Seams: to glue or not to glue? Watch this video first

Sew, Slice, Spin & SashWhile it’s fun to have long-term quilting projects to work on—challenging quilts that might take months or even years to finish—I frequently find myself on a much tighter deadline. Maybe there’s a new baby on the way or a friend in need of comfort, and time really is of the essence.

Theresa Ward’s book Sew, Slice, Spin & Sash: Quick and Easy Strip-Pieced Quilts comes in handy in a tight-turnaround situation, or as I like to call it, a quilt-mergency. Not only is Theresa’s fun sew-slice-spin-and-sash construction method super speedy, her glue-basting technique will also save you precious time.


I must confess, until I saw Theresa demonstrate her glue technique, I had a pretty strict no-glue policy when it came to quiltmaking. Count me converted! Gluing the seam allowances of long strips this way is so much faster than pinning, and I’ve also found that it’s more accurate. Plus, Theresa’s ingenious little DIY gluing gadget prevents the making of icky, sticky messes. She was kind enough to let us record her method at Spring Quilt Market so we could share it with you here:

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So simple, right? I also appreciate how glue basting makes it quick and easy to realign your edges if need be. Along with this handy technique, Sew, Slice, Spin & Sash includes 11 fantastic quilt patterns, so you’ll be prepared for any quilt-mergency that comes your way.

The Black and White quilt below is one of the quickest patterns, and it would be a great option for using any black-and-white precut strips or Jelly Rolls in your stash. If black and white isn’t your thing, this design would be equally striking in any other color combination. Perhaps a red-and-green quilt for Christmas? Armed with Theresa’s glue-basting technique, you’re practically guaranteed to finish by December 25th!

Black and white quilt
Black and White from
Sew, Slice, Spin & Slash

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Do you ever use glue basting to secure seams? Tell us in the comments!

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