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  1. Slip and slide? New technique for Stack the Deck quilts (+ giveaway!)

    Posted by on April 22, 2014

    Eight-time author Karla Alexander has amassed quite a few quilting fans through her topselling “Stack the Deck” books—and if you ask those fans, the reason is simple: her Stack the Deck method is fast and fun! Now she’s back with a new twist—actually, it’s more of a shuffle—for a perfect balance of carefree cutting, simple [...]

  2. How to cast on, how to bind off: 200+ options (+ giveaway!)

    Posted by on April 18, 2014

    Cast On, Bind Off—now in paperback! Did you miss this book when it was released in hardcover? Or did you hesitate because of the price? Packed full of cast-on knitting methods and bind-off techniques, it’s now only $19.99—that’s more than 200 ways to finish your knitting for only $19.99! I’ve been knitting for many years [...]

  3. Q&A with Kim Diehl + new scrappy quilts + fabric giveaway!

    Posted by on April 8, 2014

    It’s been two years since Kim Diehl released a collection of quilt patterns in her “Simple” series of books—and if you’ve been counting, her new book is lucky #7. This latest bunch of warm, welcoming quilts are as gorgeous as ever, and as always, they speak to lovers of scrappy quilts. “Farm-Girl Finery,” “Sprigs and [...]

  4. Wish List Day! New quilting books coming soon (+ giveaway!)

    Posted by on April 1, 2014

    Welcome to Wish-List Day at Stitch This! Today we give you a sneak peek at new books about quilting and more coming out in the next three months. Click on any cover to use the “Wish List” and “Notify Me” options at ShopMartingale—they’ll help you keep track of the books you want to remember. Now, [...]

  5. Favorite fun and easy sewing projects

    Posted by on March 27, 2014

    Do you have favorite patterns that you find yourself sewing again and again? What makes your go-to patterns worth repeating? Are they fun, quick, pretty, versatile? Just plain useful? All of the above? Well, here at Martingale we have our favorite fun sewing projects too. And because no quilter or sewist can ever have too [...]

  6. From Moda to Martingale: a family sews up success (+ fabric giveaway!)

    Posted by on March 18, 2014

    What can be accomplished by a mother-and-two-daughters team that loves to sew? How about five fabric lines for Moda, a popular pattern line, and now a book featuring their easy, cute sewing projects? Cheers to the family that plays together! In Sweet and Simple Sewing, Jessi Jung, Carrie Jung, and Lauren Jung offer a mix [...]

  7. Get to know a Civil War fabric fanatic (+ fabric giveaway!)

    Posted by on March 11, 2014

    How She Spent Her Summer Vacation Carol Hopkins started quilting in the days before rotary cutters (Yes, Virginia, there was a time when quilts were cut out with scissors). It was 1980, and she made a queen-size Log Cabin quilt using a yardstick to measure her pieces. That’s determination for you! She was drawn to [...]

  8. Can YOU quilt it? You bet—learn how now (+ big giveaway!)

    Posted by on March 6, 2014

    If you ever wondered, “How did she quilt that?,” you’ve been in the same boat as Kim Diehl’s preferred machine quilter, Deborah Poole. A hand quilter for years, Deborah taught herself how to free-motion quilt, step by tiny step. Now she’s sharing her own brand of shortcuts and secrets for free-motion quilting in her new [...]

  9. Lace knitting for the rest of us (+ giveaway!)

    Posted by on February 28, 2014

    Are you a lace knitter or just a wannabe? Do you gaze longingly at gorgeous lace scarves and shawls displayed in your local yarn shop, proudly posted on Ravelry, or fashionably tossed around the necks and shoulders of your friends? If you’re intimidated by the thought of even attempting to knit lace, you can relax [...]

  10. 501 quilting design motifs + 8 ways to mark a quilt (+ giveaway!)

    Posted by on February 27, 2014

    If you quilt by hand or machine—or if you’re one of many quilters who is ready to try her hand (or machine) at quilting your own quilts—you simply must get to know our #1 bestselling book on the art of quilting. Why now? Because it’s finally available in paperback for a new low price! Whether [...]