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  1. In gratitude: thank you

    Posted by on November 27, 2014

    Quilt featured: “Rhubarb Crisp” by Jo Morton, from Skinny Quilts and Table Runners II As we celebrate this season of giving thanks, our thoughts turn to you. We are deeply grateful for your continued support of our goal: to bring the best designers, projects, and techniques to your local quilt shop, your mailbox, and your […]

  2. 14 days to Thanksgiving: sewing for the big day

    Posted by on November 13, 2014

Sewing for Thanksgiving? Why not? You’ve made your grocery list and decided what pies to bake. You’ve found the recipes for the green beans Uncle Harry loves and the turkey stuffing your kids crave. And you’ve lovingly washed and ironed the beautiful white linen tablecloth you inherited from Grandma. But what have you done for […]

  3. The wonderful, whimsical world of Quilt Market: fall 2014 recap

    Posted by on November 6, 2014

    We went. We saw. And we’re back from Fall 2014 Quilt Market to share what we experienced with you! (For those of you who aren’t familiar, Quilt Market is a twice-yearly event where people who make quilt stuff—like us—and people who sell quilt stuff—like your local quilt shop—get together and find ways to get the […]

  4. Super-simple shapes, super-duper fun: stormy-weather quilts (+ sale!)

    Posted by on November 3, 2014

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, we generally enjoy nice, sunny fall weather well into October. But come November, it turns blustery and rainy—perfect quilting weather! Today we’re featuring fabulous get-it-done-in-a-weekend projects that will make you happy to stay in and stitch. Easy shapes make these quilts quick to cut and sew. And even better: they’re on sale […]

  5. Staff stitch + show: look what we made!

    Posted by on October 29, 2014

    It’s been a few months since I’ve done a staff show-and-tell post. The finished projects are piling up around here, so it’s time for another! Perfect for Retreats Let’s start with Karen Burns, our acquisitions editor. Karen’s favorite time to stitch is at quilting retreats. She returns from a three-day weekend and amazes us with […]

  6. Quick crafts for Halloween

    Posted by on October 28, 2014

    Did Halloween sneak up on you this year? I find that although I always have the best intentions to decorate my home or my office cubicle, I end up scrambling at the last minute to do just a little something to commemorate the holiday. Read on for a few “quickie crafts” that you can do […]

  7. What’s your knit style? Take our quiz to find out!

    Posted by on October 17, 2014

    What’s your fall knitting style? Take our knitting-styles quiz to find out which fall knit trends you’ll love! Check out the pattern suggestions with each result—then bookmark them for your fall knitting to-do list. Bonus: give this quiz to your friends and family to curate gift ideas. 1.    Your ideal palette is: a.    A blend […]

  8. Pin it, print it: free printable bookmarks (for quilters)

    Posted by on August 26, 2014

    Own a stash of quilt books? See if this scenario sounds familiar: Flip flip flip. Where is that quilt pattern? Flip flip. Which book was it in? Flip. What page? We’ve got a solution that’ll eliminate the flip factor: free printable bookmarks—especially for quilters! Simply print, cut out, and start bookmarking your favorite patterns. Choose […]

  9. Quilters just wanna have fun: roundup!

    Posted by on August 13, 2014

    Back in June we hosted Quilt Tutorials Week, featuring 50 of our favorite single-topic tutorials from the past year. But some of our most popular posts from the past year aren’t single-topic tutorials… What to do? Today we’re rounding up those posts into the only category we could think of that would encompass them all: […]

  10. July 4 + fabric or yarn = pure bliss!

    Posted by on July 4, 2014

    Happy Fourth of July to all of our crafty buds! Today we’re out of the office, enjoying the holiday—which might mean stitching away on our machines, needles, or hooks. That’s what a day off is really for, right? If you, too, want to celebrate sweet freedom with a quilt, knit, or crochet project, check out […]