Quirky question: thankful in 2012

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Martingale's Quirky Question

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Since 1863, when president Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day during the Civil War, family and friends have gathered together each year in November in a sprit of gratitude. As we head toward the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s so nice to take a break with those you know best and share stories about the past, present, and future. Which brings us to this week’s quirky question:

Looking back on 2012, what person, place, or event are you most thankful for?

Post your answer in the comments before noon (PST) on Monday, November 26, for your chance to win. The winning comment will be posted on Wednesday, November 28, along with the next question.

Last week’s question was, “What possession—fabric, fiber, or otherwise—are you especially sentimental about, and why do you keep it?” Here’s the winning response:

“My Nana knit the most glorious sweaters. Her specialty was a bulky fisherman knit—and she inserted cables and bobbles and patterns and twists—frequently without a pattern (she had memorized them)—and often ‘with her eyes closed.’ Her needles were warped from where she tucked them under her arms. When she passed away, many of her children and grandchildren wore their ‘Nana Sweaters’ to the funeral. And when my mother passed away last year—her four daughters divided up her ‘Nana Sweaters’—getting that special bit of Nana AND that special bit of Mom. So my NanaMom sweater—well patched and frayed in spots—is very special… and worn whenever I need a hug. Even if it is in August!”

Last week’s winning comment was written by Regina. Congratulations, Regina! Look for an email about how to get your free eBook.


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