Quirky Question, March 28 (+ giveaway!)

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Thanks for joining us for our weekly Quirky Question—where the question’s just for fun, no answer’s too short or too long, and you could win an eBook for free!

This week we thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful descriptions. It was fascinating to see how March looks from windows in countries around the globe: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Fiji, South Africa, Wales, and the United States. We even got a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea from one reader’s imaginary window (thanks, Luanne!).

And now, here’s the winning response and next Quirky Question!

Last week’s Quirky Question

Help us visualize your corner of the world. Which city/state/province (country/continent/ocean liner) are you typing from, and what’s it like outside your window right now?

Winning response

These answers are so entertaining I am distracted from the rain outside my window. I live in the country, in the very most northwest corner of Oregon. I remind myself that it is all the rain that keeps things so green, but still…rain and snow on March 20th? I’m ready for the next season to shuffle on in.

The robins seem to be sure that spring is on its way because every day for the last week or so our lawn has been full of them. They like our grass better than the wild fields and pastures beyond.

Last week’s winning response was sent to us by Beth T. Congratulations, Beth! We’ve emailed you instructions on how to redeem your gift.

This week’s new Quirky Question

What can you remember (color? texture? occasion?) about something you liked wearing as a child?

Post your answer in the comments anytime before noon (PST) Tuesday, April 3, for your chance to win. We’ll post the winning response Wednesday, April 4, along with the next question. We look forward to reading your answer!

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