dolls from Playful Little Knits Remember those paper dolls we all loved as kids? The best part of playing with paper dolls was using my imagination: one doll could fill many different roles depending on how I dressed her. Maybe many of you can relate. If there’s one thing kids have in excess, [...]

  7. Quirky Question: your week, the highlights (+ sale)

    Posted by on March 7, 2014, in crochet & knitting, ,

    Thanks for coming back for the monthly Quirky Question! The question is just for fun, answers are always welcome, and you could get an eBook for free. Left: from Contemporary Crochet by Sys Fredens. SALE ALERT: only $8.39! Imagine you’re a reporter and your editor has asked you to write a feel-good story about your [...]

  8. Lace knitting for the rest of us (+ giveaway!)

    Are you a lace knitter or just a wannabe? Do you gaze longingly at gorgeous lace scarves and shawls displayed in your local yarn shop, proudly posted on Ravelry, or fashionably tossed around the necks and shoulders of your friends? If you’re intimidated by the thought of even attempting to knit lace, you can relax [...]

  9. The secret to having more fun with crochet

    Posted by on February 21, 2014, in crochet & knitting, , ,

    There’s a little secret that prolific crocheters know. It’s a secret that allows them to put their own spin on almost anything using crochet, including afghans, scarves, hats and more. Plus, they can easily modify or embellish a pattern to fit specific tastes or styles with little to no effort. The secret? A really good [...]

  10. Know a special shop? Say ‘thanks’ with this.

    Posted by on February 14, 2014, in crochet & knitting, ,

    It’s Valentine’s Day! Even if you’re not the mushy, romantic type, we can all agree on this: our enduring love for all things fabric and yarn. That’s enough of a reason to celebrate, right? All of us here at Martingale can agree on something else, too: we love YOU! Yes, you—our readers. Thank you for [...]