Tip for built-to-last quilts: sewing one final seam

Quilting 101: sewing one final quilt seam

What a wonderful feeling it is to finish a quilt top! Whether the next step is to quilt it yourself or to send it out for professional quilting, it’s important to make sure your top is as sturdy as can be to withstand all the quilting ahead.

Little Red Layer Cake quilt
“Little Red” Layer Cake quilt by Carrie Nelson

What does Carrie Nelson, best-selling author of Schnibbles Times Two and Another Bite of Schnibbles, do to her quilt tops for an extra dose of durability? Her final step adds strength, cuts down on stretching, and guarantees that pieced borders won’t come undone.

Who doesn’t want stronger quilts that will last through years of use? Learn Carrie’s simple technique below—make it the last thing you do on all of your quilt tops too!

Plan C small quiltBuilt-to-last quilts: sewing one final seam

From Schnibbles Times Two by Carrie Nelson

I always do one last thing before my quilt top is truly finished and ready to be quilted. I always stay stitch around the outer edge of the quilt top, stitching about ⅛" from the edge. This helps keep the edges from stretching and also prevents seams on my pieced borders from separating.

Most of the quilters I’ve worked with say it helps, especially if you’re planning to have your quilt top professionally machine quilted.

Now you know Carrie’s secret for stronger quilts. But do you know what a schnibble is?

McGuffey quilt
“McGuffey” schnibble quilt

A schnibble is simply a scrap, a small piece of cloth, or a leftover bit of fabric. In Schnibbles Times Two, Carrie first shows you how to create beautiful quilts with Layer Cakes (10″ squares):

Nice Day Layer Cake quilt
“Nice Day” Layer Cake quilt from Schnibbles Times Two

Then she’ll show you show to make the same quilts in schnibble-size versions with charms (5″ squares).

Nice Day small quilt
“Nice Day” schnibble quilt from Schnibbles Times Two

Schnibbles Times TwoSee all 12 pairs of quilts in Schnibbles Times Two >
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Find even more of Carrie’s fun-to-sew quilts in her second book, Another Bite of Schnibbles:

Lincoln large and small quilts
“Lincoln” Layer Cake quilt and schnibble quilt from
Another Bite of Schnibbles

Two Percent large and small quilts
“Two Percent” Layer Cake quilt and schnibble quilt from Another Bite of Schnibbles

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Print book (with free eBook): $26.99
eBook only: $18.99

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What type of schnibbles do you own more of: the precut kind or the scrappy kind? Tell us in the comments!

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