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Posted by on November 29, 2012, in quilting & sewing,

GenQOur friends at Generation Q Magazine have launched their second annual survey into what makes modern and contemporary quilters tick. We happily agreed to share it with you. It’s quick, I promise, and you might even win a prize!

Here’s Jake Finch, the publisher of Generation Q Magazine, to tell you more about the survey.

We last poked and probed into your fabricky lives in late 2011, with our GenQ Modern Quilters Survey. And now it’s time to do it again with the GenQ 2012 Addicted Stitcher Survey. (New name, same mission.) We’d like to count noses, pins, rotary cutters, whatever it takes to grab a detailed snapshot of this niche in the sewing and crafting world.

GenQ Addicted Stitcher Survey

Some of you have pained expressions, and you’re probably sighing with annoyance at yet another attempt by the corporate q-niverse to stick its demographic-hungry noses into stuff that just isn’t its business. The truth is that all of us stitchy types thrive when our industry answers our needs. And that’s what this survey does. It helps provide information to the industry so your needs, and wants, can be better met.

Please take a few minutes to whip through the survey (it’s shorter this year) and tell us all about you. And there could be swag in it for you. The survey will be live until the end of December 2012, and on Jan. 1, 2013, we’ll choose FIVE lucky survey-takers who will each receive a box of fabric, books, and small stitchy goodies valued at $50.

Just use this link to find your way to our 2012 Addicted Stitcher Survey. And please freely post it far and wide, encouraging your friends and sew-pals to also participate! Thank you so much for being a part of this second annual survey!

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