Look outside! Let spring inspire your next quilt (+ sale!)

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Wild Roses quilt from Meadowbrook QuiltsMarch 20th has come and gone, and you know what that means. It’s 100% official: spring is here! Time to step outside, breathe in fresh air, and marvel at nature’s new zest for life.

Nature has inspired crafters, artisans, and artists around the world for—well, as long as the world has been around—and quilters are no exception. And whether you put paint to canvas, pencil to paper, or needle to fabric, the time to create is when you feel inspiration strike.

Today you’ll find four ways to pay tribute to the joys of nature. The pictorial nature-quilt patterns and beautiful landscape-quilt patterns below offer inspiration for all seasons. Let these designers, in their own words, inspire you to look out your window right now and imagine a quilt that pays homage to nature from your point of view. Then grab their eBooks for 40% off—this week only!

Meadowbrook QuiltsMeadowbrook Quilts: 12 Projects Inspired by Nature

by Jean Van Bockel

Jean says, “For years, I have walked a beautiful route behind our house in the countryside of northern Idaho. My walk takes me up a steep hill through the woods and then out into picturesque farmland surrounded by lush forested mountains on a trail called Meadowbrook Loop. This is where the ideas for Meadowbrook Quilts were born.

“The ideas were limitless. Each day as I returned from my walk I had more and more inspirations I wanted to share. Through the pages of this book, you’ll find the nature-inspired quilts that began on my daily route through the wooded countryside. Maybe the next time you experience nature’s special beauty you, too, will want to save that memory in a quilt of your own design. It may be a chirping bird, a delicate flower, or the blast of cold wind that stirs the creative talent within. Whatever it is, enjoy your walk!”

Spring Wildflowers quilt
“Spring Wildflowers”

Changing Leaves quilt
“Changing Leaves”

Riverbed quilt

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Points of ViewPoints of View: Landscape Quilts to Stitch and Embellish

by Valerie Hearder

Valerie says, “Looking at fabrics is the first creative step to making landscapes. Perhaps your initial instincts are that you have no landscape-type fabrics in your stash. But don’t make your rush to judgment a rush to go fabric shopping—at least, not just yet! Pick any project in this book, focus on a single landform segment, and you’ll notice it’s the textural pattern in the fabric that turns the simple shape into something interesting in the context of the landscape. Then, take a long, loving look through your stash in the same way.

“One of the richest skills you can develop is being able to see the design potential beyond the obvious. A landscape composition becomes memorable when you add a piece of fabric filled with personal history and associations—plus a dash of the unexpected.”

Spring Meadow quilt
“Spring Meadow.” A quick way to add interesting texture to a landscape is to fray the edge of a fabric instead of turning it under. Use simple running stitches to attach the raw edge to the background.

Shadowland quilt
In “Shadowland,” Valerie ironed a fabric-crayon transfer onto satin to create the glowing sunset, and then added layers of tulle to further embellish the sky. Fusible appliqué makes this a quick project.

Autumn Oak quilt
“Autumn Oak” provides an opportunity to try out confetti appliqué. It’s easy to stitch without a hoop when you use a heavyweight water-soluble stabilizer; simply pin the layers together for free-motion stitching.

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Mosaic Picture QuiltsMosaic Picture Quilts: Turn Favorite Photos into Stunning Quilts

by Pat Durbin

Pat says, “Have you ever wanted to make a quilted wall hanging of a favorite photo? Well, I have too, but I tried several methods and didn’t really like the process or the results. So, I came up with an easier way to get the job done, and I like the results. I think you will too.

“My landscape method maintains the patchwork feel that we all love, yet it enables you to depart from the square look and define the many lines and angles that are needed to make your quilt picture look realistic. You will feel as though you are painting a picture with fabric or putting together a jigsaw puzzle (except that you get to make the pieces).”

Deep Blue Sea quilt
“Deep Blue Sea”

Coastal Garden quilt
“Coastal Garden”

Morning Light quilt
“Morning Light”

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Instant BargelloInstant Bargello

by Susan Kisro

Susan says, “Many of us are drawn to the great novelty fabrics that are so popular today. But what can we do with them? You want to do more than simply treat a novelty print as a large center panel and add a few borders to make a quilt. You may wish to tell a story with your fabric. But, to add to the challenge, you might not have a lot of time. Instant Bargello can help!

“As a quilt-shop owner, I began to find myself ordering many different styles of novelty prints, and I wanted to use them to their best advantage and tell a story. A bargello-like style came to mind as I started cutting strips of the fabric, creating a scene in my mind as if I were on a boat looking inland. This simple, staggered method is extremely fast and versatile, and once you’ve tried the Instant Bargello technique for the first time, you’ll look at fabric in a whole new way.”

Footprints in the Sand quilt
“Footprints in the Sand”

Harvest Hill quilt
“Harvest Hill”

Lake Superior quilt
“Lake Superior”

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What season most inspires you to quilt, and why? Share your story in the comments!

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