Single-block quilts – with a twist! (+ sale!)

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “single-block quilts”? Boring? Repetitious? Too traditional? I certainly fall into that trap at times, but when I look through some of our books, I realize that it simply isn’t true!

Detail of Nine Patch Jewels quilt
Detail of “Nine Patch Jewels” from
Favorite Traditional Quilts Made Easy

This week’s sale books feature single-block quilts with a twist on a traditional favorite. These quick-to-piece techniques result in quilts that are not even a little bit boring!

Ribbon Star Quilts by Nancy Mahoney

Who doesn’t love stars? They are classics for a reason! Nancy takes the Friendship Star up a notch, resulting in quilt designs that sparkle. Best of all, these designs begin with strip piecing. The strip-pieced units are cut into rectangles and sewn around a center square.

Ribbon Star quilt block
Ribbon Star quilt block

Nancy says: “Notice how the number of strips and the width of the strips used to create the rectangle units are different in each quilt. I discovered how making these small changes produces an array of exciting possibilities.”

Garden Stars quilt
“Garden Stars” by Nancy Mahoney

Christmas Stars quilt
“Christmas Stars” by Nancy Mahoney

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Snowball Quilts by Tammy Kelly

The Snowball quilt block is one of the most versatile blocks you can have in your quilting arsenal. The Snowball is an easy way to create a secondary design when combined with other blocks. It also works well as a stand-alone block because it allows the center fabric to shine! Think larger prints or I-Spy quilts.

Trimmed triangle cornersTammy even helps you use up the trimmed corner triangles of your Snowball blocks (we all want to maximize our fabric $$ these days!). She says: “The method I use for making Snowball blocks creates leftover triangles. Several of the projects use these triangles to create blocks that I’ve designed specifically for the borders. You can also use them to make an entirely different project.”

Sherbet Parfait quilt
“Sherbet Parfait” by Tammy Kelly

Marching Band in the Pines quilt
“Marching Band in the Pines” by Tammy Kelly

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Favorite Traditional Quilts Made Easy by Jo Parrott

If you’ve ever dreamed of making some of the more complex quilt patterns but were afraid to try, then you are in luck. One of Jo’s greatest joys is “bringing my style of quiltmaking to new quilters. I also like to take patterns that have different angles, and that at one time required weird-shaped templates, and make them easier to piece.”

Using Jo’s time-saving and template-free techniques, you’ll impress yourself (and others!) with your ability to make these complex-looking blocks. As an added bonus, Jo provides instructions for speed piecing a lot of half-square-triangle units quickly.

Purple Passion Pineapple quilt
“Purple Passion Pineapple” by Jo Parrott

Twinkling Hunter's Star quilt
“Twinkling Hunter’s Star” by Jo Parrott

Mock Log Cabin quilt
“Mock Log Cabin” by Jo Parrott

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Square Dance by Martha Thompson

Start with simple squares; end with all kinds of exciting possibilities! Who knew that stitching some squares together could result in such intricate-looking designs? Martha Thompson did! This quiltmaking classic introduces unique techniques that rethink traditional patchwork, using unusual angles and even more unusual ways of constructing them.

Tessellating Pinwheels quilt
“Tessellating Pinwheels” by Martha Thompson

Flutterings II quilt
“Flutterings II” by Martha Thompson

Hand in Hand quilt
“Hand in Hand” by Martha Thompson

Tribble Trouble quilt
“Tribble Trouble” by Martha Thompson

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Do you have a favorite twist on a quiltmaking tradition? Please share in the comments!

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