Miss Rosie’s stitchin’ at the farmhouse! (+ fabric giveaway!)

When Miss Rosie puts needle to fabric, magic happens.

From Miss Rosie's Farmhouse Favorites

That’s why so many quilters are in love with Miss Rosie—she’s also known as best-selling author Carrie Nelson. And we can’t wait to give you a few peeks inside her latest book, Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites!

Miss Rosie's Farmhouse Favorites

Carrie’s quilts are chock-full of familiar blocks that quilters love, and she’s nothing short of a master of scrappy style. As you turn the pages of Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites, you’ll be whisked away to a place where scrap quilts feel right at home—at the farmhouse, where the pace is unhurried, the surroundings are serene, and scrappy patchwork quilts are aplenty. Take a look:

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How would it feel to mix scraps like Carrie does, be a pro at print and pattern play, combine colors so effortlessly? You’ll find out with this collection of popular patterns, curated by Carrie herself—and they’re all fat-quarter friendly! A dozen big, beautiful quilt projects come with ideas for enlarging or reducing them to the size you like best. Patterns are written as if Carrie’s sitting right next to you, telling you why she did or didn’t do something (and why you should heed her tales!). Best of all? The book comes with the witty prose and funny stories you’ve come to know and love from Carrie’s other books.

Due South quilt
Due South quilt

We asked (okay, begged) Carrie to share a few of her favorite tips for choosing fabrics for scrappy quilts. She obliged in her own creative way—read on for a few of her scrap-tastic secrets!


FABRIC GIVEAWAY! We asked Carrie to create a one-of-a-kind fat-quarter bundle using Moda fabrics as her muse (because when Carrie’s wearing her other creative hat, she’s the blog and social-media guru for Moda Fabrics). And of course—because it’s how Miss Rosie rolls—she gave us TWO bundles to give away to you!

Moda fabric giveaway #1
Bundle #1: a rainbow of pretty Moda prints

Moda fabric giveaway #2
Bundle #2: a collection of prints perfect for patriotic patchwork

Learn how you can win one of these extraordinary bundles—with fabric hand-picked by Carrie herself—plus a copy of Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites at the end of the post.

Carrie Nelson (and the original Miss Rosie)I think quilts are stories. You know how folks like to say, “(insert name of activity here) is a microcosm of life”? Well, I think most things are. Maybe everything. When we start something new, we wish we knew everything . . . then we think we do . . . then we realize we don’t. My quilt stories run the gamut from short to long, adventurous to wonderfully comfortable, comically funny to “What was I thinking?” (Five yards of pea-green solid . . . I should’ve seen that train wreck coming.)

When it comes to picking fabric for scrap quilts, the stories are the same. Some days you can wing it and things work out perfectly, and other days you work really, really hard and the results are “nice.” It takes time, thought, and—ugh—a bit of experience to get better.

Raise the Roof quilt
Raise the Roof quilt

I think the most important thing is to know is yourself. What do you like? When you see a quilt you love, have you ever studied it to figure out why you love it? Is it the color palette—every color of the rainbow or monochromatic? Are the colors muted or dramatic? Are the prints all the same scale or is there a mix—big florals mixed with tiny geometric prints? Is there a theme, or does the quilt have an “everything but the kitchen sink” look?

Wayne and Gordy quilt
Wayne and Gordy quilt

I like using prints—the more the better—and I prefer prints with color on them. Tone-on-tone prints are necessary for the overall mix, but most of my favorite fabrics for scrap quilts have at least three colors. I also use a lot of large-scale prints because they add variety when cut into small pieces.

Three Barns quilt
Three Barns quilt (+ a wooly farmhouse friend!)

Once I’ve started choosing fabrics for a quilt, there are two things I’ve learned to do that I think are important. First, don’t arrange your fabrics by color or shade—mix them all up. That’s how they’re going to look in your quilt. If a fabric or color only goes with one or two other pieces, mixing them is how you’ll see that. And second, before you take that piece out, add a few more scraps in a similar color. Sometimes that fabric just needs a friend or two for balance.

Miss Rosie's Farmhouse FavoritesThanks for sharing your scrappy wisdom with us, Carrie!

So, how do you choose fabric when making a scrappy quilt?

a) I head to my scrap bin—which is actually a closet. I have more than enough to work with!

b) I head for my fat quarters—and might zoom by the quilt shop for a few more.

c) I don’t have a scrap stash yet, but Miss Rosie’s quilts are inspiring me to start one!

Tell us your answer in the comments and you could win one of the hand-picked fat-quarter bundles from Carrie and our friends at Moda Fabrics plus a copy of Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites! We’ll choose two random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

Good luck—and remember, when you buy the book at ShopMartingale.com, you get to instantly download the eBook for free.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winners are Maureen and Rita.

Maureen says, “I use a combination of fabrics from my scrap stash and fat quarters to find the right colours for my quilts.”

Rita says, “My fat quarter stash is huge, so I challenge myself to see how I can downsize to create a new spin on a quilt.  Love scrap quilts from stash.”

Winners, we’ll email you about your prizes—congratulations!








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