Quilting quiz: what kind of quilter are you?

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A fast, friendly, and 100% frivolous quilting quiz: What kind of quilter are you? Keep track of which answers you choose: a, b, or c. Tally your results and see what kind of quilter you are!

1. When I start a quilt, I:

a. Choose a pattern; audition fabrics from my color-sorted bins; oil, clean, and change the needle in my machine; and begin.
b. Hit the quilt shop for a few new quilt books, add several new fabric cuts to my stash, and begin.
c. Sew two scraps together and see where they lead me.

Lighthouse quilt block2. When I sew a quilt-block pattern, I:

a. Like to follow the pattern exactly.
b. Get better-looking blocks as I go.
c. What pattern?

3. Do you insist on accurate ¼" seams?

a. Yes.
b. Yes… but close-enough works, too.
c. I insist on seams.

Flower block from Artful Applique II4. My hand appliqué features:

a. No-see-um stitches.
b. Some see-um stitches.
c. Chocolate stains.

5. When a quilt doesn’t turn out like I thought it would, I:

a. Finish it, label it, and drop it off at Goodwill.
b. Send it to the UFO pile—maybe one of my grandkids will finish it someday.
c. Finish it, label it, and love it. It’s another original design by me!

6. When I choose fabric for scrap quilts, I:

a. Use my handy mathematical formula to determine color, value, and pattern ratios.
b. Hit the quilt shop first—my scrap pile never looks scrappy enough.
c. Close my eyes and start digging.

Fabric organization7. My fabric is organized:

a. By size, color, pattern, value, hue, saturation, and luminosity.
b. By scraps, precuts, and yardage—the latter pile is topped with what I just bought today.
c. I’m working on it.

8. To finish a quilt, I:

a. Machine quilt, bind, and label all of my quilts myself.
b. Write a check. (But sometimes I sew my own bindings!)
c. Use stitches, knots, buttons, bows, staples… I like to experiment.

Time to tally your results! Count the number of a, b, and c answers you chose.

If you chose mostly “A” answers, you are: The Consummate Quilter
quilt from The Rose of Sharon Block Book
You know it all, you do it all, and you love it all. We salute (and envy) you.

If you chose mostly “B” answers, you are: The Casual Quilter
quilt from Scrap-Basket Sensations
You love to quilt, you love to collect, and you love the broad strokes. Never mind the details.

If you chose mostly “C” answers, you are: The Carefree Quilter

quilt from Out of the Box with Easy Blocks
You love to create. The finished product isn’t the reward—the process is!

Add your result to the tally below and find out where you fit on the quilting continuum! (If this post came to you via email and you don’t see the voting box, you can find it on the blog post). Final results will be shared in a future post.

So, were your quiz results what you expected? Did we get it right—or atrociously wrong? Let us know what you think in the comments.

No matter what kind of quilter you are—hope you had fun taking the quiz. Happy Friday!

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