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Hi, I’m Jenny, content editor here at Martingale. At Stitch This!, we’ve been introducing you to the people who write for our blog. Today, it’s my turn. Wish me luck.

Have you ever chosen a path to follow in your life, but didn’t have a clue where it might lead? When I took a job with Martingale, I thought I’d chosen a slight detour. Instead, the choice changed the course of my life.

My husband and I moved from Utah to Washington in 1997, and I was in the running for two jobs—one writing for Eddie Bauer, one writing for Martingale. While daydreaming about a closet full of parkas, cork sandals, and fleece pullovers, I got a call from Eddie Bauer. Bad news. But two hours (of moping) later, I got another call. Following several interviews and an assignment to write copy for a book called Threadplay (remember that amazing book?), I’d been selected to become Martingale’s copywriter.

When your job consists of reading about quilts, writing about quilts, and gasping in delight at quilts that hang throughout the office you work in, quilts start to grow on you. Two months into my new job, I decided it was time for me to make a quilt. I trekked to Seattle’s In the Beginning quilt shop and purchased seven 1/4-yard cuts of fabric, a spool of white thread, and a pack of needles. I chose a wall-quilt pattern from a Little Quilts book—hand cut, hand pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted, and hand bound (see right).

When I was done stitching that little quilt, I realized two things about myself:

I was a quilter. And I needed a sewing machine.

I laugh about my first quilt now, but I think it meant a lot to me
at the time–just look at the label!

In 1999 my husband and I moved back to Utah (homesick!), and Martingale let me take the job with me. I worked from home until 2007, when full-time mama became my calling. Inspired by my son, Jack, I started sketching baby quilts. Encouraged by my husband, I took a chance and (very, very nervously) submitted my designs to Martingale. The Little Box of Baby Quilts was the result. These are some of my favorite quilts from the box.

I was happy that Jack seemed to like them all.

In 2009, my husband left a retail career of 18 years to pursue his dream of becoming an elementary-school teacher. What did that mean for me? Back to work! Martingale took me on as a part-time web assistant, and I started work on my second book, ReSew, which combines three of my creative passions: sewing, thrifting, and repurposing. It was SO FUN to create this book with so many friends at Martingale.

Managing editor Karen Soltys asked me to choose outfits to help style some photos for the book, so I took a picture of myself in each outfit. I’m so grateful that Brent, Martingale’s photographer, can make magic with his camera.

Me wearing “Sleeveless V” while giving my son “that” look; and a gorgeous model showing it off.

Thank you to the people at Martingale who helped make ReSew a reality—and that’s everyone.

A few other facts about me: I live in a farming town north of Salt Lake City with my husband of 12 years, Brett, and my two boys, Jack, 7, and Charlie, 4. I come from a deaf family–my parents, two sisters, and many extended family–it’s hereditary. I graduated with a degree in Women’s Studies. I keep my maiden name, Wilding, because my dad taught us to be proud of our family history. When I get blue, I eat store-bought birthday cakes. Although my personal blog has been stagnant of late because I’ve been (happily) blogging here, I do write about my sewing, thrifting, and family life at the wildcards.

Well, that’s my story about me, Martingale, and the choice that changed my life. I’m so thankful that I’m allowed to work here from more than 800 miles away. Every day I feel lucky to be a part of this talented, fun, tight-knit group of people.

I work almost exclusively on our Stitch This! blog, and it’s been a joy for us to create. It’s so fun to connect with people who enjoy Martingale books. You may come to be inspired, but your visit is twofold: you inspire us too. Thank you for following, thank you for commenting, thank you for visiting.

Ah, my bio is done. I can breathe again. You can see a few more of my projects below.

Now, back to writing about Martingale!

paper clip rug from resew

"Paper Clip Rug" from ReSew.

happy hat scarf and mitten set from resew

"Happy Hat, Scarf, and Mitten Set" from ReSew.

diner dress from resew

"Diner Dress" from ReSew.

elephant cuddle cushion from resew

"Elephant Cuddle Cushion" from ReSew.

newsboy cap and scarf set from resew

"Newsboy Cap and Scarf Set" from ReSew.

sugar stripes dress from resew

"Sugar Stripes Dress" from ReSew.

four patch sheet quilt from resew

"Four-Patch Sheet Quilt" from ReSew.

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