Quilt books we love: a staffer tweets a sweet story


You’ve heard from some of my coworkers about their favorite Martingale books. They’ve all said that it’s impossible to pick a single favorite—and I am right there with them! I love everything we publish. That said, Sweet Tweets is very special to me.


We have a fabulous team of folks who are dedicated to finding and developing new authors, but we’re always encouraged to be on the lookout for anyone who might have the potential to become a Martingale author.

One day, I was poking around the internet and ran across Erin Cox’s blog. My quilty senses began to tingle! The cuteness of Erin’s designs instantly drew me in. I really loved how the black free-motion stitching around her motifs made the whole design pop. As somebody who can’t sew a perfect seam to save her life, I loved that the stitching was free-form and that the imperfection was a design element. It looked like something that I could successfully do. And even though I’ve never considered myself to be a bird person, I loved Erin’s bird motifs!

Bird motifs from
Sweet Tweets

After oohing and aahing for awhile, I emailed our acquisitions editor a link to the blog and asked her what she thought. She wrote right back to tell me that she loved the designs too and was going to email Erin right away. And a book was born!

Several of us in the office tried Erin’s free-motion appliqué motifs—so fun!

I felt so proud when the book was finally published. That feeling grew as I watched Erin’s book become one of Martingale’s best sellers. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

Caution: Cuteness Ahead!

Here’s my version of the quilt on the cover of Sweet Tweets:

This one’s called Birds Holding a Quilt.

Lovebirds and Bird Family from
Sweet Tweets.

Birdbrain Ruffled Tote Bag and Bright and Cheery Bird Pillow from
Sweet Tweets.

You can see all the projects from Sweet Tweets here. When you buy the book—highly recommended!—you can instantly download the eBook for free!

Does your favorite book contain 1) plenty of pretty patterns, 2) tons of how-to techniques, or 3) oodles of inspiring quilt photos? Tell us in the comments.






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