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  1. Anniversary week! Free quilting tutorials roundup, day 1

    Posted by on March 9, 2015

    Welcome to day one of QUILT TUTORIALS WEEK—and our weeklong blog-anniversary celebration! Our official anniversary arrives on Thursday, so before we officially celebrate, we’re reminiscing by sharing a week’s worth of free quilting tutorials from the past year. Bookmark them, pin them, however you save them—but keep this week’s posts handy for the times when […]

  2. Best batting for quilts? Well, it depends… (cheat sheet)

    Posted by on February 23, 2015

    Do you choose the same batting for your quilts over and over again—but only because you’re not sure which quilt-batting types are best for what purposes? Many quilters favor one batting over another, and with good reason. Machine quilters prefer one kind, hand quilters another, and the topics of warmth and washing can take you […]

  3. How to finish quilt binding (diagonal-seam method)

    Posted by on February 9, 2015

    Who better to call on for a quilt-binding tutorial than Mimi Dietrich? Mimi’s book on how to finish quilts, Happy Endings, has been a favorite of quilters since it was published in 1987 and revised in 2003. In it you’ll find creative ideas for binding your quilts in most any way you can imagine. (There’s […]

  4. Learn free-motion quilting in new Sewing with Nancy videos

    Posted by on February 5, 2015

    Free-Motion Quilting for Beginners author Molly Hanson visits Nancy Zieman at the Sewing with Nancy studio. Most quilters fall into one of two camps: those who’ve tried free-motion quilting and those who want to try. Have you given it a go? If you haven’t yet—or if you’ve tried with unfortunate results—or if you’ve tried, succeeded, […]

  5. Triangle quilts: making the perfect HST

    Posted by on February 2, 2015

    What’s your favorite way to make the perfect HST? Perfect what? Half-square triangles, sometimes called triangle squares or bias squares, are often abbreviated as HST in quilting lingo. They’re squares made from two equal triangles sewn together along their diagonal edges, and they’re among the most commonly used elements in quilts. It’s not a stretch […]

  6. Quilting 101: how to square up a quilt block

    Posted by on January 12, 2015

    Ever sewed a quilt block that was supposed to be square…but didn’t turn out that way? We guarantee it’s even happened to some of the quilters at Martingale! Less-than-perfect cutting and sewing can result in too-big or too-small blocks that refuse to lie flat when sewn together. Frustration soon follows. Squaring up your blocks before […]

  7. Best ways to cut, sew, press: this quilter knows. Do you?

    Posted by on November 20, 2014

    Lots of quilters have posted reviews of Martingale books on our website. But once in a while a review comes along that is so in-depth, we couldn’t have described the book better ourselves! That’s the case with a review that was recently posted for Donna Lynn Thomas’s book, Quiltmaking Essentials 1. The reviewer, Rebecca Rumpf, […]

  8. Free-motion quilting for those who think they can’t (blog hop + giveaway!)

    Posted by on November 11, 2014

    Do you dream of free-motion quilting on your home sewing machine? You need a teacher. And a copilot. And a cheerleader! Today we introduce you to an extraordinarily talented young quilter, Molly Hanson, who wears all three hats for you in her new book, Free-Motion Quilting for Beginners (and Those Who Think They Can’t). With […]

  9. How to quilt: all the answers, one place

    Posted by on September 17, 2014

    Looking for a quilting reference that has it all? Trust the skill-building chapters, how-to instructions, and patchwork-packed pages in The Simple Joys of Quilting to guide you toward becoming a better quilter. Whatever your skill level, there’s something new to learn—and a timeless quilt pattern to fall in love with—in this beautiful eBook by celebrated […]

  10. A girl finally becomes a quilter—thanks to YOU!

    Posted by on July 31, 2014

    In February, I shared my love-hate relationship with wanting to become a quilter. I told you how my first attempt went (spoiler alert: not so great) and how I was fearful of trying again—until authors Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson showed me a couple of techniques that made it seem so easy (you can see […]