Quiz: how many of these quilt-block designs have you made?

50 classic quilt blocks quizToday we’ve got a quilting query for you: how many classic quilt blocks have you made? We’ve scoured the ultimate resource for traditional quilt blocks, 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks, in search of the some of the most timeless, classic quilt blocks we know. And now we want to know if you’ve sewn these pretty pieces of patchwork!

You’ll see many familiar quilt-block names below, along with a few less-common designs and a dash of blocks you may never have seen before. Since so many quilters have changed up block designs over the years, block variations count toward your total. For instance, if you’ve made the Monkey Wrench quilt block, count the Wrench block below as one you’ve made.

Tally up how many blocks you’ve sewn; then claim your new quilting title below. It’s all in fun of course—be sure to add your favorite blocks of all time in the comments!


Album quilt block
1. Album
Anvil quilt block
2. Anvil
Basket quilt block
3. Basket
Bear's Paw quilt block
4. Bear’s Paw

Bear's Paw quilt
“Bear’s Paw” from The Big Book of Patchwork by Judy Hopkins

Birds in the Air quilt block
5. Birds in the Air
Broken Dishes quilt block
6. Broken Dishes
Cake Stand quilt block
7. Cake Stand
Card Trick quilt block
8. Card Trick
Churn Dash quilt block
9. Churn Dash
Contrary Wife quilt block
10. Contrary Wife

All in a Row quilt
Churn Dash: “All in a Row” from Simple Comforts by Kim Diehl (get the ePattern)

Corn and Beans quilt block
11. Corn and Beans
Cotton Reels quilt block
12. Cotton Reels
Cracker quilt block
13. Cracker
Crown of Thorns quilt block
14. Crown of Thorns
Dutchman's Puzzle quilt block
15. Dutchman’s Puzzle
Economy Patch quilt block
16. Economy Patch
Flying Geese quilt block
17. Flying Geese
Four Patch quilt block
18. Four Patch

Double Four Patch quilt
Four Patch: “Double Four Patch” from
The Big Book of Patchwork by Judy Hopkins

Gentlemen's Fancy quilt block
19. Gentlemen’s Fancy
Goose Tracks quilt block
20. Goose Tracks
Hovering Hawks quilt block
21. Hovering Hawks
Irish Chain quilt block
22. Irish Chain
Jack in the Box quilt block
23. Jack in the Box
Jacob's ladder quilt block
24. Jacob’s Ladder
Kansas Troubles quilt block
25. Kansas Troubles
Lady of the Lake quilt block
26. Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake quilt
“Lady of the Lake” from
The Big Book of Patchwork by Judy Hopkins

Missouri Star quilt block
27. Missouri Star
Next Door Neighbor quilt block
28. Next Door Neighbor
Ocean Wave quilt block
29. Ocean Wave
Ohio Star quilt block
30. Ohio Star

Ohio Star Crossing quilt
Ohio Star (with Checkerboard blocks): “Ohio Star Crossing” from
The Blue and the Gray by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene

Old Maid's Puzzle quilt block
31. Old Maid’s Puzzle
Peace and Plenty quilt block
32. Peace and Plenty
Perkiomen Valley quilt block
33. Perkiomen Valley
Puss in the Corner quilt block
34. Puss in the Corner

Perkiomen Valley Nine Patch quilt
“Perkiomen Valley Nine Patch” from
Nine by Nine by Cyndi Hershey (get the ePattern)

Railroad Crossing quilt block
35. Railroad Crossing
Red Cross quilt block
36. Red Cross
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul quilt block
37. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
Rocky Road quilt block
38. Rocky Road
Sawtooth quilt block
39. Sawtooth
Shoo Fly quilt block
40. Shoo Fly

Amish-Inspired Shoo Fly quilt
Shoo Fly: “Amish-Inspired Shoo Fly” from
Bits and Pieces by Karen Costello Soltys (get the ePattern)

Snail's Trail quilt block
41. Snail’s Trail
Square on Square quilt block
42. Square on Square
Stepping Stones quilt block
43. Stepping Stones
Turkey in the Straw quilt block
44. Turkey in the Straw
Turnstile quilt block
45. Turnstile
Underground Railroad quilt block
46. Underground Railroad
Union Square quilt block
47. Union Square
Wild Goose Chase quilt block
48. Wild Goose Chase
Windmill quilt block
49. Windmill
Wrench quilt block
50. Wrench

Midnight Goldenrod quilt
Wrench: “Midnight Goldenrod” from
Farm Girl Quilts by Tammy Johnson and Avis Shirer

So, how’d you do? See what our (completely trivial) scoring board says about you!

Four Patch quilt block Made 1-10 blocks? You’re a Solid Stitcher. Not bad—and there’s a lot more quilt-block fun to be had!

Missouri Star quilt block Made 9-20 blocks? You’re a Savvy Sewist. Your sewing-machine motor is revved up: keep going!

Lady of the Lake quilt block Made 21-30 blocks? You’re a Quintessential Quilter. Hey, you’ve been around the block a few times. Literally!

Corn and Beans quilt block Made 31-40 blocks? You’re a Piecing Pro. You’ve got your sewing-machine pedal to the metal—and you’ve got major stitching smarts.

Bear's Paw quilt block Made 41-50 blocks? You’re a Patchwork Professor. You could be teaching this stuff—or are you already?

501 Rotary-Cut Quilt BlocksAll the quilt blocks in our quiz are featured in the book 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks by Judy Hopkins. This master compilation includes cutting and construction directions for each block in six different sizes, resulting in more than 3,000 different block possibilities. Click here to see the other 451 blocks!

Cutting chart for Churn Dash quilt block
Example cutting chart from
501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks

Which traditional quilt blocks would you add to our classics list? Name them in the comments!

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