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Ami SimmsIf you’d like to squeeze extra smiles into your day, get to know Ami Simms. This famed quilter, teacher, and author not only has a talent for design; she has a knack for comedy. Along with her many books, including How NOT to Make a Prize-Winning Quilt, Ami is the inventor of the all-in-good-fun Worst Quilt in the World Contest® (haven’t we all felt like one of our quilts could win that competition?). Ami has a way of bringing humor and heart to the frustrations that can sometimes arise in the pursuit of creativity.

In 2006, Ami turned her creative focus to supporting a cause close to her heart: Alzheimer’s awareness and research. Her mother had Alzheimer’s, and today there are an estimated 5.4 million Americans with the disease. Ami knew quilters could make a difference, one quilt at a time. She founded the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) with the mission of raising awareness and funding research through art. AAQI has raised more than $735,000 through art-quilt auctions and sales, traveling quilt shows, special product sales, and contributions. To date, more than 11,000 art quilts have been donated by quilters.

In support of AAQI, Martingale has joined Ami to offer a special sale. Copies of The Rose of Sharon Block Book and Rose of Sharon Note Cards by Sharon Pederson are available at the AAQI website today. Visit the special sale page at AAQI right now to purchase this beautiful book and the accompanying note cards—all proceeds go directly to AAQI.

The Rose of Sharon Block Book  Rose of Sharon Note Cards
Learn more about the book and note cards at the AAQI website.

You can help AAQI in many other ways, too:

  • Make an art quilt: create your own mini art quilts and donate them to auction at the AAQI website. Get the guidelines and see the amazing art quilts donated to date.
  • Buy an art quilt: this art is small (9″ x 12″ or smaller), affordable, beautiful, thought-provoking, and your purchase has a purpose. All AAQI profits fund Alzheimer’s research. There are more than 1,500 quilts to choose from; see them here.
  • Bid on art quilts: During the first 10 days of each month, AAQI features new donated art quilts up for auction. View the latest quilts available.
  • Subscribe to the AAQI Update blog: stay up to date on the latest AAQI news and help spread the word!

Find even more ways to help.

If you know someone with Alzheimer’s, the AAQI website is a place where you can learn more about the disease as well. Infused with Ami’s enthusiasm, you’ll find lots of links and information, as well as stories and advice from people who have been touched by the disease.

Although the subject of Ami’s organization is a serious one, she still believes in the power of humor to soften life’s challenges. “Sometimes you just gotta laugh,” Ami says. “Just knowing you’re not the only one going through this makes it bearable.”

Get your copy of The Rose of Sharon Block Book and accompanying note cards now.

Visit Ami’s personal site and blog.

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