YOUR turn to design quilts (hand-holding available) + sale!

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One of the things I love so much about quilting is the fact that there is something for everybody. Some prefer to purchase kits—which takes choosing fabric out of the equation—so they can get right to the cutting and sewing. Some prefer to start with a pattern and put their creativity into choosing fabrics and colors. Still others want to design their own quilts and be the creator from start to finish. Maybe you’re eclectic and like to mix it up and do all three!

Many of us would love to graduate to designing our own quilts but feel somewhat intimidated by the idea. Help is on the way in the form of this week’s sale eBooks! Each of these quilt artists has a unique approach to quilt design.

Imagine QuiltsImagine Quilts by Dana Bolyard

Dana says: “This book will help you to spur your imagination and help you to start turning your own quilt ideas into reality. I try to point your compass in a direction that lets you see not only how to find inspiration, but also how to turn an idea into a quilt.”
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Elephant Parade and Three Wheeling from
Imagine Quilts

Blocks, Borders, Quilts!Blocks, Borders, Quilts! by Sunny Steinkuhler

This book makes it easy to create your own medallion quilt! Sunny says, “Just drop the block or border designs you like into the Medallion template. The blocks and borders have been designed and sized to fit into the template, so you can mix and match and everything will fit together without having to do a lot of math!”

Martingale staffers even did a quilt-along with Blocks, Borders, Quilts! as a guide. It was fun—take a look at all the quilts we made!

Medallion template and sample quilt plans from
Blocks, Borders, Quilts!

Word Play QuiltsWord Play Quilts by Tonya Ricucci

Got something to say? Want to say it in a quilt but don’t know how? Hate appliqué but don’t want to piece your letters, either? How about trying Liberated Quiltmaking techniques? Liberated quiltmaker Tonya says, “while sewing Liberated houses from Gwen Marston’s book Liberated Quiltmaking, it struck me that I could use the same methods to make letters!”

Tonya starts with a few step-by-step projects to learn the technique:

Boo and Vote from
Word Play Quilts

Then she provides inspiration for designing your own word play quilts with photos of finished quilts.

Alien Invasion and Hangar Talk from
Word Play Quilts

Out of the Box with Easy BlocksOut of the Box with Easy Blocks by Mary Lou Weidman and Melanie Bautista McFarland

Want to try wonky or whimsical pictorial quilting but not sure where to start? Mary Lou and Melanie say, “Stretch, enlarge, reduce, multiply, wonk, slice your project somewhere and resew it, add more fabric, change the scale of prints, use perspective, ignore perspective, go off the edge. In short, do something different to get out of the box!”

Lollipops and My Little Angel from
Out of the Box with Easy Blocks

How ready are YOU to take the leap into designing your own quilts:

a) “Got to have a pattern or I’m toast.”

b) “I’m ready to dip a toe.”

c) “Pattern? I don’t need a pattern!”

Tell us in the comments!




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