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  1. How to design your own quilt? 4 ways to begin (+ giveaway!)

    Posted by on July 10, 2014

    Have you dreamed of designing your own quilts? Maybe you’ve wondered where other quilters get their ideas. If there’s one thing for certain, it’s this: Every quilter has a designer inside, waiting to come out and play. So, how can you coax her out? Dreaming up one-of-a-kind quilts seems second nature to designer and popular […]

  2. An all-in-one ruler for quilters? It exists!

    Posted by on July 9, 2014

    Rotary rulers. How many do you own? It seems like there’s a different ruler out there for every cutting task. But did you know there’s one ruler designed to do the job of many? It proudly proclaims its mission in its name: the All-in-One Ruler™. The ruler measures 6″ x 18″—no bigger than many rectangular […]

  3. Making half-square triangles? Never skip this step (+ sale!)

    Posted by on June 2, 2014

    Look—half-square triangles surrounded by half-square triangles! How many ways can you make a half-square triangle? Quilters have dreamed up loads of techniques for stitching this humble little unit. Some methods focus on simplicity, while others focus on accuracy. But it’s no wonder that there are so many homages to this simple building block: it’s the […]

  4. Sew hexagons, diamonds, more—by machine! (+ giveaway!)

    Posted by on May 22, 2014

    Drawn to quilts with hexagons, diamonds, and triangles, but fear an uphill battle when it comes to making them? You may think you need to be an A+ student of geometry to create 60° shapes in quilts. But when a self-proclaimed math geek supplies the answers to all of your questions—and shows you how to […]

  5. Quiz: how many of these quilt-block designs have you made?

    Posted by on April 10, 2014

    Today we’ve got a quilting query for you: how many classic quilt blocks have you made? We’ve scoured the ultimate resource for traditional quilt blocks, 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks, in search of the some of the most timeless, classic quilt blocks we know. And now we want to know if you’ve sewn these pretty pieces […]

  6. YOUR turn to design: start with easy quilt-block patterns

    Posted by on February 13, 2014

    When designer Katy Jones released her first book, 25 Patchwork Quilt Blocks, she inspired thousands of quilters to ask, “What can I do with quilt blocks—but no quilt pattern?” Katy convinced them: plenty! Now Katy’s back with 25 Patchwork Quilt Blocks Volume 2, featuring even more ways to play. Blocks from 25 Patchwork Quilt Blocks […]

  7. Single-block quilts – with a twist! (+ sale!)

    Posted by on December 9, 2013

    What do you think of when you hear the phrase “single-block quilts”? Boring? Repetitious? Too traditional? I certainly fall into that trap at times, but when I look through some of our books, I realize that it simply isn’t true! Detail of “Nine Patch Jewels” from Favorite Traditional Quilts Made Easy This week’s sale books […]

  8. On-point quilts with zero math? Learn how (+ giveaway!)

    Posted by on November 12, 2013

    Quilts from On-Point Patchwork by Donna Lynn Thomas Ever passed on a pattern because of on-point units, blocks, or borders? If there’s a math-related puzzle that’s plagued quilters since quilting began, it’s how to set quilt blocks on point. Perhaps you’ve heard of the quilter’s magic number: 1.414 (more on that number here). If you […]

  9. Folded corners (and other painless piecing tricks)

    Posted by on August 5, 2013

    Looking to spice up your quilting life, but want to keep things simple? Now’s the time to get started! Today four talented designers share their favorite quilt-piecing tricks with you. From stitching Cathedral Windows quilts by machine (!) to perfecting a prairie-points quilt border; from creating versatile folded-corner quilts to making two-at-a-time triangle blocks without […]

  10. Quilt sandwich tips + patchwork plenty!

    Posted by on May 6, 2013

    Ah, treasure! That’s what I think when I see a big, heavy book loaded with patchwork quilt patterns. Twenty different quilts? Think of the possibilities! Twenty-six quilts, each with directions for multiple sizes? How versatile! How about 101 different patchwork designs? With that many quilts, you know there’s gonna be plenty to like. We’ve rounded […]