Stitch your life story into a quilt (+ flash sale!)

A Quilter's DiaryYou’ve probably heard about the many benefits of keeping a journal or diary, from boosting your peace of mind to revisiting pleasant memories of days past to leaving a record for generations to come.

But what if writing down your life story just isn’t your thing? Would you rather tell your story and enjoy your favorite activity—quilting, of course—at the same time?

Let best-selling author and recent Quilters Hall of Fame inductee Mimi Dietrich teach you how to stitch the story of your life into a one-of-a-kind quilt with her encouraging resource, A Quilter’s Diary: Written in Stitches.

A Quilter's Diary flash sale!

Right now, you can download A Quilter’s Diary as an eBook for just $6. This weekend eBook sale ends Monday, Nov. 2, at noon (PST).

You’ll cherish the time you spend using A Quilter’s Diary to create a treasured quilt that speaks directly to your personal journey. More than 150 block patterns featuring 24 themes—from family and friends to holidays and hobbies—plus thought-provoking questions will help you create a meaningful design that represents the milestones in your life.

A Quilter's Diary block A Quilter's Diary block
A Quilter's Diary block A Quilter's Diary block

A Quilter’s Diary also provides plenty of space to record what each block in your quilt says about you—what Mimi calls the "keys" to unlocking the personal meaning of your diary quilt.

Let’s take a look at how you can commemorate your life in stitches by examining a few quilts created with A Quilter’s Diary.

"Memory Quilt" by Pamela Budsheim showcases her favorite things with a cheery Pincushion block, a bright Button Basket block, and an Ocean Waves block with a unique whale detail.
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In "Life of Joy," Eleanor Eckman gives pride of place to the Grandmother’s Flower Garden block, which represents quilts made by her grandmother, mother, and Eleanor herself.
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"Life’s Memories" by Vera Hall includes several embroidery blocks in honor of Vera’s aunt, who taught her how to sew.
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In "Mother’s Life," Genie Corbin centers her quilt design around her family, represented by musical instruments, an elegant silhouette, and a charming farmer.

Which of your life’s milestones do you most want to commemorate with a quilt? Tell us in the comments!

A Quilter's Diary flash sale!

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