Kim Diehl ePatterns: available for the first time!

Quilts from Simple Comforts by Kim Diehl

Simple Comforts by Kim DiehlIf you’re a fan of Kim Diehl’s stunning scrap-quilting style, it’s time to celebrate—she’s gone digital! For the first time, a dozen of Kim’s scrappy quilts are now available as ePatterns. Portable, printable, instantly stitchable—download and enjoy a pattern in a matter of minutes!

These newly released ePatterns come from the best-selling book Simple Comforts: 12 Cozy Lap Quilts. One thing Kim’s fans love are her “Pin Points”—clever tips sprinkled throughout the patterns to help quilters easily achieve that charming, down-home feel. Let’s take a look at some of Kim’s just-released ePatterns and learn a few of her tricks for creating her country-style quilts.

Old-Fashioned Hospitality,” 60½" x 60½"

PIN POINT: Easily Achieving a Folk-Art Look
It’s easy to achieve the look and feel of folk art for any appliqué quilt. As you cut out your appliqué pattern pieces, simply wiggle your scissors slightly as you cut along the traced lines of your shapes.  This little trick will transform even the most traditional design into a project with the primitive look of folk art.

Get the “Old-Fashioned Hospitality” pattern.

All in a Row,” 51½" x 51½"

PIN POINT: Mixing Your Patchwork Prints
I’ve found that the secret to successfully mixing many different prints is to noticeably vary the size and scale of the patterns that are placed next to each other. I place larger and smaller prints together, rather than positioning those of the same scale side by side. If I find that many of my prints are of a similar size, I’ll vary the value of the colors to achieve contrast and add further definition. When my goal is to achieve a finished quilt with a bit of the “make do” look, I toss these guidelines out the window and embrace the less-than-perfect combinations that sometimes result.

Get the “All in a Row” pattern.

Peas in a Pod,” 49½" x 59½"

PIN POINT: Cutting Multiple Paper Pattern Pieces without Pinning
To eliminate pinning freezer-paper layers after the appliqué shape has been traced, try holding the tip of a hot iron to the topmost paper layer at spaced intervals around the shape, at least 1/4″ outside the drawn lines. Hold the iron in place until the layers are fused, and then cut out the shape.

Get the “Peas in a Pod” pattern.

Serendipity Sampler quilt by Kim Diehl
Serendipity Sampler,” 66½" x 75½"

PIN POINT: Cutting Plaid and Striped Fabrics
When cutting patchwork pieces from plaid and striped fabrics, particularly when they are woven rather than printed, cut them from a single layer of cloth rather than from multiple layers. Align a stripe or straight line from the design of the plaid with the marked lines on your cutting mat to ensure the design is not running at an angle, and make your cuts. If the weave of the cloth isn’t perfectly straight, choose the most dominant line of the pattern as your starting point. The extra moment this step takes will enhance your project with patchwork lines that run straight and true.

Get the “Serendipity Sampler” pattern.

See more of Kim’s new ePatterns in the slideshow below; click on the name of a quilt to get the pattern.

Detail of Mocha Stars quilt by Kim Diehl
Detail of “Mocha Stars

What tricks do you use to give a country look to your quilts? Share your ideas in the comments!

Mocha Stars quilt by Kim Diehl

Mocha Stars,” 60½" x 60½"

Whirligigs quilt by Kim Diehl

Whirligigs,” 56½" x 64½"

Twilight Hopscotch quilt by Kim Diehl

Twilight Hopscotch,” 62½" x 62½"

Checkerberry Bliss quilt by Kim Diehl

Checkerberry Bliss,” 60½" x 60½"

Bloomin Wonderful quilt by Kim Diehl

Bloomin' Wonderful,” 64½" x 64½"

Cabin Cozy quilt by Kim Diehl

Cabin Cozy,” 57½" x 57½"

High Cotton quilt by Kim Diehl

High Cotton,” 54½" x 66½"

Thistle Thicket quilt by Kim Diehl

Thistle Thicket,” 60½" x 60½"


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