How to make a Bargello quilt (and more strip-tastic wonders) + sale!


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We love it when we see one of our authors in the spotlight! That’s what happened in the summer 2016 issue of Canadian Quilter magazine.
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Eileen Wright—author of two perennially popular books on Bargello—is being celebrated in the mag as a top-notch Canadian designer for her bold, beautiful Bargello quilts, as well as for the way she makes them (read: easier than you think).

There’s one basic technique that leads Eileen through every Bargello quilt she creates, and we’ll bet you’ve used the same technique a bazillion times: strip piecing.
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Sixteen green batiks ready for strip piecing, organized from lightest value to darkest.

Yes, strip piecing. To make out-of-this-world astonishing quilts like this:
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Supernova Bargello quilt

and this:
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Glacier Bay Bargello quilt

and this!
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Misty Morning Bargello quilt

Start out with a baby quilt, a pillowcase, a runner, or a place mat to get the hang of Eileen’s strip, slice, shift, and sew technique. (You’ll find a place mat pattern in Eileen’s first book and in the summer 2016 issue of Canadian Quilter). Soon you’ll be on your own beautiful Bargello adventure.

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