Shake up your stash – 3 paths to scrappy success (giveaway)

Is your fabric stash stressing you out? We feel you! It’s such fun to collect fabric. But when your fabric starts its own collection—of dust—you might start regretting past purchases.

From Stash Lab

Fabric, we love you—why do you do this to us?

If you’re wading through a stash without many quilts to show for it, let us introduce you to a brand-new playbook that’ll slim down those stacks. From project leftovers and mystery fabrics (where’d this fabric come from?) to yardage you bought just because, Stash Lab will help you find a home for them all . . . in quilts!

Detail of The Big Spin quilt
Detail of “The Big Spin” from
Stash Lab

Stash Lab author and Eye Candy Quilts blogger Tonya Alexander is our guest blogger today, and she’s on a mission: to help you see your stash in a whole new light. Once you plug your fabrics into Tonya’s easy “equations,” you’ll start turning out brilliant quilts without having to agonize over fabric choices. Just follow her formulas to success. 
Welcome, Tonya!

Tonya AlexanderHi there, I’m Tonya Alexander and I’m so excited to be a guest blogger today at Stitch This!, sharing my first book with you: Stash Lab: Simple Solutions for Scrap Quilts.

When I started making my first quilt (which I thought was going to be my only quilt), I mistakenly thought I’d use every square inch of fabric the pattern called for. I was surprised by a couple of things when I finished it. First, that I loved quilting so much. Second, that I had fabric left over and the beginnings of my very own stash!

Scrap jarI’ve found that the more I love a particular fabric, the smaller the pieces I’m willing to save. Nothing makes me happier than working those much-loved pieces into a project. If you’ve been quilting for any amount of time, you’ve probably accumulated a stash: a wonderful collection of scraps, leftovers, and beautiful fabrics just waiting for the perfect project. I go back to my stash again and again for inspiration, resources, or to just clear out the old and make room for the new. It’s a satisfying feeling to incorporate my stash into projects.

In Stash Lab, we’ll explore three “Stash Equations” that will help you work with your stash in ways you may not have considered before. Now, don’t let the notion of equations stress you out. These are easy and fun—I promise!

Stash equation 1: Scraps + Neutrals = Balance. For this approach, I’ll show you how to let neutrals act as a unifier. Here are two examples:

Pixie Sticks quilt
“Pixie Sticks”

Kaffe's Garden at Night quilt
“Kaffe’s Garden at Night”

Scraps + neutrals = wow factor! See more >

Stash equation 2: Value > Color = Strong Design. With this method, you’ll learn to use value—instead of color—to create rich, complex-looking scrap quilts.

Leaf Pile quilt
“Leaf Pile”

Sparklers quilt

Learn the value of value—as it applies to your stash >

Stash equation 3: More = Better. Lastly, you’ll discover how to minimize fabric “misfits” by adding more.

Stamp of Approval quilt
“Stamp of Approval”

The more the merrier! See all 3 “more = better” quilts from Stash Lab >

Stash Lab explores these equations and provides 11 projects to suit anyone’s fabric tastes. The patterns work with everyone’s stashes. They’ll build your scrap-quilt confidence and bust your stash at the same time!

More than anything, make what you love, and love what you make. Happy stash quilting!

Stash LabDidn’t Tonya’s “Stamp of Approval” quilt grow the happiest scrappy leaves you’ve ever laid eyes on? I think my stash could grow a vine like that! Could yours?

Rate your scrap-quilt skills: scraps are my specialty, I’m still a scrappy student, or I’m ready to make my first visit to the “stash lab!” Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of the Stash Lab eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

Ready to shake up your stash right now? Buy Stash Lab here and instantly download the eBook for free. Or buy only the eBook and save $$$!

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Susan, who says:

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