Quick video tip: nice, neat embroidery – on the back!

From Snow HappyIs it already the last day of August? If you’re like us, tomorrow is going to trigger something in you. Something that longs for layers of scarves around your neck, rustling leaves beneath your feet, and a first snowflake on your nose.

Yes, winter is coming . . . but not in a Game of Thrones way. In a cozy up, stay-inside-and-stitch-your-heart-out way!

Now—before the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas parade of events begins—is the perfect time to slow down and savor the coming season with some simple handwork that you can proudly display when winter finally reaches your door (and your nose).

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Flakey Pincushion Trio from
Snow Happy

Snow Happy author Robin Kingsley is a master of handwork. You’ll love stitching the frosty little fellows she’s dreamed up so you can build a bounty of blue-and-white snowmen—no gloves required! You’ll also love Robin’s bits of stitching wisdom, culled over 50 years spent with needle and thread.

One tip Robin shares in Snow Happy is all about a fine finish—on the back of your embroidery. She says:

Robin-Kingsley“Have you noticed people often want to turn your work over to peek at the back of your embroidery? It’s easy to keep the back neat, so all those snoopers will be impressed with your work, while still creating attractive stitches on the project face.”
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In the video below, Martingale acquisitions editor Beth Bradley demonstrates how Robin’s simple tip will make the back of your embroidery look as nice and neat as the front.

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Now you can tell those snoopers to go ahead. Turn it over. They’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Snow Happy: Whimsical Embroidery Designs to Mix and MatchTo see and sew more of Robin’s sweet, smile-inducing embroidery designs, pick up Snow Happy for just $24.99. As soon as you place your order you can instantly download the eBook for free.

Embroidery: stitching novice, stitching student, or stitch-a-holic? Tell us in the comments!

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