How to quilt as you go: learn how now (+ giveaway!)

You know the feeling: you’re thrilled to have completed your latest quilt top. Pat yourself on the back!

You feel accomplished. Proud. Done.

But you’re not. There’s still all that quilting to do…

From Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go

We’ve all felt that tinge of disappointment: excited about the piecing, not so much about the quilting. So how would it feel to complete the piecing of your next quilt—and finish the quilting at the same time?

You’ll find out exactly how it feels when you try a project from the new book Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go. (Spoiler alert: it feels grrreat!)

Stripalicious table runner
“Stripalicious” table runner from Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go

Whether you lack the time to do the quilting—or simply don’t have the patience—Gudrun Erla’s quilt-as-you-go technique will make your piecing and your quilting tie for first place at the finish line every time. Start with simple squares and rectangles to learn the ropes. Then build on the basics with techniques for triangles, strips, prairie points, and even curves.

Today we’re excited to have Gudrun as a guest writer to tell you more about her new book and her rewarding technique. Welcome, Gudrun!

Gudrun ErlaI am thrilled to be introducing you to my first book published by Martingale. I’ve been publishing books myself since 2004, so many of you may be familiar with my GE Designs brand of books. But this collaboration, with the wonderful lineup of talented individuals at Martingale, was a joyful process for me. I’m very excited about the result.

My journey with the quilt-as-you-go method started with my first published pattern, called the “Braid Runner.” I got into the method mainly because of a lack of time. I loved the idea of piecing and quilting your project at the same time. When you’re done piecing, all you have to do is add the binding and you’re done.

Lazy River bed runner
“Lazy River” bed runner from Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go

Ever since that first pattern, I’ve been asked for more and more quilt-as-you-go patterns. Once quilters try this method, they can’t seem to get enough.

In Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go, I take you through the techniques I’ve developed, starting with the simplest projects any beginner could embark on. Then, step by step, I introduce more challenging techniques.

There are 14 projects in Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go, starting with straight-line quilt-as-you-go projects.

Let's Dish place mats
Beginner project: “Let’s Dish” place mats

Once the basics are mastered, you can add interest with triangles:

Winging It table runner
“Winging It” table runner

Dimensional elements:

Lucky Charms topper
“Lucky Charms” topper


Spring Bouquet wall hanging
“Spring Bouquet” wall hanging

And the illusion of curves:

Petal Play topper
“Petal Play” topper

You’ll also learn a technique I call “sewing by numbers.”

How-to photo from Learn to Quilt-As-You-GoLearn to Quilt-As-You-Go is a primer for quilters who have never done any quilt-as-you-go projects. It’s beautifully illustrated, with helpful photographs of techniques. And even if you’re familiar with my previous quilt-as-you-go patterns and books, you’ll want Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go as a reference for all your quilt-as-you-go questions. I hope you’ll join me and give Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go a go!
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Learn to Quilt-As-You-GoMany thanks for being here to tell us about your new book, Gudrun!

What’s your experience with quilt-as-you-go: love it, learning it, or haven’t yet tried it? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of the Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

Can’t wait to find out if you’re a winner? Buy Learn to Quilt-As-You-Go today and instantly download the eBook for free.

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