Jo Morton’s display tips for small quilts (+ giveaway!)

The year: 1985. An iconic year for quilting. Why? It was the year quilt designer Jo Morton discovered her true love: she stitched her first quilt that was made to look antique, entirely on purpose.
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Quilts from
Jo’s Little Favorites

Since then, Jo has become a star of the quilting world—fabric designer, teacher, author, lecturer, and host of the popular Jo’s Little Women Club—to share her love of vintage-style quilts with thousands of loyal fans.

Jo's Little FavoritesIn her new book Jo’s Little Favorites, you’ll find a specially curated collection of 13 quilt patterns from the early years of Jo’s club, photographed in new settings and filled with advice on how to decorate with small quilts. Whether you dream of stitching petite odes to the past or getting that rustic, repro look that’s so sought after today, you’ll fall in love with these little favorites. Just like Jo!

Today we welcome Jo to Stitch This! as a guest writer, here to tell us more about her stunning collection of quilts.
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Jo-MortonTraditional quilts never go out of style. I’m drawn to small quilts because we live in an older house, a small bungalow with windows and doors in every wall. We also live with kitties who like to sleep on the bed, so there are not many good spots for showcasing large quilts. Making smaller quilts is logical for me. There are so many ways to use small quilts.

One day I counted the small quilts displayed in our living room and dining room. I counted 16 quilts! The rooms didn’t feel as though they were crowded with quilts. Instead, each quilt contributed a bit of color to accent and add warmth to our home.

With Jo’s Little Favorites, you can do the same. But don’t put the book on the shelf—open it up and start sewing!

Make a little quilt to line your sewing box or basket and be the envy of your stitch group.
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Indigo Stars quilt

I love stacks of quilts. Below, piles of small quilts are shown on adult and child-sized chairs. You want to unfold them and see what’s going on, now don’t you?
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Use one as part of your table decor, choosing colors appropriate for the event or holiday.
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Sadie’s Quilt

How about lining a basket with a quilt and serving your favorite homemade cookies on a clear plate or platter? The quilt is a beautiful accent!
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Nine Patch Doll Quilt

One of my favorite places to display any quilt, large or small, is over a cupboard door. Sometimes one of my antique quilts gets the prize location.
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Nine Patch Checkerboard Quilt

See more of Jo’s little jewels >

Quilts are much more than bed covers. They each have a bit of us in them. We select the fabrics, cut and sew them, sometimes we quilt them—or sometimes we send them out and quilt by check—but all that said, we have invested our time in them. Quilts are a piece of us that we share with family and friends.

I hope you’ll enjoy all the gorgeous quilts, plus more ideas for using small quilts in your home, in Jo’s Little Favorites.

Jo's Little FavoritesThank you for sharing your inventive ideas for quilt display with us, Jo!

Where do you tuck small quilts in your home: in expected or unexpected places? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of the Jo’s Little Favorites eBook! We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

Can’t wait to start sewing with Jo? Purchase Jo’s Little Favorites today and instantly download the eBook for free.

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