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Posted by on November 27, 2013, in quirky question

Martingale's Quirky Question

Thanks for stopping by for the weekly Quirky Question—where questions are just for fun, your answers are always welcome, and you could win an eBook for free!

Leaf Chain table runnerLeft: Make-in-a-day “Leaf Chain” table runner by Cathy Wierzbicki. Download the ePattern now for only $4.99.

Thanksgiving has almost arrived; time for family and friends to gather in a spirit of gratitude. But before you join them—and since you’re here!—we invite you to take a quick break with your quilting friends at Stitch This! to share your answer to this week’s Quirky Question:

Looking back on 2013, what have you been most thankful for as a quilter?

Post your answer in the comments before noon (PST) on Monday, December 2, for your chance to win. The winning answer will be posted on Wednesday, December 4, along with the next question. (Knitters, crocheters, and other crafters, please answer with your own medium in mind!)

Last week’s Quirky Question was, “If you had to express to your loved ones how important being creative is to you, what would you say?” Here’s the winning comment, from Nancy:

“When flying back home a month ago, I left the chocolate so that I could pack the fabric. That should say it all!”

Congratulations, Nancy—look for an email about your free eBook.


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