Why you need neutral quilts in your life (+ sale!)


From-Knockout-NeutralsBold. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Neutral?

You may not know it now, but by the time you finish reading this blog post we’ll bet you’ll agree: you need neutral quilts in your life!

Why? Let us tell you all the reasons.

1. Neutral quilts fit into any decor (traditional, modern, country, you name it).

2. Neutral quilts are great for any person (guys and gals, babies and seniors, grads and dads…you get the idea. Anyone!)

3. Neutral quilts are perfect for any occasion (housewarmings, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, and just because why-the-heck not occasions too).

In other words: when in doubt, take the color out!

Our sale books this week guarantee you’ll never fret about whether someone (including you) will like a group of colors in a quilt. Check out the gorgeous quilts below and stock up on books that will provide you with a perfect go-to color scheme every time. All 20% off this week, plus free shipping!

From Knockout Neutrals: 12 Showstopping Neutral Quilts
By Pat Wys


Browse all the quilts in Knockout Neutrals >

From Spotlight on Neutrals: Quilts and More for Any Decor
By Pat Wys


Browse all the quilts in Spotlight on Neutrals >

From Modern Neutrals: A Fresh Look at Neutral Quilt Patterns
By Amy Ellis


Browse all the quilts in Modern Neutrals >

And now for something completely different!

Go Beyond Neutral with John Q. Adams and discover colorful alternatives to neutral background fabrics. Switch out the usual hues of beige, taupe, ecru, and tan for nature’s boldest colors—midnight blues, stone grays, moss greens, and even fiery reds. John’s quilts are photographed in amazing outdoor settings—they’ll make your jaw drop!

Have you made a quilt with nothing but neutrals? Tell us in the comments!


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