Mini quilts bring maximum cheer

In the run-up to Christmas it seems we’re always racing to finish projects we should have started much earlier than we did. We put the last few stitches in the binding on the family quilts and start right in on the quilts for best friends, guild buddies, and the office Secret Santa.

Well, here’s a novel idea: At this time of year, when there’s already too much to do and too little time to do it in, why not think small? A gift quilt doesn’t have to be large or complicated. Mini quilt patterns abound, and small quilts are just as appreciated as larger ones. The key is to look for easy patterns that are stress-free and quick to finish.

A small or mini quilt can be just the thing to brighten a corner, freshen a table top, or turn into a pillow. And what little girl wouldn’t love a special quilt to tuck in around her favorite doll?

If your recipient favors traditional styles, consider a project from American Doll Quilts.

Underground Railroad quilt Indigo Blue and White Quilt
“Underground Railroad” and “Indigo Blue and White Quilt” from American Doll Quilts

Looking for something more contemporary? Check out Fun-Size Quilts. If the title makes you think of tiny chocolate bars, there’s good reason: these colorful bits of quilty goodness are just as fun and addictive as those tasty treats.
Fox in a Box quiltTapa Cloth quilt
“Fox in a Box” by Jeni Baker and “Tapa Cloth” by Natalie Barnes are just two of the 19 irresistible projects in Fun-Size Quilts.

Piecing a mini quilt might sound intimidating, but paper piecing one is just plain fun. In Paper-Pieced Mini Quilts, Wendy Vosters has simplified the process so you can piece it, quilt it, and wrap it in practically no time at all. Wouldn’t these make charming gifts?
Quilts from Paper-Pieced Mini QuiltsQuilts from Paper-Pieced Mini Quilts
“Christmas Joy” is a wee 8″ x 10″, and “Early Autumn” finishes at 9″ x 11″.

If you’re really short on time but still want to give a hand-stitched gift, how about a postcard? At 4″ x 6″, the fabric gems in Positively Postcards are fast, fun, and unique. Choose a theme fabric or motif that your recipient will love, accent it with threadwork or small embellishments, and add a heartfelt message to the back. They’ll love their personalized mini quilt!

Positively Postcards provides instructions for making postcards along with photos of more than 85 examples. The possibilities for creative postcards are limited only by your imagination.

Projects from Positively Postcards
Examples of postcard styles from simple to heavily embellished, clockwise from top left: “Friendship Tea,” “Anticipation,” “Wish You Were Here,” “Secret Garden,” and “Red Robin” from Positively Postcards.

Repeat after me: small is good. Now go find some fun, easy patterns for small quilts and get busy!

What’s your favorite size of quilt to make: large, medium, small, or extra small? Tell us in the comments!

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