The wonderful world of wool—cut a rug! (part 3)

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Today we wrap up our little series on wool by introducing a fresh take on the textile via an entirely different craft: rug hooking.

Quilt and hooked rug from Everyday Folk Art
“Snow Day” quilt with coordinating “Irish Chain” hooked rug, from
Everyday Folk Art

Quilts and hooked rugs go together like chocolate and peanut butter—and chocolate and so many other things—and they’re perfectly paired in Everyday Folk Art by Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson. Polly designs the wool rugs, Laurie designs the cotton quilts, and the results are heirloom worthy on both sides!

From Everyday Folk Art
“Game Board” quilt and hooked rug

Not familiar with rug-hooking basics? Here’s an introduction to the basic technique from Everyday Folk Art:

1. Put the backing fabric (typically burlap, monk’s cloth, or primitive linen) in a hoop or frame so it’s taut. Hold a wool strip in your left hand under the backing. (Lefties, hold your wool and hook in opposite hands throughout).

2. In your right hand, hold your rug hook as you would hold a pencil.

3. Poke the hook into the backing fabric and pull the wool strip through the backing so that the tail end pokes up through the fabric.

4. Repeat, this time pulling up a loop. Pull it up to your desired-height hoop, about ⅜” tall.

Rug-hooking instructions 1

5. Continue pulling loops through the backing fabric until you come to the end of your wool strip. Then pull the tail up through the backing and snip the tail end to the length of your loops. To start a new strip of wool, pull the tail end up into the same hole in which the previous strip ended and continue hooking.

Rug-hooking instructions 2

Everyday Folk Art

Learn all you need to know to make your own hooked rugs—along with 8 primitive rug-hooking patterns and 8 coordinating quilt patterns—in Everyday Folk Art.

Take a look at the cozy pairs of quilts and hooked rugs that you can create with your current quilting skills…and your new rug-hooking skills!

Stars Galore quilt and hooked rug
“Stars Galore” quilt and hooked rug

Anchors Aweigh quilt and hooked rug
“Anchors Away” wool table runner and hooked rug

America's Pastime quilt and hooked rug
“America’s Pastime” quilt and hooked rug

See more from Everyday Folk Art >


My Enchanted GardenMore wonderful ways with wool

Delight in jaw-dropping wool designs from popular author Gretchen Gibbons! Create your own unique twists on her award-winning “My Enchanted Garden” quilt. Stitch the breathtaking main quilt plus eight small coordinating accents with a mix of cotton and wool—you’ll be surprised by the richness and texture that materializes when you use both kinds of fabric. See the projects.

What have you done with wool: made quilts, made rugs…or so far, simply worn clothes? Tell us in the comments!

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