Sew fast, so fun: 6 embroidery gifts to make year ’round

Garden-Delight-Needle-BookWe’ve learned a lot about embroidery since we started publishing books on the subject. What do we love about embroidery?

⭐It’s so easy to get started. Beginners turn pro real fast.

⭐It’s so easy to finish projects. No UFOs to be found.

⭐It’s so easy to embroider quick gifts. Oops! Forgot your bestie’s birthday is tomorrow? Cut, sew, embroider, wrap, done. Today.

With the holidays on the horizon, it’s great to have go-to gift ideas for family and friends. So today we’ve searched our beautiful embroidery books to give you the inspiration and motivation you need to greet the holiday season with good gift-giving cheer.

You can bet the projects below are all simple, all quick, all easy. All embroidered!

Embroidery gifts to make for the sewist ✂

From Primitive Style by Jenifer Gaston


^^^ This Wooly Bird sewing pouch is perfect for keeping portable projects organized. A clear vinyl back lets the owner see everything at a glance. Just a couple of embroidery stitches and POOF! Instant personality.


^^^ With no edges to turn under and a simple whipstitch used for the appliqué, this Close at Hand pincushion couldn’t be easier to make. The needle-and-thread embroidery motif is sweet and simple. And we’re with Jenifer when it comes to pincushions: you can never have enough!

Embroidery gifts to make for the book lover 📚

From Snow Happy by Robin Kingsley


^^^ From cookbooks and romance novels to biographies and whodunits, the snowy months are the perfect time to curl up with a good book—and the happy snowmen in the Snow Days bookweight and bookmark set will keep your gift recipient company while they do.

Embroidery gifts to make for the dreamer 💭

From Patchwork Loves Embroidery by Gail Pan


Secrets-and-Dreams-folder-interior^^^ Open this pretty embroidered fabric folder and you’ll find pockets inside to tuck treasures into (see right). Fill it with stationery and stamps, inspiring quotes, or a heartfelt handwritten note before you give it.

Embroidery gifts to make for the holiday decorator 🎄

From Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery by Gail Pan


^^^ Embroider, sew, bind, and stuff—these Mini Sentiments pillows come together quicker than Santa can zoom down a chimney. This is one of those gifts that keeps on giving, as you’ll happily see it displayed at your gift recipient’s home each year.

Not sure how to transfer embroidery designs to fabric? Check out this video from Gail Pan—couldn’t be easier.

Viewing this post in email? Watch the video here.

Total embroidery newbie? No worries. Download our free Common Hand-Embroidery Stitches guide on our How to Quilt page and get up to speed in a snap. Happy stitching!

Where did you learn to embroider: a family member, a friend, a book, YouTube? Tell us in the comments!





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