Quirky question: your prized possessions

Posted by on November 14, 2012, in quirky question

Martingale's Quirky Question

Thanks for stopping by for our weekly Quirky Question—where the question’s just for fun, your answer’s always welcome, and you could win an eBook for free!

Aunt Amy's Sampler Quilt, 1898(Right: “Aunt Amy’s Sampler Quilt,” circa 1898, from Quilts from Aunt Amy)

We create for many reasons—to express our ideas, to share our talents with others, to challenge ourselves … and because it’s a lot of fun, of course! But one thing our creations do, intentionally or not, is leave a story about who we are for future generations to read. Just like paintings, sculptures, and music can do for their individual makers, quilts can impart the legacy of our lives. Which brings us to this week’s question:

What possession—fabric, fiber, or otherwise—are you especially sentimental about, and why do you keep it?

Post your answer in the comments before noon (PST) on Monday, November 19, for your chance to win. The winning comment will be posted on Wednesday, November 21, along with the next question.

Last week’s question was, “What’s one story about you that your family and friends tell again and again?” Here’s the hilarious winning response:

“Once when going through a dinner buffet line at a restaurant, next to the Jello was this big, beautiful bowl of what I thought was banana pudding or some sort of pineapple dessert. I took a nice big spoonful on my plate. Part way through the meal, just I was getting ready to put a spoonful in my mouth, my husband said, ‘You’re not going to eat that, are you?’ I replied, ‘Yes!’ After placing the bite in my mouth I realized it was whipped butter. This happened over 26 years ago and we still laugh over that story. He tells it every time he gets the chance.”

Last week’s winning comment was written by Bonnie. Congratulations, Bonnie! Look for an email about how to get your free eBook.


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