Quirky Question, March 21

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Hi everyone, thanks for your terrific answers to the first Quirky Question on our new blog! We’re so glad we can now share all your entertaining responses. Here at Martingale, you had us checking the blog by the hour, reading every response that came in, and giggling at our desks. So we didn’t get any work done. But we got great ideas for snacks. And several of us got out our chocolate in solidarity with you. It’s so fun reading your answers!

To celebrate the first Quirky Question on our new blog, we’re doing something unusual. We’re announcing not one but three winners this week. (From now one we’ll announce one winner, but we got carried away.) Here are the winners and new Quirky Question!

Last week’s Quirky Question:

What’s one snack you like to make (or wish someone else would make) when you’re knee-deep in a project?

Winning responses:

While in a project, up to my knees,
Finger food for me will please!
The best I’ve found that’s to my taste,
Does not take much time—no waste!
It’s frozen grapes that I most savor.
I love to taste their luscious flavor!
Then when my project’s looking fine,
I reward myself with a bit of wine.
So grapes it is for me, that’s true,

Most any way they come will do!
–Pat K.

I’d like someone else to fix me something that is sweet, chocolate, toffee, slightly salty, a bit crunchy, with the punch of caffeine that I’d get from a triple expresso, and the caloric and nutritional value of a garden fresh salad with shrimp, grilled asparagus, blueberries, apples and pecans, that is hand fed to me by a sexy looking guy (my husband will do in a pinch) and washed down by a fine white wine that doesn’t make me tipsy, while Il Divo sings in the background and I make perfect quarter inch seams. –Sally Neckvatal

Thanks to Moda, it’s hard not to think about a layer cake or jelly roll…but then I remember my fat quarters. –Sheri Schoenebeck

Congratulations, Pat, Sally, and Sheri! We’ve emailed you instructions on how to redeem your gift.

This week’s new Quirky Question:

Help us visualize your corner of the world. Which city/state/province (country/continent/ocean liner) are you typing from, and what’s it like outside your window right now?

Post your answer in the comments by noon (PST) Tuesday, and you could win an eBook for free–any eBook of your choice! We’ll post the winning response next Wednesday, along with the next question. We look forward to reading your answer!

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