A quilt-tip scavenger hunt (+ giveaways!)

Detail of Stepping Stones quilt

Ready to go on a quilt-tip hunt? Bestselling author Amy Ellis has invited Stitch This! readers to be a part of the blog hop for her new book, Modern Basics II. But wait—this is no ordinary blog hop! Instead, Amy has dreamed up a very special cyber scavenger hunt for you.

Here’s how it works: hop from blog to blog to learn more about the quilts in Modern Basics II. Find the quilting tip that each blogger has shared. When you’ve scavenged all the tips, head over to Amy’s blog and fill out her handy form with your answers. You’ll be automatically entered to win a copy of the Modern Basics II eBook. And if you get all the answers correct, you’ll be entered to win a copy of the eBook and other special prizes from Amy!

Today we’re going to share Amy’s beautiful quilt “Stepping Stones” with you:

FABRIC: “Hello Luscious” by BasicGrey

Easy strip-pieced units link alternating blocks in this breath-of-fresh-air quilt. (Doesn’t it make you want to snuggle up and dream of spring?) Choose just six fabrics to make the blocks. Or, if you’re a charm-square collector, there’s an option for using a charm pack.

Amy also shares a great tip for keeping these blocks organized as you sew them together—especially if you don’t have a design wall at your disposal.

Stepping Stones quilt

Finally, there’s a special bonus that comes with this pretty design, and all of the patterns in Modern Basics II—optional sizes! The original “Stepping Stones” is bed-quilt sized, but Amy also provides directions for scaling the design down to a baby quilt (48″ x 48″) or a throw (60″ x 72″).

Amy asked us to focus on just one of the quilts in Modern Basics II for this stop on her blog hop, but we can’t help but show you more from the book:

Quilts from Modern Basics II

Such a fun collection!

What we love most about Amy is how she connects with “everyday” quilters, and considers herself one too—like those of us sewing at a spare table whenever we can find the time, getting creative and loving it. She shares her quilting adventures via her mega-popular blog, of course, and her latest book is packed with tips that every “everyday” quilter can use. If you’ve been curious about making modern quilts but have been feeling a bit intimidated, Amy is the perfect hand holder. In her words:
Amy Ellis

“These quilts were made at my kitchen table, between meal times, and intermingled with the daily ups and downs of family life. You don’t need to have a dedicated sewing space to make these quilts; stow your machine, iron, and ironing board close by, and use them as needed. I can work on quilts while my family is busy around the space. And while modern quilts are my focus, traditional techniques are very useful in creating the look I desire.”

Now, on to the special tip that you can scavenge to win Amy’s giveaway! Since “Stepping Stones” relies on strip-piecing techniques, here’s a tip about cutting straight fabric strips from Martingale managing editor Karen Soltys, from her book Bits and Pieces:

Crooked fabric folding leads to crooked stripsWhen cutting strips, fold the fabric as few times as possible (DING—your scavenger-hunt answer!). That means use the largest mat your table can accommodate, and then take advantage of its size. If your mat can fit 42″-wide fabric folded just once, leave it folded just once. The more folds you make, the greater chance that your strips will end up looking like the one shown above.

Modern Basics IIVisit the bloggers below and search for their special sewing tips. Once you’ve found all the tips, head over to Amy’s blog and fill out her form. You’ll automatically be entered to win the Modern Basics II eBook—and if you enter the sewing tips from each blog correctly, you’ll also be entered to win other fun prizes.

Ready to meet some new bloggers and gather great sewing tips along the way? Click through to these blogs—Amy’s cyber-scavenger hunt begins now!

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