Moda All-Stars share #sewingsuperpower ๐Ÿ’ช in Mini Marvels (+15 fabric giveaways!)

We just returned from Quilt Marketโ€”and boy did we have a โ€œmarvelโ€ous time with the Moda All-Stars!

Martingale Publisher and Chief Visionary officer Jennifer Keltner (bottom centerโ€”the one with the googly-eyed cap and book-cover cape), flanked by the Moda All-Stars at Quilt Market.

The All-Stars gathered for a one-of-a-kind event to show off their sewing superpowersโ€”in the form of quilts, of course! Youโ€™ll find all of their amazing quilts inside Moda All-Stars: Mini Marvelsโ€”the third book in the โ€œModa All-Starsโ€ series.


Inside Moda All-Stars: Mini Marvels, youโ€™ll be treated to 15 petite patchwork quilts that pack a big punch. Youโ€™ll also get unique ideas for decorating with small quilts. Find layouts for creating your own mini-quilt gallery on that empty wall youโ€™ve been meaning to dress up. (What a great excuse for a โ€œminiโ€ sewing binge!) But what might be best about these tiny little treasures? Cut, sew, press, quilt, done, and displayโ€”all on the same day.

In Mini Marvels, we ask each designer to answer this question:

If you were a sewing superhero, what would your sewing superpower be? ๐Ÿ’ช

Here are their heroic answers, along with a sneak peek at Martingaleโ€™s fun Schoolhouse session with the Marvels at Quilt Market (many dressed in superhero gear!):

Sherri McConnell, who designed this Bright Sun quilt, says, โ€œIroning and pressing with the snap of a finger!โ€ (Quilt model: Moda marketing director and Mini Marvels compiler Lissa Alexander.)

Sandy Gervais, who designed Bees Knees, says, โ€œHaving dog-ears disappear into thin air when you trim them off so they donโ€™t end up on the sewing-room floor.โ€ (Quilt model: Moda’s Josh Dunn.)

Cabin Skein designer Carrie Nelson says, โ€œHindsight! Iโ€™d have bought and stashed as much early American Jane and Bonnie & Camille fabrics as humanly possible!โ€

Little Love designer Edyta Sitar says, โ€œThe ability to transport my friends to my location so that we could quilt together.โ€

Dashing designer Lynne Hagmeier, dressed in Jelly Roll garb, says her sewing superpower would be โ€œSuperfast piecing.โ€

Butterflies designer Pat Sloan says, โ€œThe ability to trim half-square triangles to size at the speed of sound!โ€

Zen Chic designer Brigitte Heitland says, โ€œWhipping my binding onto the quilt in an instant.โ€

Vanessa Christenson, who designed Geese Crossing, says, โ€œSuperfast speed, so I can move on to the next project and then the next!โ€ (Quilt model: designer Doug Leko.)

A Pink Christmas designer Anne Sutton says, โ€œThe ability to sew on two machines simultaneously. I could get twice as much done!โ€

Spinners comes from Me and My Sister Designs, who say, โ€œSuper speedy cleaner-uppers!โ€ (Now their costumes make perfect senseโ€”one had a can of cleaning spray and the other had a broom and dustpan!)

Stars and Stars designer Laurie Simpson says, โ€œAccurate machine piecing. I have a long, long way to go.โ€ (Laurieโ€™s real superpower is hand piecing.)

Junebug designer Camille Roskelley says, โ€œSuperspeed. Iโ€™d finally be making a dent in my quilting bucket list.โ€ (Quilt model: Lynne Hagmeier’s superhusband, Robert.)

Fly Away Home designer Jen Kingwell says, โ€œThe ability to see into the future. Then I could (and would) be more organized.โ€

Midnight Garden designer Lisa Bongean says, โ€œSeeing the future so I would know whether people will like my latest fabric and quilt designs.โ€ (We definitely will, Lisa!)

Mini Medallion designer Betsy Chutchian says, โ€œA neat-freak ability to clean up what I cut up.โ€

Youโ€™ll find more cute Q&As with each designer in the book.

Now, you know the Moda sewing superheroes wouldnโ€™t want to debut their SUPER new book without a SUPER GIVEAWAY to go with it!


Our generous friends at Moda sent us 15 of these adorable mini-charm bags to give away to youโ€”and each bag contains 15 mini-charm packs! Learn how to win one plus a copy of Moda All-Stars: Mini Marvels at the end of this post.

And be sure to head over to the Moda blog for another fantastic Mini Marvels giveaway!

Marti-capeDid you know? Thanks to your purchases, the first two books in the Moda All-Stars series have generated more than $12,000 in donations to No Kid Hungry and the Alzheimerโ€™s Association. When you buy a copy of Mini Marvels, youโ€™ll be supporting the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Now thatโ€™s super!

So, whatโ€™s your sewing superpower?

  • Piecing patchwork at the speed of light?
  • Sewing seams straighter than an arrow?
  • Finishing quilts faster than a speeding bullet?
  • Able to defend fabric purchases with a single glance?

Share your answer in the comments and you could win one of the fun mini-charm pouches from Moda and a copy of Moda All-Stars: Mini Marvels! Weโ€™ll choose 15 random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

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