Paper-piecing palooza! Pictorial blocks, precise results (+ sale)

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Most of the quilters I know fall into two categories when it comes to paper-foundation piecing. They either love it or they don’t. And if they don’t love paper piecing, they’re convinced they never will. Personally, I’ll paper piece whenever it’s going to give me the results I’m looking for.

The great thing about foundation paper piecing is that you can sew a pictorial look without having to do appliqué. And if your “jam” leans to more geometric designs, you’ll get super accurate results that will make you look like a master quilter!

We have fabulous paper-piecing books on sale this week—read all about them below (and get some great tips from our experts, too).

A Quilter's ArkA Quilter’s Ark by Margaret Rolfe

This book is an absolute must have for animal lovers! You’ll find more than 50 blocks that you can mix and match any way you like for the ultimate animal-themed quilt.

TIP ✅ Margaret says: “Use a slightly smaller than usual stitch length—but not so small that you can’t pick the stitches out if necessary.”

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Ark Quilt and Cat and Elephant blocks from
A Quilter’s Ark

Needles and NotionsNeedles and Notions by Jaynette Huff

Do you have sewing buddies? (Of course you do!) These incredibly cute sewing-themed blocks are just what you need to make gifts those buddies will love and cherish. Use just one block to make a fun pincushion or use a combination of blocks for a wall hanging, mug rug, or table runner.

TIP ✅ Jaynette says: “Make sure that the fabric piece you are adding will be large enough to cover the area it’s designed to cover, plus extra for the seam allowance. Simply pin the new fabric along the proposed sewing line and flip the fabric up.”
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Sewing Room Sampler Quilt and Rotary Cutter, Cup and Saucer, Tape Measure, and Scissor blocks from
Needles and Notions

A Paper-Pieced GardenA Paper-Pieced Garden by Maaike Bakker and Françoise Maarse

Many quilters I know are also incredible gardeners. I don’t happen to be one of them—I have the blackest thumb in Washington State! Thankfully, I can create a beautiful garden in fabric (and so can you).

TIP ✅ Maaike and Françoise say: “For very narrow pieces, trim seam allowances to less than ¼". Trim just enough to eliminate extra layers of fabric extending into the next seam.”
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Autumn Dance (from the gallery) and summer and spring versions of the Wreath pattern from
A Paper-Pieced Garden

Kaleidoscope Paper PiecingKaleidoscope Paper Piecing by Nancy Mahoney

One of the joys of quilting is playing with fabric and color placement. The mesmerizing designs in Nancy’s book will provide you with endless possibilities.

TIP ✅ Nancy says: “Color-code or mark your patterns so that you sew the correct fabric to the proper place in your units or blocks. I make an extra copy of the paper foundation, write the color or fabric description on each piece, and place it next to my sewing machine so I can easily see where the different fabrics go as I work.”

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Dutch Treat and Raspberry Truffle from
Kaleidoscope Paper Piecing

If you’re new to paper piecing, pick up Nancy’s newest book, Learn to Paper Piece. And don’t forget the paper!

Learn to Paper Piece and Papers for Foundation Piecing

How do you feel about foundation paper piecing? Not a fan (yet)? Love, love, love it? Or, ready to use it for the right project? Tell us in the comments.

Save 20% on select books this week plus free shipping










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